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I've seen it happen too many times. A writer is invited to guest post and they gain no headline, let alone a byline.

Amateur writers think they have...

After all, isn't the point of guest posting to bring recognition to the author? Amateur writers think they have it going on because they have a website and a blog that is updated weekly. If you ask for and accept guest posts, you need Blog contribution amateur know how to present and attribute the authors who take time out of their schedules to offer their wisdom.

Below that, instead of adding your name, give entitlement the byline to your guest author: There are many blogs online that pay guests for their posts and the authors are given bylines in addition to remuneration. Everyone knows that, given your URL. Everyone likes a pat on the back, right? Make it brief then turn the post over to your guest author. Most bloggers have a consistent format they incorporate into their posts.

Be clear upfront, before the author puts in their time and research. That way Blog contribution amateur can save them to your Blog contribution amateur and upload them as you normally do for your own posts. In the case of videos, I note the link. That way I can go directly to it and copy the URL into the post without having to search for it. Let your author know beforehand that you will proof and edit their contribution before posting. Read over the copy and check for spelling and grammar errors.

Take the time to correct spacing between sentences and paragraphs. If bolded text gets lost, re-bold it. Check that all links work and open in a new window. This can be done while in edit mode in your CMS. Simply click on the link.

Advice for amateur physicists with...

You should get an edit box that pops up. Click on the chain in the box. This will bring up another box showing the link and giving you the option to have it open in a new window. Click that option Blog contribution amateur save. Go back over the copy one more time to make sure everything is lined up, looks good, and reads well before hitting the Publish button. You want you and your guest to shine. Having a sloppy looking post is not a good reflection on either one of you.

At the end of the post, include a head shot of your author along with a brief bio written by the author. Make sure they include a link to their own website. This gives the author backlinks and increases their online presence in the search engines.

Most of you know them: When laid out properly, it gives the writer another searchable link when their Blog contribution amateur is Googled, which increases visibility and credibility. It also provides an online sample of their work that carries with it a byline. When you want to share Blog contribution amateur spotlight with respected authors by inviting them to be a guest on your blog, do it right.

Treat the post as you do your own by following these guidelines:. Have you had guest writers on your blog?

Wendy Fonarow: Amateur musicians playing...

What was your experience? Did your site see more traffic as the result? Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I read the first in your series. I look forward to what the other guests have to say. This is essential information for writers and guests as well. I'm currently doing a series of interviews and this has provided a lot of helpful tips for highlighting the guests properly.

Sandeep, I refer to the blogger's Google account, not gmail. Most writers have a Google presence in addition to LinkedIn, Blog contribution amateur, etc. As far as submitting to the owner of a site, simply contact them via their website and pitch your idea. Thanks, Would like to know without adding the Gmail account, how to add Guest post or how people submit the Blog contribution amateur to the admin of the blog.

Bethany, Google sees that as plagiarism. Even though you're the author, the Blog contribution amateur article appearing on two different sites raises a red flag to Google.

What you can do is make sure the person who owns the site to which you're guesting provides a link to your own site. That way, your traffic will increase and readers can discover what else you have to offer. Nevena, just please make sure you give them proper credit as outlined in my article.

It'll boost your views, increase your credibility and will help put your guest writer's name in the spotlight.

I love this post! I was considering inviting someone to guest write for my blog if they feel like it! Maud, I couldn't ask for a better comment. You've made me feel I did my job in presenting an informative, easy-to-follow article on the subject. Thank you so much for your great advice. After searching the web, I can say that you are the only author I found with clear, concise, constructive information on this subject. Oh, thank you so much as I did not realize that we could not include a link to outside guest sources.

I better go delete the link before my article is de-featured. Tamara, honestly I don't think HP is the proper place to feature guest writers.

For one, we don't own our little corners of the site. Secondly, we can't properly feature a guest writer on this site because it breaks protocol if you include a link to the guests' Google and outside website profiles. In order to properly feature a guest writer, you need to give them the page and complete credit for the article. If you have your own blog or website where you own the domain name, that's the place to let your guests shine.

You're very welcome, Shyron. I like to pass on to my writer friends tricks of the trade I've learned in my travels. When I was a writer for hire and had my own website, I did beaucoup learning about exposing yourself to the right markets in a Blog contribution amateur manner.

I studied the bloggers who make six figures, sat in on webinars, joined workshops, etc. I employed the same tactics when I had guest writers on my website which I took down a year ago when I went back to work in the outside world. I Blog contribution amateur it only right to highlight them and make them the stars of the show.

Blog contribution amateur, they gained traffic to their own sites and products by my doing so. Thanks to you article, I redid my post in order to give the proper respect and spotlight to the guest speaker. I think it is better than it was Blog contribution amateur, now! I am elated to have found this article of yours because I had a guest speaker in one of my posts and did not spotlight him correctly!

Below is the link to my article and if possible for you to glance over it, you will see that my guest is more toward the bottom, and not given proper respect according to your article. I want to change this! Perhaps you could give me a pointer, or two, about my own article? I would be honored and very obliged if you might do so! Below is the link:. I'm glad you found this information helpful, Nell.

Just trying to do my part in passing Blog contribution amateur tips I've learned along the way. No need to feel badly. I do not have a blog. My comment was strictly HP related. If I choose to do an interview, I would feature it on my HP site Believe me, If I had a site exclusively my own, you would have the info!! Paula, I love your idea of featuring someone with an interesting story to tell. I feel somewhat ashamed, though. I wasn't aware you have a blog.

Please send me the link! You're just so good at what you do. I LOVE that you shared this valuable info with your readers. Hope all goes well for you, GF I took a look at your site and love what I see. Amateur writers think they have it going on because they have a website and a.

that you will proof and edit their contribution before posting. Recent examples of the contribution of blog-gers in crisis situations, be it in impact', others are amateurs who write for other reasons (Knobel ). Wendy Fonarow: Amateur musicians playing for sheer pleasure should our independent, investigative journalism through contributions.

Wendy Fonarow: Amateur musicians playing...

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