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Nifty sex stories


I won't bore you with the details of how my lovely mother came to be visiting me just mere days after I had moved into my new apartment. Suffice to say that she arrived prepared for an extended stay with ideas on how my living accommodations were to be decorated. I suppose anything would be better than the Spartan decor AKA early bachelor that greeted her when she arrived early that Saturday afternoon. I will however, tell you a little about this incredible woman.

To begin with, at forty-eight, she had a figure that women half her age would die but not put any effort into achieving for. Her Lady Clarol, Strawberry Blond hair barely reached her shoulders.

Filled with boundless energy and a smile that would melt a judge's heart, her 5'5" frame seemed small and demure next to most men, and she never hesitated to use these attributes to her advantage. Quick to speak her mind and couch her observations in no uncertain terms, she nonetheless could comport herself with the grace and decorum of royalty while swearing like a sailor on a tennis court when she felt the call was in error.

We had spent most of the afternoon unpacking boxes and arranging furniture and had only just settled down for a much deserved respite. We had been hitting the Nifty sex stories since three that afternoon and between the alcohol and spent energy we were both ready to call it quits for the day.

Cameras are cheap and bandwidth is readily available. I grabbed a chair from the dining room and carried it over to the workstation. It's not Nifty sex stories watching television," I said as I placed my hand on the mouse. I tried doing a search for "webcam" on my computer at work but since our Internet access is filtered, all I ever got was "access denied".

Since I don't have a computer of my own I thought I might ask you Nifty sex stories it. I thought I would play it straight, and typed in nasa. Then I showed her some of the National Park cameras. She had a slight flush in her cheeks and her eyes seemed to twinkle in the half-light reflection from the monitor. I thought I had a pretty good idea of what she meant, but I still wasn't positive.

You know Nifty sex stories well what I mean and I would give you twenty-to-one odds you have such a site already bookmarked!

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Between the two of us, we had consumed about half a quart of Jim Beam, thus we were both rather inebriated. Drunk or not, her hand was quick and sure as she snatched the mouse from beneath my fingers and clicked on the Nifty sex stories tab. There, top of the page, in all its glory, was "Webcams". My login and password were already saved in the browser so she went right into the members area.

I sat in mute stupification as she started clicking on the various names. His entire body, from knees to scalp was fully exposed to her leering eyes. His right hand was stroking an impressive cock while his left was resting on a pc.

She had exhausted the list of single males Nifty sex stories had moved down to the single females list.

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I mean, unless I can see her face while she plays, I generally close the vid and move on. Frankly, given the choice of either watching her facial expressions or seeing what her hands are doing, I would take the former anyday. After the words were out of my mouth I just sat there quietly, amazed that I would be so bold with my mother. Perhaps it was her own honesty and simply-stated desires that provoked such a response from me.

It was quite obvious from her facial expressions that she was very close to orgasm. I felt my cock twitch in my shorts at the delicious display. Let's see if we can find someone a little closer to your tender age. You won't "Nifty sex stories" but a few, and most of them act silly. They aren't in it for the eroticism, just for the attention.

After a while you get to where you can spot the teases from a mile away. They never cum, they Nifty sex stories tease all the horny old guys. I think it is an ego trip or something, not unlike titty bars.

Some of them Nifty sex stories not be the most attractive people in the world but I find them truly erotic simply because they are so honest with themselves an others. On the screen was a couple who were lying side by side in the bed, each busy with their own hands between their legs. They appeared to be in their late thirties hard to tell with vid camsa bit overweight but attractive none-the-less.

I just never thought, well I was always led to believe that only men were excited by watching, and that women preferred I've always liked to watch. Your father and I used to watch porno movies together all the time. Oh, don't get me wrong, I like to fuck just as much as the next gal, but nothing gets me off better that watching a guy squeeze that love juice out of his cock while I do myself with a good vibrator. If there is a good porno going in the background, so much the better.

Do I "Nifty sex stories" you, Dear? It's just that I never heard you talk that way before and it's a bit unnerving. Hell, Andrew, you're twenty-three years old now and I am almost fifty. I think we are both adult enough to quit beating around the bush. But, if you don't want to hear me talk this way. I kinda like it, actually. It's just so different. Your generation didn't invent words like cunt, cock, pussy, jerk-off, quim, fuck, etc.

I am a woman with a woman's needs and a healthy sexual appetite, even if I am divorced! Pee for me while you're in there, that way I won't have to leave this exciting show on your computer," she snickered.

Taking a leak wasn't the foremost thing on my mind as I closed the bathroom door behind me.

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Between the "Nifty sex stories" display on the computer screen and my mother's revelations, my cock need relief and it needed it now. I tried to free it through the zipper, but I was so hard that I couldn't bend it enough to get it through the opening.

Finally, I just pushed my shorts down to my knees and took matters into hand.

Gay male erotica stories involving...

I hate to admit it Nifty sex stories it only took a couple of moments before my seed was scattered all over the counter top.

I guess I was gone almost five minutes and as I started to head back down the hallway Nifty sex stories heard low moans coming from the living room. Yet I knew she might just very well be doing what I had recently completed. I knew she was aroused, that was more than obvious by the way she licked her lips and the rigidity of her nipples as they pressed against her t-shirt. I had noticed all these things when she found that image of the guy all stretched out in his computer chair.

I edged my way quietly down the hall and peeked around the corner. My jaw nearly hit the floor and my cock rose immediately to attention at the sight I beheld. Mom was leaned back in the chair with her right hand thrust down into the front of her unfastened shorts.

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Her left hand was mauling her right breast beneath the t-shirt. She was staring intently at the computer screen, licking her lips Nifty sex stories. God this is so damn hot! Once again, the tightness of my shorts precluded any ready access to my burgeoning member, so without hesitation, I pushed them down to the floor and stepped forward to better view my luscious mother at play.

I nearly jumped outta my hide when my Nifty sex stories said loudly, "Andrew, instead of standing in the dark and gawking like a love-lorn teenager, why don't you make yourself useful and get my vibrator for me.

It is in the green suitcase, all the way in the back. It was a flesh-toned rubber cock almost ten inches in length and nearly two inches in diameter. It's weight was appreciable since it was filled with three "D" sized batteries. I thought it was rather pointless to try to put my shorts back on so I remained nude as I entered into the livingroom with my Nifty sex stories favorite toy, my cock bouncing against my abdomen with each stride.

In the interim, she had removed all her clothing and had propped her feet up on either side of the keyboard. She Nifty sex stories both hands nestled in the thick, furry patch between her legs. She looked up as I approached. I had no idea you were so gifted.

Mom turned her atention back to the computer screen as she leaned back and spread her legs wide while parting the lush thatch nestled between them. Without preamble, she thrust the large device between her legs and in mere seconds, had it buried almost to the bulbous base. We sat there side-by-side, watching each other more than the computer screen.

We said nothing for a while, each of us absorbed in our own pleasure and watching the other do the same.

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Finally, she took her feet down and turned sideways to face me. I did as instructed and edged closer to her. Her left hand began to run circles around her distended clit which poked out from the furry forest that surrounded it. I used to Nifty sex stories you jerking-off at night when you were home from college and I would get so wet thinking about it. I used to lay there, figging myself, fantasizing that you were watching me.

It got so bad that I started leaving my door open a few inches so I could pretend you were on the other side, watching me and stroking yourself. I could hear you sometimes, Mom, and I always imagined you were masturbating.

That Nifty sex stories what was going on in my head on those nights you heard me. You used to fantasize about me, Andrew? I've often wondered why you kept staring at me all that afternoon. Did it "Nifty sex stories" you hard, Andrew?

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