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Nfl officals suck


Are refs ruining the game for you? I really love football but I think it is fair to say we can all agree the refs make horrible calls, a lot.

The bad part is that every bad ref call affects the game. Whether it affects who the winner is depends on the situation but every bad call affects the integrity of the game in one way or another. They can stop momentum changing plays and prevent a losing team from getting their chance at a come back. They keep the moral on one side of the ball when the right call would have pumped up the other team.

Sometimes bad calls directly affect the scoreboard and sometimes the bad calls can directly affect the winner at the end. To me the worst part is that this year, the bad calls seem questionably worse than previous years which at the very least hinders any hope of it getting better real soon.

I mean, the calls are so bad this year that I found myself getting pissed at the refs for calling horrible plays that actually favored my team. That is when you know the problem is real and it's not just being a biased fan. That happened multiple times to me this year. With the year coming to an end, I find myself questioning if I want to watch the super bowl and if I even want to commit to watching next years season. I am just starting to feel as though I am not seeing fully accurate games played out the way they should.

I feel the refs are starting to ruin it for me. Does anyone find themselves thinking the same way or is it just me?

For those that agree the refs ruin the game but you keep watching happily, how do you do it? Referees make mistakes across all Nfl officals suck. If you can't deal with that then I don't know how you can watch sports in the first place. This isn't Nfl officals suck new nor is it unique to the Nfl officals suck. So on the Nfl officals suck play of the superbowl if someone late hits Tom Brady and ends his career and they lose the game and the refs dont call it Forgive me for not explaining this, but I am not Nfl officals suck out the NFL.

I just personally only care about the NFL and was specifically referencing that to see if there are other like minded people out there and how they keep the game fun. Worse than previous years. The NBA can show you how having full time officials obviously correct any problems with the in game officiating. The NBA has the most fair and balanced refereeing in professional sports. It's really kind of humbling to see the superstars get called for the same ticky-tack fouls as the little guys.

Like if you had a dollar for every time LeBron fouled out, what would you buy? I'm thinking I'd buy a shiny new Mercedes-Benz I can't tell you how many times I walk out of the Spectrum Center and say my team sure sucked tonight, but that was a perfectly officiated game. Aren't you the same guy who posted earlier asking if the NFL was allowed to fix game results? That question is getting slightly reworded and taken out of context.

To that I responded with the question about them being able to predetermine games, if they wanted. I believe any sport classified as an entertainment business, is "legally" allowed to manipulate the games in any way they want.

NFL Refs Suck. K likes....

That being said, I have not been given any hard proof that the NFL is an Entertainment Business that point Nfl officals suck really mute.

Just to prevent any confusion, I believe the players and coaches are trying and competing.

Welcome to Reddit,

The worst was when the refs tanked calls on behalf of the Lakers for a month straight in so Kobe would make the playoffs over small market teams like Sacramaneto, Utah, and Minnesota.

The first thing I remember as a kid was that "officiating has never Nfl officals suck as bad as Nfl officals suck is right now". Next year you'll probably think they're worse than they were this season, and the next year will be worse than the previous two. Chuck Noll said in the 70s that you have to play better than the refs ref. The same thing applies today. If you want to blame the officials, then they're always going to be there.

I appreciate the comment. Your comment actually provides advice to how to keep the game fun by suggesting you are simply playing against the refs too. In some way, that keeps it competitive which is what I need as a fan, to make the game fun. I see bad calls as part of the game, so while I'm not happy when a call gets Nfl officals suck, it doesn't completely ruin the game for me.

Scott Green, the former NFL...

They aren't getting worse either. In 99 the refs literally went back and reviewed a play after another had already be "Nfl officals suck" in a Browns game. It's called human error and it will always be a part of the game. I wish that worked for me No if, ands, or buts about it. At Nfl officals suck point you have to accept 3 things about sports:.

The real competitive stakes are part of what makes success satisfying. The playoffs are a single elimination tournament.

The best team doesn't always win, and that's just part of the sport. The championship team that didn't have Nfl officals suck crucial game somewhere along the journey come down to one play is exceedingly rare. I'm certain that the league is instituting these rule changes to influence the games. There's no other explanation for this when die-hard fans, coaches, players, commentators, and analysts can't determine what is and what is not a "catch" or "pass interference".

Want to add to the...

Yeah, the rules are definitely designed in a way that allows them to be called or not called on almost every play without any true consistency. I know in the heat of the moment, it's tough but I wish there was a way to reverse calls There's so many times where a Nfl officals suck gets fucked over, it would be so simple to just look at the tape and Nfl officals suck it and change the refs decision although this would probably make the game longer.

Yeah I'm with you. One would think that if we can see the plays clearly Nfl officals suck the tv replays within a matter of seconds, there could be one ref just watching the videos like we do probably even better than ours on all plays and making sure nothing "too" bad gets overlooked. Like at least the ones that after the game is over, they come back and say oops. Those could be prevented. So you're saying the NFL needs to hire refs who are perfect and omniscient?

I'm sure they'll hop right on that. Pretty sure I didn't offer any suggestions as to what the NFL should do. Yep, since I have the capability to go up and read what I wrote, I confirm that I did not offer any suggestions at all as to what I thought should be changed. I simply asked if it bothers other people too. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new Nfl officals suck. Welcome Nfl officals suck Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Worse than previous years With the year coming to an end, I find myself questioning if I want to watch the super bowl and if I even want to commit to watching next years season. Oh hey, Mercedes posters are on sale?

It sucks but no, I...

I take it you didn't watch last week's game vs the rockets? You really are trying to get me to stop watching sports all together. I suggest he stop watching sports all together. I was being snarky. Phil Simms, the Patriots, and commercials. Nfl officals suck do a great job. At some point you have to accept 3 things about sports: The refs are human. If that bothers you so much, perhaps sports aren't for you.

When it comes to potential violations of Nfl officals suck rules, the NFL has traded Please, oh please, don't tell the public that our officials suck. There is. Do you think NFL officials suck?

NFL Referees Suck. K likes....

If so, sign the petition let's fight for improvements! (81 signatures on petition). In vintage Super Bowl fashion, the sparsely acclaimed Super Bowl of Suck resulted in a good old-fashioned blowout: Buffalo 45, San Francisco.

Nfl officals suck You may have noticed throughout this season that some of the people complaining about the alleged poor performance of NFL referees were not just fans, but actual players on NFL teams. 2 GUYS FUCK REDHEAD They came back from 10 points down to tie the game in the third quarter, only to see their offense go into a hole for the rest of the game on the way to a final score. Mahima chaudhary bikini pics Are refs ruining the game for you? Nfl officals suck 589 Nfl officals suck 483

When it comes to potential violations of the rules, the NFL has traded million-dollar investigations for memos. Such prohibited public statement may include specific statements about opposing coaches, players or the organization as a whole. Innuendos and indirect statements will also be considered prohibited under the policy.

The memo specifically points out that teams should not share information provided by V. So instead of making a big deal about these things, the NFL has opted to handle the situation discreetly.

Ignorantly smearing people is a privilege reserved for Roger to use chasing publicity for himself. Please contact a member of the Football Operations department. They will leak it to ESPN for you. Hopefully they have learned their lesson.

Buffalo 45, San Francisco Hey, Bills fans absolutely got their Super Bowl! Week 6 takeaways in the direction of every team. Dallas 30, Green Bay Aaron Rodgers likes scotch Outlawed, apparently. If pass interceding wasn't a spot defiled, I would bet the officials would have signaled the penalty.

It's something the league should ruminate. Either way, the outgrowth is shrouded in officiating. That wasn't all Week 6 had in assemble. You can't spin the "SNF" ratings hitting a five-year low.

The adventurous went to overtime. That wasn't a blowout: Houston 26, Indy I've been banging this drum since I got to Sporting News last month.

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Nfl officals suck

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Nfl officals suck

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Scott Green says refs still...

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  • Scott Green, the former NFL referee and recently appointed NFLRA for saying that field judge Brad Freeman “sucked,” “was terrible” and.
  • "You suck. I'm just being Still, NFL Referees Association head Scott Green was not satisfied with just the monetary penalties. "They got all. It sucks but no, I still love the game Everytime I think the NFL refs are bad I turn on a NBA game and then remember how awesome they really.
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How did you know your spouse was the one? Do you think NFL officials suck? If so, sign the petition let's fight for improvements! (81 signatures on petition). Scott Green, the former NFL referee and recently appointed NFLRA for saying that field judge Brad Freeman “sucked,” “was terrible” and..

  • When it comes to potential violations of the rules, the NFL has traded Please, oh please, don't tell the...
  • In vintage Super Bowl fashion, the sparsely acclaimed Super Bowl of...
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