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Hookup a player advice and consent drawings of dragons


This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. I like the thought of maps, but its so time consuming and my fiancee thinks its not really necessary for the players to see a map. Right now I'm mostly creating maps for me to have behind my screen so that I can know where they are and what could be coming up.

When creating a continent I didnt bother to try to make my own full continent, I used a generator and just refreshed until I got one that caught my eye. With that I'm just marking towns as I go along in the adventure instead of planning out every town name and such. My maps are pretty plain and simple, I've seen some really elaborate ones and I'm jealous. I've also considered using a program to make individual houses and stuff, but I'm not sure Hookup a player advice and consent drawings of dragons its needed and again its time consuming.

I have kids to care for depending on the dayand work. The programs seem fun, but I usually get one minute into it until I say 'I don't need it that much, I dont have time and I still have the story to create'. Tomb of Annihilation - DM. As for at the table, I use a Vinyl battlemap and whiteboard markers for encounters, just so we can see where everything is. You re-lease the Kraken! In my open world campaign, giving maps is a good way to steer my characters without actually railroading them.

However, there are many ways to draw a map. The prime direction could be north, or east, or some other direction. Is the map to scale, or is it trying to represent something else? Is the centre important enough to be the centre of the universe? Is it trying to be realistic, or is it abstract? I got these questions and ideas after reading a history of maps. You might not have enough time to make some, but it can convey a lot of information you don't have to provide verbally.

And the map you give doesn't have to be the one you have behind the screen. If by maps you mean campaign world ones, I'd agree they are largely unimportant, however you do need a general idea as to the locations and where they are in comparison to each other.

The classic, I cast fireball in a spot where I will hit the max. I would say any game where melee combat is the norm makes maps beneficial. I think that maps can add a lot of great detail and mystery to the plot.

It can add a level of interest to many places. Also it will add a scale. I elected to go with this because a it's more realistic and it usually keeps everyone paying attention to where they have already been, and b it saves me the trouble. Typically prior to a given session I try to pre-draw maps involved in encounters I have 2 very large double-sided laminated grid mats so that when they enter a room in which I know there's a bunch of drow lying in wait in the rafters, or an umber hulk or two are about to burst out of the wall, I have that map ready to go and combat can start as soon as I describe who gets surprised based on people's passive Perception.

I've found this Hookup a player advice and consent drawings of dragons well for me and my group, but it Hookup a player advice and consent drawings of dragons push some of the responsibility to the players Also, think about your game's theme.

If it's more horror-driven, it might be more fun not to give the players a lot of the above information, to make them nervous about what's coming up. I've found the above things work well for a more "open world-y" experience, like SKT. Go find your own genetic time-capsule or, so help me, I'll cut you. I print my maps the ones they provide in adventures 1 to 1 scale by using photoshop and excel. In photoshop I make one grid square equal one inch, it resizes it. I save that and import it into excel which tiles it out into a bunch of printable pages you can tape together.

If your using minis it adds a whole other dimension of "wow this is cool! I'm a map girl myself.

Animal Spirit Guides

Smaller towns I typically don't map out but everything gets marked on the continent map or the world map. I hand draw all my maps or I did most of them I recently used the Donjon 5e dungeon mapper and I might never map a dungeon myself again. My players seem to enjoy the maps especially the world map. I'm also running CoS and the main map for that has been a big hit. I fit as many maps into my campaign as possible, and I think they do help in a number of situations, from exploration, to plans made by the PCs to estimating and calculating travel times.

There are many good internet guides out there that can help you refine your drawing skills and design creative worlds. Step by step cartography by Jared Blando really helped me learn to draw good Hookup a player advice and consent drawings of dragons. For combat I usually don't use maps, but I sometimes use dungeon tiles, which are usually pretty fast.

Overall I think maps work best in RP situations, and it is always fun to give the players a real map to represent a map that their characters receive. Maps are essential for every DM. In open world scenarios, in which I play all the time, I rarely give the players a map, but sometimes I like to have them buy one, or find one, then give them it in real life. In Hookup a player advice and consent drawings of dragons battle encounters, maps are used, I just look at mine and do a rough sketch.

And it's also fun to have the players make their own map in dungeon s! Download maps to the ipad, import them into Notability so I can draw on them to create the "fog of war" effect which can be erased with a touch.

Taped some plexiglass onto the top of the TV so I can put the minis directly on the screen without scratching it. And I can also draw on the plexiglass with markers or draw on the ipad screen and it'll mirror onto the tv. It's pretty awesome and both of my groups really enjoy it. I probably go a bit overboard with maps, but my players find it very helpful, especially in combat situations.

I have three types of maps - digital ones that get displayed on a large screen all the players can see. These have the most detail. The second type is a rough layout of a dungeon that matches the dungeon map on the big screen - these are rough drawn on 1" square marked large easel pads.

My group decided they want...

They're easy to get on amazon and are quick to unfurl, lay some paper over, and go. For combat in dungeons I try to have these. It's easy to put half-bead style markers on them, they're just about the right size. For these maps, 1" is equal to 5'. I also have one of the "square on one side, hex on the other" mats that are also 1" square. These are great for off-the-cuff battles, or roadway engagements - things that you can't really draw out ahead of time. That's probably quite a lot for "theater of the mind" style players, but I found my players were always losing track of who was where, what the distances were, who was in melee range of what, etc during combat.

The maps made a huge difference in player frustration level, and my own as well. A "Hookup a player advice and consent drawings of dragons" of adventure modules come with really cool maps and it's a shame not to share them with Players as they add another layer of immersion. I have been working with showing my Players the overworld map as they are discussing they lay of the land with people who would know it.

Dragons in Ancient Mythology

With homebrew campaigns I always found that drawing up a map helped me get ideas for where I wanted the story to go. I used Campaign Cartographer which takes a bit of the work out of it and makes it possible for some who can't draw like me to make visually appealing maps. I like to have a continent wide map for group reference, at least so we all know relatively how long a trip might take, is it a major route, mountainous, etc.

Just so that everyone can be in the right mood on the road. Should a location be frequented more, I find a map naturally arises as you travel the small village for the 10th time.

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For combat though, we use a four dry erase mats. My group is largely hack and slashy, so I try to put together a dungeon map that they'll like. More tactically challenging and the like. I do try use maps from any given module, Hookup a player advice and consent drawings of dragons they're very nice looking and it's a shame to deny PCs that detail. I have an old flat ish screen tv that I lay down on the table to use to bring up battle maps and and the like. I do not use any map for random encounters or encounters used to pressure the players into not long resting after every encounter.

This is a lot of work because I hand draw out these maps and plan out to have lots of interesting features for players to interact with. I'm a big fan of using hazardous terrain, or large magical artifacts that effect the flow of combat.

Mostly the players enjoy it, but I can't emphasize enough how much work I put into it. I like to offer multiple routes through a combat encounter, including high ground cover positions that might be treacherous to reach. Acid poolson the floor, visible spike pits if it fits the narrative things like that. Using a properly designed encounter map will allow even a mid level group to feel pressured by low tier enemies which is a huge tool Hookup a player advice and consent drawings of dragons variety in the game.

Seeing what 6 goblins can do to a level 6 fighter who's opted to push through a choke point as the goblins ready-action against him with pots of slippery goo and so on. I personally could not hold such levels of detail in my mind without handwaving the entire affair. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Usually I do not show the map unless is a challenging or complex combat.

Last edited by filcat: If you don't have PS or Excel you can probably find them already done online. Helps create more player agency and let you know what they are looking for: If so, how do you use them? Usually, for the purposes of dungeon-delving, I rely on my players to elect a "map -maker" to form rough sketches in real time as they go through. systems, without the express written consent of Nuance Communications.

Inc. Specifications Use the Dragon Sidebar to see sample commands and tips that update dynamically as you Correcting text while playing back dictation ( most accurate). Please note that "Hide/Show the Drawing Toolbar".

- "Hide/ Unhide. My group decided they want Hoard of the Dragon Queen to be their first DnD table set ups/mini's/dice bags/character drawings/maps and other "OC"-type material are to . These bonds give the players a reason to follow along. Another hint: start with LMoP instead, finish it, and connect the events of.

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Dragons in Ancient Mythology



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Do you use maps...

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Hookup a player advice and consent drawings of dragons

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Do you use maps during the game? If so, how do you use them?

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