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As salam 3alikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh to all brorhers and sisters. I am God-fearing, simple,kindhearted, loving, caring, honest, and family-oriented. My parents are well-educated, from a well educated and respected family from India. We lived in Chicago for last 40 years, I was born and raised in Chicago area. I currently have a M.

I am Muslim girls profile straight forward person and also positive. I am also family oriented as i always saw my mom with my grand parents she also works and same time time she does all house work, i have a pretty voice i also recites naat and qirat as well some time nice songs, I am fond of music and spending time with my parents, siblings and some times friends. I Muslim girls profile also a social kind person and a president of muslims association of Texas state university in San Marcos.

I had nikah but the guy seems to found a cheater and he did only purpose of green card. If u have any questions regarding to that my mother or father can explain i really dont want to talk about that miserable event of my life. My friends say that I am always reliable as I try to be there for people I value by even going out of my way if needed.

I was blessed with an opportunity to perform Umrah last year which has been a life changing experience for me and I haven't looked back ever since.

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I am a great admirer of Mufti Ismail Menk and Dr. Zakir Naik as they have been my sources to enhance my knowledge of Islam and develop my link with The Maker over the year.

I follow the Sunnah to my best knowledge and I am striving to be a better person and a better Muslimah Inshallah. Alhamdullilah, I am a Muslim.

I reverted four Muslim girls profile ago and never looked back. I currently live in the GTA and I'm looking for a husband.

I'm quite active in the community and would love to find someone similar. My interests include knitting, running and doing yoga, "Muslim girls profile" scrabble with my family, and spending time with friends. Personality wise I'm a pretty realistic person. I have big dreams, but I always try to achieve them. I don't like having things in front of me that I can't have. I'm a bit shy when you first meet me, but then I open up pretty quick.

Although I always have a bit of mystery. I do have my moods, like everyone, but they're infrequent. In all, I'm generally a happy lady and love to make others smile. I am continuing my education and hoping to become a female scholar and I would like someone who is pursuing education or have pursued post-secondary education as well.

Simple girl living a normal life with no big dreams but occasionally like taking short trips and eating out. Assalamu laikum am from russia muslim city and am a muslim pray 5 times a day and fast the ramadan am a very quite and shy girl i like my religious. May peace be upon you brother.

I hope this message of peace reaches you in good health and spirits. I have nothing to reveal for Allah knows more about me than I know about Him. I am writing to you today with the sincerest of intention and may He, The One whose hand possess my soul bear witness. I have nothing to offer except trust and goodwill due to kin. There is nothing more than what you may find in me than in Him, The Absolute, whose mercy encompasses everything.

Like you, I am no more than a mere creation created with the sole purpose to worship my Master, my Creator, my Lord. This Muslim girls profile is nothing but a game and a mere distraction. I have nothing to hide and nowhere to turn to except to Him who created me. I am simple and honest Let me introduce myself.

I'm a caring girl and friendly, open minded as well.

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I pray 5 times a dau and read Qur'an my daily routine. I'm a honest person, always stay loyal "Muslim girls profile" for my spouse. I really hate a cheater behind me. I have many hobbies i. I am so much into my religion,have a strong Islamic background with Islamic values,respects everybody and always try to make my ways of life Halal.

Salam, I don't really know how to say much of myself, but i know i am simple,understanding and family orientated,i always try my best in life to keep my deen, i am just simple and easygoing.

I am a moderate practicing Muslimah. I am a social and adventurous person. I like to travel and admire Allah's creation. Some of my other interests include archery, sailing, photography, making new friends, trying out new cuisine, community service, learning about science and technology etc.

Both family and my career are very important to me and I strive to achieve a balanced life under the guidance of Allah SWAT. I am born in Manchester, North West of England. I now live London and my home town is Middlesbrough. My favourite color is purple and orange, I grew up in a big posh family. I have 5 sister and only one brother, and I am very proud and smart enough I work in Barclay Bank, and I love meeting new people new smile Muslim girls profile faces.

I love giving advice which Muslim girls profile me and enjoy my work.


On weekends I spend time with family and friend's. I am seeking someone who would is family oriented and would like to teach and share the knowledge of deen alongside me, to be someone that can support and be supported in everyway A Devoted partner, with all the qualities and attributes of a good Muslim, a good son and a good brother.

I do not mind living with the in laws as Alhamdulillah living with parents is a blessing in itself. Any Muslim girls profile is built on a strong foundation of trust and integrity that leads to a better relationship. My sister is born and brought up in India- Gujrat. Looking for someone who fear Allah and who follow sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammed S. Sunnah Beard and pant above ankle And obviously, someone who practice farz on time and stay away from all haram including the mortgage.

IF you are more than 2 years younger then also i am not interested so do not msg if you are born after can discuss further later insha Allah. This is a profile created by brother i believe i sister is kindhearted and sensitive and gets along with others well.

Im energeticfun, romantic, xpresive, love to be repect n respect each other. Overall m v "Muslim girls profile" n sincere girl Alhamdulillah. M very conscious for Muslim girls profile self respect n others. M stylish but in limit of grace. I really wish to spend my life as practical muslimah with my husband in Shaa Allah to attain paradise firdous. Ameen only serious person Muslim girls profile me. I am not here for fun or flirt n expect Muslim girls profile from others.

I am a university graduate,down to earth, watching movies and reading are my favorite pastime. I want to travel the world with a camera. I like to keep memories captured. Alhamudulillah I like to be honest and never shy away from it; I believe that a good attitude leads to hard work and that pays in dividends. I enjoy sports and working out. I enjoy cooking and making delicious dishes, having a good time and calm relaxing walks in the park. Enjoy going to beaches and traveling.

I am a reverted muslim because only mom practice islam in the family before but we all ebraced islam at the moment. And any and all blessings and khair in this world is only from Almighty Allah. I enjoy reading, I'm kind of a book worm. Decent sophisticated assertive truthful person. I'm just a simple woman with a strong faith in God. Just recently graduated with my masters. Moved to the DC area for my job a few months ago and don't really know anybody in the area.

Salam Alaikom Despite what my appearance may indicate, I consider myself very Muslim. I keep the pillars of Islam, been avoiding all sort of haram all my life. I also put efforts in trying to be as good as a human, citizen, offspring and sibling as possible. Although I was born to Muslim parents but I chose Islam after studying a "Muslim girls profile" religions, I love the deen and "Muslim girls profile" indulging myself with more knowledge everyday.

And if you can lead me in prayer sometimes, I'll be all yours for life. No worries if you don't know how to lead, but I'd be happy if you're open to learning it. I'm here to complete my deen, not to be ur friend or gf!!

Be someone non-judgmental please, as I still struggle in wearing a full time hijab for now. Btw I come across a hundred people everyday who hide their sins behind their beards and hijabs. Sign up today and browse profiles of islam - sunni indian women for marriage face Photos only please" I am educated decent practicing Muslim Kashmiri girl. Find and save images from the "Muslim girls ♥" collection by Zenny ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ( be_4_free) on We Heart It, your everyday app to get lost in what you love.

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