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Ford focus vs citroen c4


You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 31 May - Thanks for the information bro. Ya agree most ppl would advise to buy jap instead. But my dad prefers something different if possible, that's why looking at these 2. He is more interested in the C4 though.

I drove my aunt's 2 yr old SX4 today and it felt boring. Like just a normal A to B car. I recommended him SX4, latio, sylphy, colt plus, lancer, Mazda 3but he says all very boring to own. Actually he is quite interested in the Megane sports tourer, Renault scenic, epica, cruze but is unsure of their reliability. Same goes for C4 and focus. We prefer c4 as it looks good and is relatively cheaper than the rest except the focus. So far, no one can advise on the C4. Mechanic only, always say, dun buy continental la Yup looking at pre models.

I too think its very good looking and wouldn't mind my dad buying that. What about fuel consumption? What kind Ford focus vs citroen c4 figures u getting? Posted 01 June - Wow, your Ford focus vs citroen c4 has good taste - I am surprise the son is the boring one lol C4 is good since it has 4 doorsDS3 - 2 doors your mom may not like it lol But why not look at DS4 - the behind door is very special and cute and it looks good too. Conti car is fine, just ask your dad to change a car Ford focus vs citroen c4 3 years and stay special.

I drove the Mk1 for 7 years. FC not the best, but driving is very very fun. Mk1,Mk2 the pickup is a bit slow from start up, but once you get up to cruising speed, no problem. Overtaking is not an issue. Very stable at high speeds. Maintence wise, AD prices are comparable to jap AD. There are also other workshops outside that are quite cheap and reasonable. Ecoboost only available in europe for manual transmission. HTML mode is enabled. MyCarForum is Singapore's top car forum.

Personal Data Protection Statement. All Sections Forum Blog Marketplace. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. The points of the user determines the rank. The higher the points, the higher the rank. The bar represents the rank and points of the user. The longer the bar, the higher the rank and points. Points are accumulated from other users who Praise or Disliked this users' posts. Hi, my dad is interested in these 2 cars.

Just for an example of the exact spec and models, below are 2 links: C4 Focus As for the Focus, we are open to either the hatchback or the sedan version.

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Priorities are mainly reliability, fuel consumption and again, reliability. As he has spent almost 10k on repairs on his current car. I know for reliability, one should choose jap cars like Ford focus vs citroen c4, honda etc. I know these 2 models are quite low on power, but still drivable i guess.

Read up abit and concluded that the focus is more of a fun car as in "Ford focus vs citroen c4" and the C4 is very comfortable. Any one can advise on any of these 2 models regarding reliability and maintainance issues? Focus for the driving characteristics and warranty, Citroen for the comfort and uniquity.

Well i used to drive the MK1 focus which IMHO is a far better drive, and was pretty reliable only exception was the ignition coils and minor creaks. Plus if Vantage Auto is still serving out 5 years ,km warranties it will be an advantage for those who suspect the reliability of Fords. Citroen aren't as unreliable as it used to be, though i can't speak from experience about the current batch of cars.

But the bulk of the members here will probably say stick to a jap if you can't stomach continental quirks. Wearnes has been Ford focus vs citroen c4 spectacular in honouring their warranty, and surprisingly upfront in insisting we come back to claim even the tiniest of faults. If you're looking at the pre sports tourer, thats the estate version of my megane.

Although its made in france. Servicing wise outside of Wearnes is pretty standard, similar to the focus or C4. Reliability for pre-owned is always a concern but you can probably do some search over at RCC forums to know what to look out for - www. Would like that too but too ex and looking at used ones. I've owned the Focus Mk 1 for 4 yrs plus before changing to my current Fiesta slightly more than 3 yrs ago. No major reliability issues for both rides which come with the 5 yrs k warranty.

Driveability wise, Ford is. Saw some reviews on YouTube and its UK's most popular car. So I'm sure the reliability should be good. I've rented the mk1 before too and I quite enjoyed it.

Though it was many years ago. Still remember it was a manual. Engine sounds quite nice also. Eats fuel like crazy in start stop traffic and can go down to 9.

Don't get me wrong, there is adequate torque to pull the car but it probably won't be as easy to move off as compared to a modern day Jap car. Ample power to cruise and overtake on the NSH at kph on average. However you'll be hard pressed to find a decent list of Megane Sports Tourer on the second hand market as compared to the sedan version. Only found 3 in sgcarmart and all 3 only have abt 2yrs to go.

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And I looked at the focus wagon version ans its not that good looking. Ugly compared the the Megane. I mean the rear. Actually I like the C4 and I introduced that to him and he liked it too. Because he asked for a reliable car that's why I adviced him to get those sylphy and latio etc.

If they are all quite reliable, no doubt we would get the C4 or focus already. The ds3 and ds4 are both very nice looking cars but cost too much for my dad. He don't want to spend a lot. So the choices are quite limited. Mk3 is the trend version right? That one looks good. My dad Ford focus vs citroen c4 at the mk2 ones and used ones are really quite affordable. Quick Reply Go to Full Editor.

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Also tagged with these keywords: Massive performance in a hatchback. CitroenFordFocus. Nov 10 I've forgotten my password. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Sign in anonymously Don't add me to the active users list. CitroenFordFocus Ford Focus titanium. Ford Focus RS Hp. Hear from customers who have used Quotz to sell their cars. Anyone driving Ford focus vs citroen c4 latest Ford Focus.

Compare Citroën New C4 Cactus and Ford All New Focus and find your new car in an easy way Page 1 of 3 - Citroen C4 & Ford Focus - posted in General Car for the Focus, we are open to either the hatchback or the sedan version.

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