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How to pick up a guy at a party


You got a red cup filled with some miscellaneous random beverage. A little mixture of Coca-Cola, Jack Daniels, and irresponsible decisions. Loud Drake music is bumping hopefully not his newest album, though. You look around and you see girls. All kinds of girls. Tall girls, short girls, wide girls, illiterate girls, lactose intolerant girls, Spice Girls. You decide to go talk to a female of the opposite sex. If you say or do the wrong thing, your balls will end up bluer than a depressed Smurf.

When you've mastered these tricks,...

You need to follow a very specific set of guidelines. A simple yet effective system written out by a group of experienced professionals.

Almost as much as they love chocolate bars and Reese Witherspoon movies.

I have quite the distinct...

Walk up to her and immediately start singing the theme song from Spongebob Squarepants but trying to slightly change the lyrics to make it about gentle buttfucking. Women find it very odd and abrasive.

A party is a great...

Crack jokes and try to make her laugh. Try to get some adorable giggles to escape her body, then compliment her on her cute smile or something like that.

Here are some tips from...

Start telling her that global warming was a myth invented by Al Gore and that Pearl Harbor was an inside job that the government carried out so it could make a Ben Affleck movie. Chicks at parties HATE conspiracy theories. You need to take baby steps.

Here are some tips from...

Definitely do not offer to take her to a strip club to steal all the chicken from the free buffet and go throw it at homeless people. Get to know her. Try to dance with her. Just be a goof about it.

It's one thing to see...

Spit on her shoe, bite her shoulder, or ask her where her purse is so you can fart in it. This is rude and it will ruin all your momentum. They will interpret this as an insult, no matter how romantic and flattering your intentions may be. Maybe you could come up with a list of stuff frat people like next?

Thats reserved for the likes of stuff frat people like, Catalina and the Steve holt account. That last rule is the best tbh. Your rules sound like those of a Middle School birthday party. Also, any girl will accept anything you say if you say How to pick up a guy at a party right. Spongebob theme song, conspiracy theories, the childhood mortality rate of Kenyans.

I could go on but basically be a good time and making it weird can always crank up the party. Also once again, this article was painful.

If you stop now, no one will remember you and you can hold on to any dignity you might have left. Be nice and friendly to her. Women love that shit. How to pick up a guy at a party follow the rules of this article. Email this to a friend. Wally Bryton TFM's most beloved writer. Stoned Mason 2 years ago. GeebsNotGeeds 2 years ago. KAcasual 2 years ago. MichaelBurry 2 years ago. SteveHoltOnDrugs 2 years ago. Fratcinnati 2 years ago. Ass magic 2 years ago.

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StoryTeller 2 years ago. Steroid are frat 2 years ago. Take TFM with you. Outside of a bar or a club, one of the most socially acceptable places to talk to and pick up girls is at a party. There's not much different here than there are in. It's one thing to see a cute guy at the grocery store, in yoga class or at a party, but it's entirely another to find a way to introduce yourself and. The Dos and Don'ts Of Picking Up Girls At Parties Hopefully she's into you, and hopefully later you guys can go to a private room and play.

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