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Craig Ferguson Midget


It was the third iteration of the Late Late Show franchiseairing from to During the late transition of guest hosts following Craig Kilborn's departure, Craig Ferguson hosted a series of shows in October and November, culminating in being announced on Craig Ferguson Midget 7 as the pick for new host. While comedy was emphasized in the majority of the episodes, Ferguson also addressed difficult subject matters, such as the deaths of his parents, his struggles with alcoholismand commenting on national tragedies; and undertook serious interviews, such as one with Archbishop Desmond Tutuwhich earned the show a Peabody Award.

On April 28,Ferguson announced that he was ending the show at the end of the year. The last episode aired on December 19, The show starts with a cold open which consists of a short improvised monologue or commentary by Craig Ferguson Midget either as himself or involving his various puppets. Later the show featured banter with Geoff Petersonhis "Craig Ferguson Midget" sidekick voiced by Josh Robert Thompsonand Secretariat, a pantomime horse ; interaction with members of the studio audience, or occasionally a pre-taped bit.

After another commercial break, Ferguson is seated behind his desk, where he usually reads and responds to viewer emails and since February [5] tweets from his proclaimed "robot skeleton army". Generally, one or two celebrities are interviewed. Starting inFerguson began each by dramatically ripping up note cards written for the interview, "signalling to the audience, and to the guest, that this conversation need not be rigidly managed".

Ferguson has had many running gags. These have included themed weeks such as "Crab Week", "Magic Week", and "Shark Week"; [9] and the long running "photo of Paul McCartney Craig Ferguson Midget joke, wherein Ferguson will call for a photo of McCartney, which is actually a photo of actress Angela Lansbury and vice versa.

The show infrequently uses variations of the latter gag featuring other pairs of look-alike celebrities, such as Cher being shown as Marilyn Manson. Ferguson's first show as host was on January 3, For approximately the first two months, he continued his predecessor's monologue format, reading 5—10 jokes from cue cards. A new set debuted on the July 24, episode. In the week of March 17,The Late Late Show debuted a new set featuring Craig Ferguson Midget desk interview area on a raised platform; the backdrop was also changed to a detailed representation of Los Angeles.

When the —08 Writers Guild of America strike began, Craig Ferguson Midget show went into reruns. On August 31,the show began broadcasting in high definitionfeaturing a refitted studio and production facilities, along with a new show logo, new lights, an opening title sequence that "features Ferguson in iconic Los Angeles locations", and a new arrangement of the show's theme song.

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Ferguson's initial contract as host was for six years, until the end of ; as of August he was telling television critics he might not be interested in a contract renewal, [8] though by Februaryhe was publicly professing "Craig Ferguson Midget" loyalty Craig Ferguson Midget David Letterman, saying: December 15, marked his 1,th episode as host.

For the occasion, puppets took over the show; [21] Ferguson conducted the entire show as his puppet Wavy Ranchero, and recurring sketches also featured puppet replacements. Jason Segel also made an appearance as his muppet Dracula, performing a musical number with band The Broken West.

I'm redundant, [Geoff's] timely I mean, I represent the redundant form of the late night stand-up comedian, and he represents impending death [ In AprilLetterman announced his plans to retire.

CBS passed over Ferguson to choose Stephen Colbert as the new host of Late Show beginning sometime inreportedly viewing Ferguson as too much of a niche performer to succeed Letterman.


Ferguson's contract, which "Craig Ferguson Midget" in June [28] [29] [30] [31] stipulated that he was Letterman's successor at With Letterman's departure, CBS would become the sole producer of the show and it is the network which determines what is done with the time slot and with Craig Ferguson Midget any contract is negotiated. CBS chief executive Leslie Moonves said in an interview: A woman would be great in late night.

Chelsea Handler had reportedly begun negotiations to take over hosting of The Late Late Show when Ferguson's contract expired; [35] however, both Handler and CBS later denied this, saying she was in fact in negotiations with CBS' syndication arm for a daytime show. On April 28,Ferguson announced he would leave the show in December Ferguson's final episode started with the usual cold open, but this time showing a montage of friends from the show while they performed Dead Man Fall's song "Bang Your Drum".

Craig Ferguson, Writer: I'll Be...

The monologue began with a short time lapse of Craig coming out to start show through the last 10 years, starting on his first day January 3, to his last. Craig thanked his comedic partner Josh Robert Thompsonthe viewers, the crew, and explained:. Over the years, Craig Ferguson Midget with this show out and around, or going and doing stand-up Craig Ferguson Midget Josh, I've come into contact with a lot of people who are viewers of this show, and although I said my goodbyes to the crew, the people who made this show are you.

You came to a show that, let's be honest, was a bit of a fixer-upper. It kind of stayed that way, but what I hope we've done [ So in that sense maybe it is a piece of art, it didn't exist and now it does. What we've done here, it doesn't go away because I stopped doing it, we stop doing this and we start doing something else [ But I think what was more overwhelming than anything else in "Craig Ferguson Midget" experience of doing this show was making a connection with a country which I became a part of, which is astonishing to me.

Even in the course of this show I became an American, officially and particularly for my friends at the IRSI am now a fully-fledged American. However, what I can't be is a member of a club, which I didn't really ask Craig Ferguson Midget join, I wanted to do this show [ Craig tells Geoff he wants to finally find out who the real identity of Secretariat is.

Asked to lift up his mask, it's revealed to be Bob Newhart. Craig asks, "Bob Newhart?! What are you doing here? Elsewhere he imagined it all from a snowglobeand The Sopranos cut to black with Journey 's " Don't Stop Believin' ". Ferguson starts with a cold openwhich is a two-minute segment before the first commercials, theme song, and actual show. Originally, it was a miniature monologue and to talk about the guests on the show. Over time, this segment expanded to include short skits and musical sessions often involving puppetsand occasional interaction with members of the studio audience.

In actual practice, the cold open was the second segment presented when the show was recorded at the CBS studios. The open was actually recorded after the monologue but aired before it, something Ferguson originally thinly disguised, but later openly mocked. On November 22,Ferguson opened the show with evidence that a French talk show called Ce Soir Avec Arthur had stolen his show's opening sequence, as well as some of his puppet and song-and-dance concepts. When he Craig Ferguson Midget hired as the full-time replacement for Craig Ferguson Midget KilbornFerguson co-wrote and recorded a theme song.

The theme tune was re-recorded for the show's switch to HD, premiering on August 31, and produced by Andy "Stoker" Growcott. Besides Craig Ferguson Midget the show traveled i. Paris, Scotland, New Orleansthe lyrics to this theme were the same during the entire year run. The robot was created by former Mythbuster Grant Imahara.

Craig Ferguson “a psycho German...

CraigyFerg I hear you are looking for a robot sidekick. I think I can help While Geoff began with pre-recorded phrases, Thompson voiced him live in studio for almost every episode since late June[58] including those filmed in Paris, France and Scotland. Three people are often given screen credit at the end of the show as being responsible for Geoff: Ferguson has said that the robot is "my metaphor for deconstructing the dead art form of the late night talk show", and that he selected the name because of its commonness.

Geoff has a running "feud" with recurring guest Kristen Bellwho claims that she had wanted to be Craig's sidekick and was upset when Geoff was selected. Secretariat is a pantomime horse which first appeared on October 11,as a joke reference to the Disney film Secretariat.

By Decemberhe had become a regular Craig Ferguson Midget the show. Secretariat has appeared in some sketches, including one on January 7,when a clip was shown of Secretariat traveling to New York City to deliver a Christmas present to Jimmy Fallonwho competed against Ferguson in the same time slot on NBC. When Ferguson hosted the show from Paris, France during the week of August 1,Secretariat played a role in several locations.

He again accompanied the show during its week of programs taped in Scotland, airing in the summer of A following has been built around the false horse, with multiple fan pages existing on Facebook[64] and several websites selling "Craig Ferguson Midget" Secretariat T-shirts.

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As part of the finale's last sketch, Secretariat unmasks himself and reveals himself to be Bob Newhart. He claims that he developed his imitation of Craig Ferguson Midget after an eight-hour-long plane ride on which he sat behind Caine, who "gabbed" with his wife the entire trip. Over the course of his run as host, Ferguson wished to have a house band. Beginning inthe show began incorporating puppets in the cold open ; many were given to Ferguson by Folkmanis Puppets.

Upon arriving he decided to lip synch the song on air that night using some hand puppets that were already on hand. The Late Late Show tapes musical performances separately from the rest of the show.

For example, the noise rock band No Age was videotaped on October 2, for an appearance scheduled to air October That performance was also the subject of an equal-time rule controversy in which guitarist Randy Randall was not allowed to wear a pro- Barack Obama T-shirt. Randall, not wanting to cancel the appearance, chose instead to Craig Ferguson Midget the T-shirt inside out.

InFerguson began ending Craig Ferguson Midget by offering the guest a choice of activities. Subsequently, Ferguson's ratings "grew seven percent or byviewers. During Fallon's first week, the new show averaged 2. The November sweeps saw Jimmy Kimmel Live! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A cute, yet vulgar white rabbit. A crocodile with a Cajun accent prone to waving his left hand Craig Ferguson Midget the audience hence his nameWavy "hosted" the show's 1,th episode.

Does anyone know the name...

Used during the initial outbreak of swine flu[ citation needed ] a pig with sideburns and a tuft of hair who has a "contempt for the bourgeoisie ". A monkey who wears a bellhop 's uniform and claims to be from another planet. A shark with a wonderful singing voice. A groundhog that speaks in a German accent. A wolf objecting to the portrayals of wolves in the movies. A slow talking French snail. A highly satirized version of the host, with a giant Liza Minnelli cut-out for the head.

A female ferret with a deep, male voice "Craig Ferguson Midget" is on steroids in preparation for the Olympics. Sandra Peterson, a remote-controlled rhino head that hangs over the fireplace; originally voiced by Dana DeLorenzo [72] who also portrayed "Beth", a bespectacled "CBS executive"Craig Ferguson Midget "returned" invoiced and operated by Josh Robert Thompson [73] [note 2] Tiny Drew Carey: A small marionette of Drew Carey though the body and head reflect Carey Craig Ferguson Midget his weight loss in A miniature desk is sometimes featured for Tiny Drew Carey to "sit" behind.

Craig Ferguson, Writer: I'll Be There. By August ofCraig Ferguson was established as one of Great Britain's leading comedians - he had just had huge. Craig Ferguson “a psycho German midget prostitute”) as he is to make most other standups sound quiet and stoned by comparison, given the. I've met craig ferguson. He is most definately Fucking his two female interns.

They're like IN LOVE with him. I was up on the second floor w/ the.

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