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Jessa rhodes snapchat


Jessa rhodes snapchat, my time in interviewing so many performers, it has been refreshing that most of them do not match that stereotype. For instance, Jessa Rhodes has a big heart. Her thoughtfulness for Christy Mack and her desire to attend college are admirable qualities. This princess has a bright future in and out of this industry. I am so impressed that you and Profane Clothing are donating the profits of your t-shirt to the Christy Mack Fund.

I Jessa rhodes snapchat that you have been in several films with Christy. Could you tell us what a special woman she is? I am so happy that Mason, the owner of Profane Clothing, has reached out and tried to help by donating all of the proceeds from my T-shirt to help Christy.

LA LA Land. ....

I don't know her well, but I am absolutely appalled that this situation would happen to anyone. It's really amazing to see so many people coming forward to help her. You are in the new music video "American Hustle" by Jay Levanne. When I saw your performance, I got quite hard.

How did you get the role? The director approached me via Twitter and we had a meeting and then, shot Jessa rhodes snapchat video. It was a "Jessa rhodes snapchat" of fun. Simon Beckman directed it and he's amazing. I love working with him. My role was pretty easy in that I came from dancing before I started in the adult industry so it was a natural fit.

Could you tell us how your day was Jessa rhodes snapchat filming the video? The cast and crew were Jessa rhodes snapchat pleasure to work with. The funniest part was when I had to dance on this stage that they had built, but it was wood so it had cracks "Jessa rhodes snapchat" holes in it.

Well, long story short, my dancing was NOT so graceful in the moment due to my heels getting stuck in the cracks every two seconds, but Simon did an amazing job making me look good by editing it all together in post. What has been your most memorable on-screen performance? That's a really tough question. I've done so many films and had so many great experiences I don't know if I could even choose!

I've been a huge fan of SOA since it started and it was awesome being able to shoot the parody. James, their head of production, did an amazing job directing it and he's always so fun to work for. How does it feel when you meet your fans? Do you get recognized in public? I love meeting my fans! Without them I would be nothing and this would all be pointless.

Their love and support makes it worth it. I love meeting them and actually getting to see the smile on their face in person. It's an amazing feeling.

I get recognized a Jessa rhodes snapchat lately. Not so much in my first year, but this year has been crazy. I always wear a hoodie and sunglasses now when I travel because I've been recognized by people in the airports so much. It's kind of cool, but when I'm tired and trying to get somewhere, I feel bad when people try to talk to me cause I get sooooo grumpy after a whole day of flying lol. How did you begin in the adult industry?

I wish I had a more interesting story, but I really don't haha. I started as a dancer and an acquaintance of mine got me to webcam with her one day and an agent found me Jessa rhodes snapchat I was online. Long story short, I thought about it for a couple days, got on a plane, and haven't really been home since. Everyone called me crazy, but I'm so happy I Jessa rhodes snapchat a chance and went with my gut.

I've never been happier or more motivated. I admire that you want your fans to donate to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. It's nice to see performers having big hearts.

Personally, I just don't see the point in being a greedy bitch with a wish list lol. Material bullshit sitting in my closet doesn't help anyone.

I chose St Jude because I've lost a couple little girls in my life due to cancer. I want my fans to feel good about doing something to help too. I also chose them because it's an organization I know to be reputable. I would never want my fans to give their hard earned money to some organization that turned out to Jessa rhodes snapchat a scam and there are TONS of those out there.

What makes a woman sexy? What traits of a woman do you admire? I think diversity is what makes a woman sexy. A woman who can show intelligence, class, and maternal instinct, but is also a sexual deviant who's not afraid to have a drink What makes a man sexy? I want a bad boy who will be a good man just for me. In a couple years, I'll be going to school for my vet degree so that I can move to Asia to breed and repopulate tigers. As of right now, I'm about to start school this fall for my business associates.

Many adult performers love animals.

Miss Jessa RhodesVerified account. @MissJessaRhodes....

Do you have any pets? I have a crazy little pomeranian named Hendrix. I named her after Jimmy Hendrix. She's amazing and I love her to death, but good god I wish she didn't bark quite so much. I've always had big dogs growing up in Oregon so I'm not use to all the yapping. I also Jessa rhodes snapchat a fat little teddy bear hamster named Doobie- he's an escape artist. He's somehow managed to escape 3 enclosures and survived in my house for up to 9 days at a time.

"Jessa rhodes snapchat" nicknamed him Hou-doobie.

Jessa Rhodes

How were you as a kid? I was home schooled and lived out in the country. I was very shy. I had "Jessa rhodes snapchat" wild imagination and was quite content to play by myself. Jessa rhodes snapchat grew up with 3 older brothers and Jessa rhodes snapchat older sisters. We had tons of animals and space to run around. I don't particularly like Los Angeles. I'm a country kid and I'm sure I'll settle back there someday.

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