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Center for Research on U. Latina daughters were sampled from four mother—daughter dyad types: Substance abusing daughters with substance abusing mothers, and daughters who were less strongly attached to their mothers, reported more sex under the influence of drugs. An unexpected positive association between attachment and sex under the influence of alcohol was found for daughters who were more closely attached to a substance abusing mother.

Latinas have an especially high risk for infection with HIV. White females report the highest prevalence of sex under the influence of drugs or alcohol However, because most of the research in this area has been conducted with adolescents and young adults, it is unclear whether the association between substance use and sexual risk taking persists into Latina mother daughter sex. An important issue that has not received much attention in the literature on Latina sexual risk behavior is engaging in sexual behavior while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Although preliminary studies linking drug and alcohol use to unsafe sex suggest that substance-using Latinas are more likely to engage in unsafe sexual practices, these analyses often do not focus specifically on sexual behaviors while the woman is intoxicated.

Specifically, intoxication increases the likelihood of impulsive and risky decisions and decreases inhibition Bellis et al. Parental influences can be subdivided into at least two categories: In samples of U. However, as previously noted, the vast majority of studies on familial influences on Latina substance use and HIV risk behavior have focused on adolescents. More research is needed on adult Latinas because of the cultural value placed on strong family relationships well into adulthood i.

Given these research needs, the present study was designed to examine substance abuse and familial risks for engaging in sexual risk behaviors while under the influence of alcohol or drugs in a community sample of adult Latinas.

Latina women—and especially mothers—have traditionally been viewed as owing the family a duty of self-sacrifice Galanti, This duty has been termed marianismo.

Marianismo is the female counterpart to machismowhich refers to the exaggerated masculine gender Latina mother daughter sex to which Latino men are expected to adhere within the family Galanti, To be considered the buena ama de casa good housewife and Latina mother daughter sexwomen are encouraged to be Latina mother daughter sex in their dedication to the family.

This tradition of sacrifice and its accompanying servitude often extends to daughters in accordance with traditional cultural values. Daughters are often socialized to treat their mothers with high levels of respect so they can be considered a buena hija good daughter. Although marianismo is often questioned by some younger Latinas born in the U.

Parents and other family members have the longest history with the individual. They play major roles in shaping patterns of development. As previously noted, the familism often endorsed by Latino families, along with the marianismo and accompanying family ties attached to the female gender role in many of these families, may render the adult daughter-mother relationship even more important Galanti, Ecological theories of human development also have Latina mother daughter sex increasingly attentive to cultural concerns e.

Specifically, within the context of immigration, family relationships may be transformed as individual family members adapt to a new cultural context. Family relationships may operate differently depending on how long family members have "Latina mother daughter sex" in the U. Therefore, nativity and length of time in the U. The study was designed to address four hypotheses: First, as a manipulation check, daughters who Latina mother daughter sex not drug abusers and whose mothers were not drug abusers—those daughters categorized into Dyad 4 were hypothesized to report the least sex under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Hypothesis 1 also allows us to explore for differences between two types of nonsubstance abusing daughters—those with a substance abusing mother Dyad 2 and those without a substance a busing Latina mother daughter sex Dyad 4.

Second, we anticipated that daughter reports of attachment to mother would be inversely associated with sex under the influence of alcohol or drugs regardless of dyad type.

Third, we hypothesized that being born in the U. Finally, given that younger, unmarried women are at higher risk for substance use Delva et al. The next largest subgroup was 9. The remainder of daughters reported the following birth countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Chile. Summary of demographics, sexually transmitted infections, and unprotected sex rates for daughters across dyads. Data for the present analyses were taken from a study of intergenerational transmission of drug abuse between Latina mothers and daughters in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

The study was approved by, and conducted in compliance with, the Institutional Review Board at Florida International University. The general criteria for inclusion of mothers and daughters in the parent study were: For the purpose of the current study, alcohol abusers were defined in terms of at least one binge drinking episode per month adapted from Naimi et al.

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All study participants were recruited for a one time face-to-face interview by using a snowball sampling chain referral method McCracken et al. Given the fairly low representation of drug and alcohol abusers in the general population, different strategies were used to recruit substance abusing and non-abusing participants.

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Non-abusing Latinas were recruited to participate in Latina mother daughter sex study through community health fairs, health clinics, radio announcements on local Spanish-language stations, and advertisements on local television channels. Substance abusing participants were recruited through substance abuse support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous NA and Alcoholics Anonymous AA meetings and by advertising in a local alternative newspaper, on an FM radio station, and through announcements posted at local drug court programs.

Interviews were conducted in either Spanish or English by trained interviewers using a structured questionnaire. This questionnaire consisted primarily of existing and widely used measures. All measures were pilot-tested to ensure that they were culturally and linguistically sensitive to Latino culture and to women. Many of these measures were already available in both English and Spanish Latina mother daughter sex had previously been used with Latinas.

Measures not available in Spanish were back-translated into Spanish in accordance with guidelines established by the Institutional Review Board and Office of Sponsored Research Administration at Florida International University.

The questionnaire Latina mother daughter sex 2—3 h to complete, and took place at locations convenient to participants. A demographic form asked participants to report their age, nativity, the receipt of financial, emotion, or legal assistance with immigration, family of origin socioeconomic status, annual personal income, educational level, employment status, marital status, and length of time in U.

Length of time in U. This percentage was calculated by dividing the number of years a participant reported living in the U. Because Latino families often may move back and forth between the United States and their countries of origin Congress,even U.

These questions were adapted from a survey designed for a study of substance use and sexual risk behavior trajectories of young adults Life Course and Health Research Center, Mean total number of STI scores are reported by dyad type in Table 1. Each participant was asked the number of times she had engaged in oral, anal, and vaginal sex during the 12 months prior to assessment. From these responses, a condom Latina mother daughter sex to sexual behavior ratio was calculated for each participant.

Mean participant condom use ratios by sexual behavior and dyad type are reported in Table Latina mother daughter sex. Data from daughters rating their attachment relationships with their mothers were used in the present analyses. Daughters were asked to indicate their agreement with each item using a 5-point Likert scale ranging from Almost never or never true to Almost always Latina mother daughter sex always true. The confirmatory factor analysis of the three factor model produced an inadequate fit to the data see Kline,for a review of fit statistics and acceptable values.

The chisquare value df was One of the original subscales alienation yielded inadequate evidence of internal consistency in the current sample [e. It was, therefore, possible that the scoring algorithm for the measure was Latina mother daughter sex appropriate for this population. As a result, we analyzed a factor Latina mother daughter sex where all of the items patterned onto a single factor.

Therefore, a total attachment scale score was used in the current study. We calculated a total attachment scale score by first reverse scoring the alienation scale items and summing these reverse-scored items with the items from the other subscales communication and trust. The questions used in the current study assessed how frequently participants consumed alcohol i.

The DUF also was used to assess illicit drug use and non-medical use of prescription drugs e. The DUF measure assesses frequency of use for each separate illicit and prescription drug sedatives, hypnotics or tranquilizers; cannabis; stimulants; heroin; opioids; cocaine; PCP; hallucinogens; inhalants; others using an 8-point Likert scale ranging from 1 never uses to 8 uses every day.

Sexual behavior under the influence of substances was measured using six items taken from a survey designed for a study of substance use and sexual risk behavior trajectories of young adults Life Course and Health Research Center, The six items assessed the frequency and effects of substance use by both the participant and her sexual partner s during the past 12 months. The first item assessed how often the respondent or her partner drank alcohol before or during sex during the past 12 months.

The next item asked how often the respondent or her partner used drugs before or during sex during the past 12 months.

For these two items, participants were asked to indicate their frequency on the following scale for each item: The third item assessed, on average, how strongly the participant was affected i.

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Similarly, the fifth item assessed on average, how strongly the participant was affected i. The sex under the influence of alcohol risk index SUIARI score was calculated by summing the three items referring to alcohol. The sex under the influence of drugs risk index SUIDRI score was calculated by summing the three items referring to drugs. The preliminary data analyses included calculating frequency distributions for continuous variables to determine whether they violated the assumption of normality.

To explore for potential confounding variables, analyses of variance ANOVA and chi-square tests were performed to investigate for differences in Latina mother daughter sex variables across the four dyads. We also explored total number of sexually transmitted infections, as well as condom use rates across dyads.

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For variables where the omnibus ANOVA was significant, pair-wise comparisons were conducted to identify significant differences between and among dyads. To test our primary hypotheses, we conducted three hierarchical regression analyses.

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First, a bivariate correlation matrix was created for all variables involved in the hierarchical regression analyses to assess for potential multicollin-earity. Next, we examined the hypothesized predictors of sex under the influence of any substance alcohol or drugs. We then estimated two planned post hoc decomposition models—one with sex under the influence of drugs including both illicit and prescription drugs as the dependent variable, and another with sex under the influence of alcohol as the dependent variable.

Predictors were entered sequentially into each equation in four blocks. Entering age and marital status in the first Latina mother daughter sex allowed us to control for their effects when examining the contributions of the predictor variables. Dyad type was entered in the third block using dummy coded variables for Dyads Latina mother daughter sex, with Dyad 4 as the reference group. Frequency distributions for continuous variables were examined to determine whether they violated the assumption of normality.

All study variables appeared to be reasonably normally distributed with the exception of condom use during oral Latina mother daughter sex. Too few participants reported using condoms during oral sex, causing the variable to be too positively skewed for analyses. No significant differences were found among dyads for total number of sexually transmitted infections, or condom use ratios for anal or vaginal sex.

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