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It has long been known that Ukrainian women are among the most beautiful ones. Their beauty is loved and appreciated by men in Ukraine as well as by many foreigners. Slavic ladies are special and famous throughout the world. Ukrainian girls are attractive, kind, attentive, and hardworking. Besides, Ukrainian beauties are not only attractive but also smart; they make excellent mothers and housekeepers. Hot Russians girls ARE...

Even those who have never been to Ukraine believe that in every city one can meet a sexy model-like girl with magnificent shapes, who, of course, is also a great cook. Ukraine is a country where a simple girl can easily become a model. Therefore, we have put together a list of the most beautiful Ukrainian photo models in bikini.

Despite her nationality, this owner of a dozen titles was born on July 3,in Budapest, in the family of a serviceman.

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Alexandra Nikolaenko won her first title — Miss Odessa — at the age of 16, and at 18, she already became Miss Ukraine At the Miss Universe contest, which was held in South Africa, Alexandra entered the top ten finalists. Apart from these achievements, she also participated in American beauty contests. This beautiful model was born in in Kirovograd, Ukraine. The girl has noticed her talent for the first time during the restaurant uniform fitting in the studio after graduating from school, she worked in a restaurant.

After graduation, she worked in China, then in France and the United States. Also, Alina is the official face of the Oscar de la Renta aroma and runs her own business in Europe.

Her company is called Alina's Flowers and specializes in flower delivery and flower decoration of festive events. Alina prefers mostly male sports, such as boxing, kickboxing, and army training. Angelina was born on October 3,in Ukrainian russian girls bikini and city of Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine. Many professionals dream of working with her.

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Angelina repeatedly appeared on pages of various magazines, including posing for Playboy several times. Angelina also starred in advertising for magazines, calendars, and souvenirs. Now the girl is actively working and planning shootings in Europe. Anna was Ukrainian russian girls bikini and on April 28,in the family of a physician and an engineer. It was after this competition that Anna got the opportunity to represent Ukraine at Miss Universe, where she became the third Ukrainian russian girls bikini and. The girl has two higher educations.

The first one is a degree in tourism management; Anna is receiving the second one now at the faculty of the international economy. Anna loves sports and dances, and also plays tennis and volleyball. Anna Zayachkovskaya is a Ukrainian model, a winner of the Miss Ukraine contest.

At the Miss World international competition, Anna took 3rd place in the talent contest with the song called Moment of glory and entered the Top Anna was born in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine on December 12, The girl began to think about modeling career back at school when she was invited to a photo shoot for a local magazine.

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SinceAnna Zayachkovskaya decided to devote more time to her career. In addition to it, Anna writes poetry and songs and is engaged in a theater studio. As for sports, Anna prefers swimming. A year-old model Marina Listopad gets the next spot in the list of Ukrainian women in bikini. Marina was born in Kiev. During her professional career, this beauty collaborated with several Ukrainian modeling companies, including Kiev Casting, Eos Ukrainian russian girls bikini and, Fashion Socium, and Prestige Model.

In addition to photo sessions, Marina also starred in a video of two Russian singers. The beautiful blue eyes, dark brown hair, and a Ukrainian russian girls bikini and figure make Marina one of the most popular models in Ukraine. She took third place 2nd Runner-Up at the Miss Universe beauty contest. Diana was born on July 5, Prior to her participation in Miss Ukraine-Universe and Miss Universe, she won many other beauty contests.

Diana loves evening jogging, as well as dancing and swimming. She opposes plastic surgery. Diana dreams of becoming a lawyer in the future. Ekaterina Yuspina has been successfully working in the modeling business for several years, appearing on the covers of different magazines.

Her portfolio includes a lot of filming, an impressive list of participation in various fashion weeks, as well as a perfect figure.

Ekaterina got into the modeling business at school, after casting a Ukrainian modeling bureau. Soon after, she took part in two more competitions: Ekaterina Zakharchenko is a Ukrainian Ukrainian russian girls bikini and, actress, and winner of the Miss Ukraine title.

Ekaterina was born on May 19,in Odessa. Her father is a businessman, and her mother is a physical education teacher. Ekaterina has Ukrainian russian girls bikini and sister who is two years younger and a brother who is eight years younger than her. In Septemberthe model won the Miss Ukraine contest.

Katerina got the opportunity to participate just one day before the competition. After the competition, Jean-Claude Van Damme, who was one of the members of the jury, proposed Ekaterina to star in his movie.

Evgeniya Rudaya is a young, charismatic, and talented Ukrainian model and photographer. Evgeniya was born on October 11,in the Dnipro, Ukraine. Since early childhood, she is engaged in painting; a little later the girl began a modeling career. InEvgeniya becomes a photographer. As a very emotional and impressionable person, she expresses all her impressions and experience in her pictures and photos.

At the same time, Evgeniya is a perfectionist and constantly tries to improve herself. This girl definitely deserves a spot among the most beautiful Ukrainian models. After winning the Miss Ukraine, Irina represented Ukraine at the Miss World contest, where she only got to the final, becoming one of 15 other finalists.

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Also, year-old Irina became the sexiest girl in the world inaccording to a poll by Global Beauties magazine. As a model, Zhuravskaya worked with many Ukrainian designers.

Kristina Oparina is a Miss Model of the World and the owner of the most expensive crown in the world. Inshe won two prestigious competitions: Miss Ukraine-Earth and Miss Earth. In addition, Christina entered the Top most beautiful girls of the world.

Kristina is from Zaporizhzhya. The girl never thought that she would become a model since she considered this a frivolous occupation. Since the age of five, Kristina has been engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, and when she turned 12, she got professionally involved in ballroom dancing. Kristina Stoloka is a Ukrainian russian girls bikini and model and a winner of the Miss Ukraine contest. Kristina was born on July 29,in Kiev.

Her father works in the field of construction engineering, and her mother is in the field of beauty. The girl constantly visits the gym to keep herself in shape. On September 22,the final of the 25th Miss Ukraine contest took place in Kiev, and Kristina won it.

In December of the same year, the model represented Ukraine at the Miss World contest, but she failed to get to the Top Maria Burlakova is a winner of the Queen of the Ukraine contest, and also one of the most "Ukrainian russian girls bikini and" Ukrainian bikini models. After she won her title inMaria received the right to represent Ukraine at the international Miss World Model contest.

Maria studied at Odessa Ecological University, having mastered the profession of environmentalist of customs control, and worked in Odessa and Kiev modeling companies. The next beauty from our list, Maria Popova, was born in Ukraine, in the Donetsk region.

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Confirming the myths about the unique beauty of Ukrainian girls and their intellect, Maria graduated from school with a gold medal, enrolling at the Economics Department of Donetsk National University. Maria loves traveling and has already visited more than 15 countries. Maria is a maximalist; she always strives to be first at whatever she does. She also likes to cook, especially she enjoys making desserts. At the Miss Earth beauty contest, Nina became one of the eight finalists.

She speaks English fluently and is fond of sports, ballroom dancing, photography, and art. Now Astrakhantseva is receiving two higher educations in Ukrainian russian girls bikini and field of international economy and international law.

In addition to her modeling career, Nina is a Crimean representative of the World League of Beauty and Fashion and a regional director of children's world beauty contests.

This is the highest achievement a representative from Ukraine has ever got in the Miss Universe competition. Since"Ukrainian russian girls bikini and" has been working with the Art-Podium Ukrainian model bureau. Since she Ukrainian russian girls bikini and as a model in New York, studying for an art critic.

Olga is a French actress and model of Ukrainian origin. Olga was born in the city of Berdyansk in Ukraine. From the age of eight, she studied English; from the age of 7, Olga studied piano and went to the ballet studio.

At the age of 16, the girl moved to work in Paris and later signed a contract with the Madison bureau. Bikini sexy Girls Russians and Ukrainian on Beach this is a hot video that we made at Ukraine Beach. Hot bikini girls, bikini bea. Sexiest. Ukrainian girl Anastasia Mykhailiuta won the title of the World Bikini Anastasia was representing Russia in the World Bikini Model Ukraine is a country where a simple girl can easily become a model.

have put together a list of the most beautiful Ukrainian photo models in bikini. to photo sessions, Marina also starred in a video of two Russian singers.

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