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Coconut oil personal lube


Ingredients that many women find irritating are alcohol most gel based lubricants and glycerin and paraben most water based lubesnever mind the stuff they add for smell and taste. A great option for those who find commercial lubes irritating or are troubled by the fact than many of the ingredients remain unpronounceable to everyone but organic chemists is coconut oil. Yes, the stuff you use for cooking.

If you rub a bit quickly in your hands for a few seconds you immediately have a liquid. Also, because the oil provides a thicker coating than silicone, water, or gel based lubricants it is often preferred by post menopausal women who are not using estrogen or women with increased vulvovaginal sensitivities such as women with vulvodynia, a vulvar pain syndrome. You can also use Crisco, but fully hydrogenated oils for sex sounds, Coconut oil personal lube, well, unsexy.

And I am still unconvinced that they are a good idea health wise.

Coconut Oil has hundreds of...

Olive oil is also an option, but in general my patients seem to prefer coconut oil. It seems to be a hands down winner in the taste, texture, and aroma departments. Well this was timely, and useful. I am in the Coconut oil personal lube of Coconut oil personal lube out whether I have a low estrogen count, or generalized vulvudynia, or what. Totally miserable, and extreme.

I am getting recommendations for lubrication, but I react extremely badly to commercial lubricants at this point. It is something that I am already using to cook with so I have a jar in my cabinet. It is definitely a winner! I have always been very careful with soaps and detergents and never used douches or even wore a thong. I am only 42 years old and have been experiencing this mysterious irritation for several years, with and without lube use.

Because I have very few visual symptoms, most doctors just shrugged their shoulders. Besides being in pain, I was getting discouraged and frustrated. After many doctor visits with no relief and thousands of dollars in bills and medication, I did my own research and found the cure for my particular case.


For my sometimes dry and often irritated vaginal area: Once daily, I. My theory Coconut oil personal lube that Vitamin E is used for skin care supple and moist and cranberry juice is used for urinary tract health, perhaps in combination, I could lessen the monthly irritation. It has now been 6 months! The use of Coconut oil has made sex comfortable and painless. I also believe that the oil gets absorbed into the skin and keeps it moist and healthy.

I completely recommend using coconut oil! I theorized that my urine could be a contributing culprit and when it dripped onto the vaginal area it caused irritation. The cranberry juice has neutralized the urine.

This was so helpful and such a relief to read. I thought for sure I was the only person on the planet who experienced irritation from my urine dripping onto the vagainal area. Going to pick up vitamin e pills and cranberry juice today! I hope you get this reply. Gina, do you apply coconut oil daily?

I too have been having difficulty. I was burning all the time, it never stopped. I was using ice cubes. My doc recommended KY Jelly every night, which it has been working, but during intercourse its really thick and still burns after.

I was wondering how you are getting coconut oil inside Coconut oil personal lube you? And thank you for the advice with the Vit E and cran juice.

I am definitely picking those up. Are you using the "Coconut oil personal lube" oil every day or just being intimate?

This item:Coconu Organic Personal Lubricant...

Thank you so much. I feel your pain, my sensitive skin does not react well with lubricants. Coconut oil definitely worked for us. I just bought a shedload of coconut oil. Are there ANY studies out there Coconut oil personal lube whether coconut oil used as "Coconut oil personal lube" is sperm friendly or hostile?

Have you found out if coconut oil is sperm friendly? Out of all of them though our fav is the Almond oil. However we are also trying to conceive and were wondering if anyone has heard of whether this can be harmful to sperm or not conducive to sperms ability to reach the egg easily.

I would look at the PH…as that is usually the main issue as to hostility…call a fertility clinic Coconut oil personal lube ask to speak to a Dr.

When I was trying I also used raw egg whites…it works but not all that great you have to reapply but it is definitely natural and not hostile to sperm.

Has anyone found coconut oil without a scent??? If you have a good quality raw coconut oil, than the scent and taste should not be very strong. We have switched to fractionated coconut oil…popular base for massage oils as it is odorless, flavorless, non-staining, and has infinite shelf life…it is liquid at room temperature, so that makes it a little different to deal with, but we like it!

I think the refined coconut oil has no real scent —that is the one pictured on this site so I am guessing it has all the same benefits. I did not like using olive oil because I could not get beyond the smell.

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I am going to try the refined oil. But I would prefer natural oils. What do you think about the health effects? I had always been taught what Erin has but: Jen, whose blog I have just discovered and like, seems not to be worried about the oil based nature of it, I will try it.

CO is great for masturbation, vaginal, and anal. This is THE Coconut oil personal lube lube! My girkfriend uses coconut oil as a moisturizer, and one night while getting it Coconut oil personal lube, we both decided to give it a try as lube-less sex wasnt allowing us ALL the pleasure we thought oil could bring.

We were right to try so! Wow, Bonnie, I am so jealous! Did you have any problems during menopause? I get so dry inside, sex is painful, even when using lube. Started using Abracadbraloe, but still has some chemicals for taste and smell. Wow, your so blessed to have it. But there are now lubricants that contain many of these natural oils and are approved by the FDA. My favorite though is Yume Coconut oil personal lube. I found it online It does have some coconut oil, but many of the ingredients are not just the typical run of the mill.

When I started menopause, sex was so uncomfortable and painful my husband and I were only having sex about once a Coconut oil personal lube. I feel like giving up on sex altogether but the prospect of a life without sex makes me very upset. I too suffered with vaginismus for many years. I went to http: I have heard some horror stories of how women have been treated by their doctors. It sounds like you have Vulvodynia…. However for me it was the fascia in my hips that was causing my pain.

I felt like my pelvic area was on fire all the time…. I started to see a specialist who massages and breaks down the glue and this releases the nerve…. I combined this with will rolling on a foam ball….

The type of specialist I saw was a Rolfing specialist…. I would like to mention a pain condition that can effect the entire body or is more common in one starting location. Women are known to be diagnosed 3: In some way to easily relate, it is most notable for a burning pain.

Many of the claims touting...

It feels like the nerves on fire and normal sensation is painful. It has been know to be caused by something as minor as a bug bite or splinter. The female anatomy has an extremely high amount of nerve endings in the region which can become involved with a pain reflex from any of the nerves in the back or vaginal areas.

I met a young woman who suffered from this after after intercourse, another woman who had surgery for endometriosis and one lady who had cystic growths. Good luck with your health ladies. The coconut oil is nice compared to over the counter products. However, after going off birthcontrol my libido went through the roof in conparison.

It may be worth looking into. Oh really nice,i use many sex lubes but now i think i will try coconut oil as lubes and i think it have not any side affect,right? Thanks for sharing this information about oil and lube products because honestly, in Boise, it is well needed. Keep up the great work! Its ability to penetrate skin and provide all that vitamin E makes it a wonderful massage oil. Coconut oil can also be used as a personal lubricant. Coconut oil is a solid at room temperature, but as soon as you glop.

Coconut oil personal lube too have been using coconut Coconut oil personal lube as a sexual lubricant for the last several. I've heard friends Coconut oil personal lube that coconut oil is a great lubricant.

I tried it and I really like it, but I'm worried it's not safe. Can coconut oil cause yeast or.

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