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Elephant sex stories


They disappeared for 3 hours. They eventually returned and told their all mighty leader Salem they had failed. Salem was going to release his Elephant sex stories mighty wraith on them. He told them to go get his litter box, and turn their backs. They had no litter box for him.

There was only one thing left for Salem to do. Elephant sex stories had decided to take over the world. He had followers, plus Sabrina's magic, what else did he need? Sabrina was tied face first to the ground she was able to turn her head and see the 2 ton elephant standing over her, it's 3 foot long cock was poking her in the back. The king pointed at her cunt, his harem grabbed the beast's cock and placed the tip into Sabrina's cunt.

Sabrina yelped as the giant cock slowly entered her pussy. The harem only put the tip inside of her. She braced for the massive invasion. The King ordered the harem to stop. Elephant sex stories was laying face first with 2 inches of Elephant sex stories cock that was as thick as her leg in her pussy.

She waited and waited for the beast to shove it in, but nothing happened. Her juices were begging to run down her leg now. She had been worried so much about whether or not she could take the beast. She started to hump back onto the elephant. She wanted it now. The king was exciting watching this young white woman trying to fuck the beast.

Sabrina's eyes widened as she saw the kin's full Monty. He had a cock that was at least 15 inches, that was why he was king. He stood in Elephant sex stories of Sabrina and pinched her cheeks.

Sabrina's mouth popped open, saliva pouring out the corners, The king shoved his cock down her throat. At the same time he order the beast down.

Sabrina screamed as two feet of cock impaled her cunt. The king shoved 12 inches of cock down her open mouth. It was good to be the king. Sabrina started slurping on his cock to keep from screaming. The king ordered the elephant up, it's cock pulling slowly out of the teen. Salem had his followers form a circle around him, he told them, their first target was Poland, they would then hit Yugoslavia. They told him there were only of them and all they had were spears.

Salem told them "details, detail," "If you can't get it done I will find somebody who can. Of course he could be turned into a dog, but he wouldn't think about that. The king had shoved his entire cock down Sabrina's throat, she was sucking for her life, and she was good.

She was easily able to handle the giant cock. The King grabbed her by her long blonde hair to hold her head still.

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He then began fucking her face. The King was thrusting his cock down her throat faster and faster, forcing her to deep throat him with every stroke. He then stopped holding his cock all the way down her throat. He shot his load directly into her stomach and fell back.

He had never had anybody so good. He ordered the elephant all the way down into her cunt. The entire tribe gasped as the giant cock slowly disappeared into the blondes cunt. They couldn't believe how much she could take, it was like magic. The elephant reached bottom, he buried all three feet of cock into the screaming teen. Sabrina's squirming and screaming excited the beast, Elephant sex stories started humping his giant cock in and out of her. Her cunt was expanding with "Elephant sex stories" thrust.

This enabled the beast to fuck her harder and harder. The tribe had never seen anything like it, they knew this girl was the one to free them, it was written and so it would be. The beast gave one last mighty thrust, deep into Sabrina, then he shot his load deep inside of her.

The king ordered the beast up and they quickly untied Sabrina, they stood her up and spread her legs. Her pussy was wide open and stretched unbelievably wide. She could barely stand as the mixture of her juices and elephant cum came dripping out of her cunt.

Salem knew there was another tribe over the Elephant sex stories, he decided to take over that tribe to Elephant sex stories his forces, that would be enough to start his master plan for world domination, or at least see what they had to eat over there. The king had Sabrina delivered to his tent, he would keep her safe before the big sacrifice, or that was what he told tribe.

He had decided she was the best cock sucker in the world, and he would keep her. He laid Sabrina across his cot, she had been completely worn out. The king didn't care Elephant sex stories, he wanted some more. He popped open her mouth and shoved his cock down her throat.

She didn't move though. The King thought she might be done for, he would sacrifice her to their God then, if she couldn't suck anymore she was of no use to them. He would have some fun with her first though. The king spread her legs and slipped his tongue into her cunt. He licked her inside out, but all he got was a couple of Elephant sex stories from her, he would work her over good though. He shoved three fingers into her gaping cunt, Sabrina swallowed them all up easily, the beast had stretched her out completely, she looked down and realized she would never be satisfied by any man again.

The King shoved his whole fist deep into the teen, Sabrina spread her legs a little wider, the king had gotten a raise out of her. He had his arm half way to the elbow, and their was still plenty of room for more, he worked three fingers from his other hand inside of her cunt.

Sabrina was moaning now, the king shoved his other fist deep into her pussy, Sabrina was cumming now. The king worked his arms like pistons in her cunt. Sabrina reached down and grabbed his two arms.

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She worked them even deeper inside her pussy. The king pulled Elephant sex stories arms out of her cunt, they were covered in her juices, he knew she was ready to appease their God. The King had to make sure though.

Sabrina was slowing rubbing her cunt, the king knew she wanted more. He pulled up a chair next to the cot. She grabbed him by the ankle Elephant sex stories began to work it in and out. That was all the King needed. He shoved his size 14 foot into her pussy. Sabrina screamed but she never let go of his ankle. She worked the foot deeper into her pussy. Her cunt was dripping, the foot slid in and out easily. Sabrina arched her back so she was on her back but raised up on her elbows.

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She planted her feet and began to thrust forward until the king's ankle entered her cunt. That was all the teenage witch could take. She had a screaming orgasm. The king thought the tribe was going to hear her. He snatched his foot out of her cunt and stood over her. Sabrina dropped to her back and grabbed his cock. She wrapped her lips around it and did her Hoover imitation.

Sabrina easily swallowed Elephant sex stories whole cock. The king could not withstand her cock sucking abilities. He quickly shot his load down her throat. She greedily swallowed it all. The king thought he better get rid of this girl before he kills her. Sabrina collapsed on the cot. Sabrina awoke the next morning, she was dressed in a white silk gown, her hair untied and flowing freely. She was crucified and hung from a tree. xxx-fiction-story-disclaimer-top2. $ The elephant watched her carefully, but let Susan come right up between his legs and take hold of his cock.

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Susan loves to go and watch the elephants at the wildlife store, there was one barn door male elephant that seems to in point of fact like Susan too. Every so often day after her assignment at the investment rigid was fixed, Susan would go broke to the park and from the viewing room she would watch the elephants fiddle with in the pond.

They more or less had a very good animation in their large stamping-ground. These elephants had not in any degree seen the wild, but had fossilized saved from circuses and other parks that had closed about North America during strenuously times.

Susan began to volunteer her weekends to help look after these elephants, doing certain jobs that needed to be done as the commons was non-profit.

They disappeared for 3 hours. They eventually returned and told their all mighty leader Salem they had failed. Salem was going to release his all mighty wraith on them. He told them to go get his litter box, and turn their backs. They had no litter box for him. There was only one thing left for Salem to do. He had decided to take over the world. Pornoxo


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