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Women power over men


After many a frustrating conversation with people who have somehow managed to mix up egalitarianism, equalism and feminism, this blog feels Women power over men. Feminism undoubtedly means different things to different people, but can we stop watering it down now?

The dumbing down of feminism has gone too far in the third wave. Feminism is the liberation of women and girls all over the world from the patriarchy and misogyny that continues to harm and oppress them as a class of people.

Feminism centres women unflinchingly and unapologetically. But we are talking about women right now, so hush. The problem with saying that we are working towards women becoming equal to men is that it frames men and male cultures as being the optimum culture or the ideal goal that women should reach to become equal. For women to be valid, whole human beings in society — feminism has got to move beyond this notion that women are striving for what men already have.

This is the stuff of nightmares. No one wants this. No one wants this in the world. No one wants women to step up to match what men already have. The reality is, we cannot assume that what men in have society is the standard we should be striving for as women. Campaigns argue that men and boys are also victims of rape and that is absolutely true — but do not admit that the vast majority of perpetrators of those crimes are men.

The legislation about children remaining with their mothers was not signed off by women. The majority of all judges are men. The research that the majority of family court attachment and bonding theory was based on came Women power over men JOHN Bowlby.

A lot of the legislation and policies were developed in a time where men were the breadwinners and women were the childrearers.

It made sense to the men in power that women should take care of the babies and men should go out and do important man things. Women were not in influential positions at the time these systems Women power over men being developed.

Women did not orchestrate these patriarchal systems. All of the things wrong with society at present and all of the things that even MRAs hate about societywere Women power over men by, funded by, legislated by, demanded by, invented by and sold by men. In fact, why should we be using male experience and cultures around the world as a blueprint at all? There is something important to be said here.

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Feminism is the movement towards liberation of women and girls from the oppression and control of the patriarchy — but actually, the real change will come for the world when we rise up and dismantle the patriarchy together. The destruction of patriarchal and misogynistic values benefits everyone.

power, and of men's power...

As a woman who is proudly radical feminist, is a specialist in the psychology of sexual "Women power over men" against women and girls — but is also the Chair and Founder of the first male mental health and wellbeing centre in the UK, serving around men per month — I can see that the patriarchy is killing all of us. The best way I have found to explain it to people is that the patriarchy harms men, but oppresses women. My view, is that if men could detach themselves from the patriarchy and see how it harms them and makes them miserable, they would stop fighting against feminism as a movement.

However, and this is important, it does mean that we have to actively challenge the warped current wave of liberal feminism which oftentimes completely contradicts itself and props up the patriarchy in a number of concerning ways. Not least by claiming that these gender role stereotypes are real, innate qualities and not social constructs that harm us all. The current epidemic of male violence cannot be the standard we all strive for. Men are coerced into, are propping up and are being harmed by patriarchal values.

We should not be trying to emulate that. We should not be striving to become equal with men in their patriarchal misery — we should be challenging and dismantling the patriarchy and its global values until we can revolt. True change in the world will only come with revolution. Why would be want to replicate a broken system? Why would we work towards total misery "Women power over men" increased violence?

Imagine for a second, if we did dismantle the patriarchal beliefs Women power over men cultures centuries of male power have created for us. A world where men can show their emotions without worrying that someone will call them the ultimate insult: A society where women are not objectified as sex toys to be used up and thrown away when they get older or imperfect. A world in which teenage boys are not having to visit therapists and doctors about their erectile dysfunction and addiction to porn.

A life in which men can participate and enjoy parenthood in equality with the mothers of their children because they believe their role is just as important. A world where women can become the main breadwinners and not make men feel insecure about it.

A community where men can stay at home with the kids admiring the tenacity of the mother of his kids who rakes in the cash in a job she loves.

Feminism is the liberation of...

True feminism is revolution. Feminism is the liberation of women from the values and systems of the patriarchy. Feminism is the movement to challenge and dismantle the patriarchy, raising new generations of humans that do not fall into the same tropes we have.

Feminism is not about centring men in our discussions or our events — but feminism will inevitably support men to be healthier and happier. I want to rip up the blueprint and smash up the patriarchy and start again with our new generations. And yet, the patriarchy in power are scared of women becoming more networked and more influential — because they know it will dilute the power of the patriarch.

With all the harm done to men by the patriarchy, I find myself asking men — what are you clinging on to it for? What is it about feminism that scares you? What is it about femininity that makes you feel so insecure? What do you stand to lose if we one day break down the patriarchal powers in the world?

Once we can answer those questions honestly and with integrity, we can take the first steps to breaking down the patriarchy and the patriarchal values, myths and messages being communicated all over the world. Founder of VictimFocus http: Doctoral Researcher of Forensic Psychology, specialising in victim blaming and self blame following sexual violence.

National independent specialist researcher and writer for www. View all posts by Women power over men. I was researching editorials for a project in English and I happened to come across this. You presented your argument so eloquently that I could not resist reading the rest of your works and making an account just to comment. I know that this is somewhat wrong to say, but I have never heard a feminist with your same Women power over men of thinking and same skill of persuasion, and I love that you seem to be your own person.

Like Liked by 1 person. I agree women deserve rights and that men need to learn respect. But feminism is just basically shaming men and not changing anything. And not all Women power over men are bad there are plenty good.

And men have their own problems in fact now a days women are extremely excepted and not limited while guys still have those pressures e. Girls have it much better now a days if you ask me. Why do you think the suicide rates are higher for men? Just check the handy table demonstrated above. She was just presenting facts and you just confirmed one…with the intend to help the society. It is not a personal attack. Unfortunately the article still locates feminism ideology in oppositional terms. Good points in here.

Thank you for posting.

I love the #MeToo movement,...

I do realise this goes with statistics and even iff it ruffles some feathers, are accurate. You do not stereotype but present these statistics with the imply that both genders are suffering consquences of this seggregated system. Some people have intelligence, thuswill understand. More power to you. There is too much negativity about being a man at the momentwe need International Mens Day on November 19th to show positive male role models and to say there is "Women power over men" wrong in being a man.

I love the #MeToo movement,...

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Would success mean that women significantly increase their rates of violent crime and interpersonal violence to match that of men around the world?

Would success mean that women become the most likely group to die in gun and knife violence with other women all over the world? Would success mean that women working in aid roles begin abusing, sexually assaulting and sexually exploiting boys in deprived areas to match the male role model we currently have?

Would Women power over men mean women in power developing regimes in which baby boys were murdered or aborted because no one wanted a son? Would success mean that women must begin carrying out many more terrorist acts and mass murders all over the world, especially school shootings — to claim equality with the men?

You can zoom in on this image if it displays too small The point is this: Men are not the blueprint. Published August 4, August 4, Next Post When rape myths are applied to children.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email Women power over men Address never made public. Women's Rights in Uganda. In Uganda, discourses about gender relations are multiple, and current tensions over male authority and gender equality need to be.

I love the #MeToo movement, but it's truly sad that it took us so long to realize the power women have always had over our opposite sex. Men. They tend to insist on taking over and when I protest, there tends to be a bit of struggle of power. Most of the ones who give in, I usually never.

Yet there is little research on how African men have understood these shifts, and how African masculinities are implicated in such changes. This article, therefore, illustrates the complex and often contradictory engagements with human rights that occur in local contexts, and how such engagements are shaped by gender relations, including conceptions of masculinity.

In the last two decades, notions of inalienable human rights have reshaped the political landscapes of countries throughout the developing world. The human rights paradigm has been mobilized to address a range of contemporary inequities, including the vagaries of neoliberal globalization, the excesses of authoritarian states, and the impact of new forms of cultural and religious fundamentalism. These changes are evident across the African continent, where the language of human rights has become integral to international declarations, regional treaties, national legislation, and grassroots activism.

Researchers are just beginning to address such questions by analyzing connections between masculinity and gender politics in a range of African contexts Agadjanian ; Morrell There was also a backlash to this new configuration because a minority of men I met were adamantly opposed to any notion of greater rights for women.

This article, therefore, helps us understand how diverse engagements with human rights in local contexts are shaped by—and are shaping—gender relations, including notions of masculinity. This article uses masculinity as a lens for examining the connections between gender relations and human rights in an African context.

As Connell and Messerschmidt note, the practices that construct hegemonic masculinity should be understood as complex, dynamic, and potentially contradictory , Hegemonic masculinity, therefore, is not unitary or static but instead varies significantly across time and space Morrell , and at local, regional, and global levels Connell and Messerschmidt This formulation of hegemonic masculinity as complex and multidimensional is central to my analysis of shifting gender relations in Uganda.

They also note, however, that notions of hegemonic masculinity remain open to challenge if they fail to resolve such tensions and conflicts.


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After many a frustrating chat with family who tease somehow managed to interchange up egalitarianism, equalism and feminism, that blog feels timely. Feminism undoubtedly means different points to remarkable people, but can we stop watering it on skid row now? The dumbing on the bum of feminism has gone too a good in the third flood.

Feminism is the release of women and girls all throughout the happy from the patriarchy and misogyny that continues to harm and oppress them as a class of people. Feminism centres women unflinchingly and unapologetically.

But we are talking around women set now, so hush. The problem with saying that we are working for women meet equal to men is that it frames men and spear cultures as being the optimum sense of values or the ideal ideal that women should reach to adorn come of equal. Exchange for women to be valid, whole sympathetic beings in society — feminism has got to move beyond this crotchet that women are striving for what men already have.

That is the stuff of nightmares. No one wants this.

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How do i deal with this type of girl? The Myth of Male Power is not a return to the s man; it is a leap forward to the . The over-protection of women and the under-protection of men leads to. Feminism is the liberation of women and girls all over the world from the It made sense to the men in power that women should take care of..

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Women power over men

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Why I don’t...

Study finds sex can leave some men feeling sad and tearful. Today, 28 percent of the seats in parliament are occupied by women, and many women hold elected positions at district and local levels.

One young man immediately got up and left, and then the other men began complaining about not having any work. Some women were emphatic that men should have higher social status compared to women.

The man also is the major provider in the home.

However, and this is important, it does mean that we have to actively challenge the warped current wave of liberal feminism which oftentimes completely contradicts itself and props up the patriarchy in a number of concerning ways.

There is more at stake, namely, the changing nature of male authority. Salim, a well-respected butcher in Bwaise, saw men and women as complementing each other: Although it takes a special kind of man to comply, if you find one, it is orgasmic.

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