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Wife getting attention


But living without extensive attention becomes complicated for a wife, especially if you are not giving her the attention she expects. In order to make you see her, spend time with her or to simply speak to her, a wife can do almost anything.

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A wife is one of the creations even god has failed to understand. Sometimes, she shows too much interest in answering a hot delivery guy, have you observed it? She is sincerely committed to you, but once in awhile she desires "Wife getting attention" your attention. So, never get upset or doubt that she is a big time flirt, instead make some time for her and Wife getting attention her lovable husband. You are a busy man, and Wife getting attention no time for family.

Sometimes, your busy schedule reaches the peak, even while having dinner with family, where you keep answering phone calls. Poor wife, she has no one around except you. Your ignorance challenges her, and she pretends like she is too busy speaking to someone else when you are at home. Your wife wants to prove her popularity, and social media is just the right platform.

She purposefully takes some hot selfies and shares them on her Facebook wall, of course, there are several men waiting there to impress her with their low-level comments. There are few people who are very punctual in following your lady on Facebook. Most of the women do that in order make their husband jealous, is your wife included in the list? Now a days, she is thinking too much about her ex boyfriend. Please avoid criticizing her behaviour, sit next to her and spend some time together.

That can heal her pain, in fact, she is indirectly conveying that she is missing your love. So, give her that and you may witness the change in the very next moment. Remember, a small change in your behaviour can also make her feel ignored.

Take care of your angel! Yes, you heard that right? She is going out with male friends to make you jealous. While returning home, she brings a friend for a tea party. All of sudden, she has started a habit of hugging men while saying bye. Her male friends tag her to their party pics on Facebook. Hmm, that adds fuel Wife getting attention the fire. Amongst all the pictures you will notice the ones where she is having fun with her male friend. Have you started observing all these small details?

Now, her mission is accomplished. Most of the women believe that their Wife getting attention is ignoring them because they are not an earning member of the family. You have been looking after all the needs of your wife, but still she is carrying this strange thought.

She has Wife getting attention to start her own venture, no matter how stupid the idea is, she shows keen interest in implementing it. In the first few days, you may find her behaving like a busy entrepreneur Wife getting attention around with plans, and yes, she has no time to make coffee for you. These sudden changes may leave you feeling surprised. Just like all other human beings, she too needs someone to praise her.

You have no space in your life. Your wife is also experiencing the same. She has been serving you yummy food since years, but you have never noticed her dedication and hard work. She is a great mother, responsible wife, perfect homemaker, but one fine day she will also get tired of her roles and you will feel the difference.

This is funny, but happens in every family. She is demanding something, it may be a jewelry or a weekend picnic, or some special one-on-one time! You will be the best husband in her eyes and of course, her attention seeking drama will come to an end. Did she cook your favourite chicken pot pie? No doubt, there is a hidden intention. You are a busy man who hardly gets time for family. Wife getting attention while having dinner, you do not avoid texting.

You may notice the difference in menu and enjoy the food with pleasure. Lol, no one will give you a chicken pot pie without a reason! However, now she is showing no interest in sex! She knows that you will definitely start thinking about the reason behind her behaviour and start paying more attention to her and the situation.

Of course, for you, spending your days with her is not so easy in the absence of healthy sex. Your weakness is her strength and she has been playing with it. You are not the only husband who has been suffering with an attention seeking woman, there are many out there. Women believe that as they gain weight, their husbands start ignoring them. Usually women gain weight after giving birth to kids, and of course, they hardly get time for physical exercises that can keep them fit.

In some families, husbands avoid taking their wife to parties because they feel embarrassed to stand next to a fat woman. Looking at such living examples, women develop a thought that their husband is not paying attention to them because they are not attractive anymore. So, to get the beautiful curves they hit the gym and also stick themselves to a strict diet. Now she is reminding you of those good old days, the early days of your love life! Texting each other, speaking on the phone for hours without a reason, walking under a single umbrella, these sweet memories will never go away.

But now she is rewinding them to make you remember. Did you notice her lingerie collection? She has bought some hot lingeries just to impress you.

These days she is also joining you for the morning walk.

You and your wife still...

Just to grab your attention! She wants you fall in love with her again, and perhaps you will start enjoying her company again.

Your free trial has come...

This quote is applicable to every married man. If you are leading a happy family life, your wife is the one who must be credited for it. Just Wife getting attention, one fine day you will come home and there is no one "Wife getting attention" welcome you!

You are left with no option than relying "Wife getting attention" your cooking skills and taking care of your stubborn toddler. You will start missing her presence, and just like all other husbands start begging her to come home as early as possible.

Women go crazy when it comes to their physical appearance. However, after getting married, their focus gets diverted. They start giving preference to their husband and kids over their personal needs. Are you working with hot colleagues? You are adding salt to the wound. Your wife is not always a sweet angel, but sometimes she surprises you with a pleasant attitude. She may not demand anything and also help you in every possible manner.

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All in 1 Access Join For Free! ThePremium offers ad free access to all TheClever content and so much more! I've been married for under a year. My beautiful wife and I met through our close- knit families — an “arranged marriage” of sorts. We share the. A wife is one of the creations even god has failed to understand. Though there are many positive ways to get the attention from their husband. You and your wife still have sex—occasionally. How do you get her to look at you like that again?.

And Wife getting attention will your wife's attention to you.

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