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Fat me app


Fitness apps are all the rage. An explosion of new companies and products want to track your steps and count your calories with the aim of melting that excess blubber. In fact, there is good reason to believe they make us fatter. A third of U.

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Here are three surprising reasons why fitness apps may be making us less happy and more flabby. The first reason fitness apps make us Fat me app is that almost all of them are based on a pervasive myth. Most of these gadgets and apps attempt to push people to eat less and exercise more. They ask users to track what they eat and record their physical activity in order to quantify whether dieters intake a surplus of calories for the day.

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Evidence that the calories in, calories out theory is too simplistic is plentiful. Certain foods prompt the body to store fat by spiking the release of hormones like "Fat me app." To most fitness apps, a calorie of high-fructose corn syrup is the same as a calorie of protein despite the fact that science, and our bodies, tells us otherwise.

Maybe not immediately, but eventually.

*This app runs on devices...

However, most fitness apps ignore the fact we work up an appetite. When we exercise, the blood stream is drained of glucose so the body activates an uncomfortable sensation to get us to refuel. Fat me app pangs, or the fear thereof, drive our search for sustenance. Today however, sugar-laden calorie bombs are cheap, delicious, and readily accessible. Whereas our ancestors laboriously cracked nuts with their hands and primitive tools or gnashed animal caracas with their powerful jaws, we sip pre-masticated Mega Mango Smoothies at Jamba Juice with 52 grams of sugar in the smallest 16 ounce size.

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Exercise does us in by making us hungrier throughout the day and since our food is so full of stuff that makes us fat, we become more likely to over-consume without noticing. Too many fitness products emphasis sweating the pounds away without establishing a base of proper nutrition.

The answer is the one you actually do. The cycle of yo-yo dieting and subsequent self-loathing makes us fat. Most fitness apps fail because they miss a critical component of what it takes to change long-term behaviors. I looked into what makes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the iPhone so good at changing user behavior. My hope was that what I learned could be utilized by those who seek to change habits for good. I discovered these products and services had several common attributes, among them the fact that using them is fun.

In contrast, by and large fitness apps are a drag. To date, the burgeoning fitness app industry has relied too heavily upon "Fat me app" incentives to motivate behavior — but games invariably come to an end. When the novelty of extrinsic prizes like points, leaderboards, and step counts wear off, the experience becomes monotonous and users quit.

The next generation of fitness apps need to focus on helping users enjoy the activity itself instead of making artificial and often frivolous goals the aim. As for me, I run because I enjoy running, not because an app tells me to. By finding ways to help people learn to love physical activity, moral licensing and reactance are kept at bay and users are more likely to continue to do the activity in the future.

In addition, products that help us eat the right foods, not just fewer calories, are needed. Someday, a host of new technologies will finally fulfill the promise of helping us maintain a desirable weight and conceivably live better, longer lives.

I build, study, and write about products and ideas that move people. More about me here. Did you Fat me app that right? Let it sink in. Most fitness Fat me app and activity trackers operate from the pervasive myth that all calories affect the body in the same way. Attempting to form habits for behaviors people feel they have to do instead of want to do does not work over the long-term. If you found this article interesting, please share it.

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