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Cupid pole move


Not a member yet? The Star Or Cupid. Babybutsi I have had this problem for the past month Cupid pole move. I have finally got my Star with one hand on the pole, but I cannot for the life of me Cupid pole move that last hand off without falling.

I have looked at loads of online tutorials and asked my instructors for help, but nothing seems to be working. The problem is, as I'm told, I need to bring my hips forward and arch my back. However, when I try my knee naturally moves out of place and I lose my grip.

Does anyone else have this problem or have any tips to overcome it?

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Like Sep 6, Lyme Lyte Will b looking for feedback on this as well It looks to be such a simple move and IS for some but I just can not get it.

WHen I lock the hips, Cupid pole move knee releases also! My foot is not grippy on the bottom at all as Cupid pole move. I have got this one just not consistantly. I have seen it done in shoes too!!!! That really escapes me!!! I get so tired from side climbing to try this and just fall! Then I am exhausted from so much climbing, I give usually. Looking for help with knee grip once I push my hips forward! That is always fun.


Baudelaire I find it's all in the butt and bottom leg. I have really squeeze my butt to open my hips and this helps with the back arch too.

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I found I was always putting my bottom leg too far around the pole too which stopped Cupid pole move being able to push. If you imagine the pole as a prism instead of a cylinder for some reason I kept placing my foot on the side but now find it much easier to push away and grip if I place it on the front of the pole. Does that make sense? Like Sep 7, MissMeliss Not sure if this will help any. LillyBilly Pushing your hips forward correctly actually makes knee grips so Cupid pole move more secure!

My tips would be: Try it from the floor first. Stand near the pole, hold it with one leg, try to push your pelvis forward and lean your body away from the pole and release your hands.

This is a good way to build muscle memory of how this grip feels on the gripping leg. Watch your alignment this is the most important tip - you want the shin how do you call the part of the Cupid pole move between the knee and the foot in English? LOL of your gripping leg to be parallel to the floor.

This ensures that your grip is secure. Pushing your pelvis forward helps aligning your leg this way. Squeeze the pole tightly with the knee!

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This is why alignment is so important - if there Cupid pole move an angle between your joint and the pole, don't use the entire width of your knee pit to grip, and your grip is less secure. I hope this makes sense - it is hard to explain in words: If you have no grip with the feet of your lower leg, try resting your ankle on the pole instead.

I found it really helpful to hold the ankle of the upper Cupid pole move when I let go for the first time.

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Maybe if you try it it's a better idea to try from the Cupid pole move. Sassafrassle This is my number one nemesis move, Cupid pole move after more than 5 years of poling and knowing everything there is to know about what I should be doing, I've only ever actually managed to do it about 3 times to be fair, I don't really work on it either but it's still frustrating when I do try it!!

Anyway, my failure aside, I would direct you to the wise almighty Aerial Amy's blog for she has done a Tips entry about it: Trixie Kicks My favorite tips for a no hands Cupid would be, keep your upper body away from the pole before you place your bottom leg and place you bottom foot higher than you think you need. That way you push up with that bottom leg and you body is already out from the top leg. Check out Aerial Amy's blog tip.

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RikkiL Well, I was going to throw in my two cents but, after checking out the blog entry, I see that Amy has already said it! I think of this move like an elbow grip Ayesha. The top knee acts like the elbow that hooks and the bottom foot acts like the hand of the support arm. I cannot say enough good things about this website, these lessons, etc. We love this impressive move!

Enjoy this beautiful transition from Cupid to Inside Leg Hang shown in step-by-step detail by Erandi Montes, owner of Pole Dance. Once upon a pole time, there was no such thing as fonjis and flips. A tricky one for a lot of students, Cupid is in Cupid pole move a push/pull move rather. Dictionary's move; Difficulty; Advanced.

Categories; Inverts · Poses. Also Known Cupid pole move Jasmine; Aviator (PDC Level 4); Knee Swing; Princess; Genie; Flamingo.

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