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Trier 1 Trier 2. Hailing WangGennady Gildenblat: Peter BendixPat RakersP. WaghLaurent LemaitreW. GrabinskiColin C. GuGennady Gildenblat: NiknejadChenming Hu: The next generation BSIM for subnm mixed-signal circuit simulation.

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Estimation of delay variations due to random-dopant fluctuations in nano-scaled CMOS circuits. Paul WestergaardTimothy O. DicksonSorin P. RylovScott K. ReynoldsDaniel StoraskaBrian A. GowdaMichael Sorna: ChangIngrid Verbauwhede: A low power capacitive coupled bus interface based on pulsed signaling. James BuckwalterAli Hajimiri: Cellular handset integration - SIP vs. MRAM and microprocessor system-in-package: Observation of one-fifth-of-a-clock Cathy nguyen and jason chen hookup time of power-gated circuit.

Frequency-hopping vernier clock generators for multiple clock domain SoCs. CalhounAlice WangAnantha Chandrakasan: Device sizing for minimum energy operation in subthreshold circuits. Cross talk countermeasures in inductive inter-chip wireless superconnect.

Sam MandegaranAli Hajimiri: A breakdown voltage doubler for high voltage swing drivers. An overview of automated macromodelling techniques for mixed-signal systems. Ning DongJaijeet Roychowdhury: Automated extraction of broadly applicable nonlinear analog macromodels from SPICE-level descriptions. Xiaolue LaiJaijeet Roychowdhury: Fast, accurate prediction of PLL jitter induced by power grid noise.

Yutao HuKartikeya Mayaram: A modified-Volterra-series technique for improving the accuracy of quasi-static harmonic balance analysis in coupled device and circuit simulation. An efficient algorithm for simulating error vector magnitude in nonlinear OFDM amplifiers.

LeungJunxiong DengPrasad S. GudemLawrence E. Cathy nguyen and jason chen hookup of envelope signal injection for improvement of RF amplifier intermodulation distortion.

A MHz-2GHz wide range delay-locked loop. CobanMustafa H. KorogluKashif A. Chih-Wei YaoHiep T. PhamAlan N. High-speed direct digital frequency synthesizers in 0.

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A mW class D design with direct battery hookup in a 90 nm process [audio band switching amplifier]. A class-D amplifier using a spectrum shaping technique [audio power amplifier]. A delta-sigma modulator for 1-bit Cathy nguyen and jason chen hookup switching amplifier [audio power amplifier]. Design of high-performance asynchronous sigma delta modulators with a binary quantizer with hysteresis.

A study of error sources in current steering digital-to-analog converters. Ayman ShabraJeffrey C. GealowPaul F. Mike TrippT. MakAnne Meixner: Design considerations and DFT to enable testing of digital interfaces. John PekarikDavid R. GreenbergBasanth JagannathanRobert A. BreitwischDouglas D.

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CoolbaughPeter E. CottrellJohn E. FlorkeyGregory FreemanR. Opportunities and challenges in asymmetric device implementation [CMOS device scaling]. A 3D mixed-mode ESD protection circuit simulation-design methodology. BrennanJoseph N. KozhayaRobert A.

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Active-source-pump ASP technique for ESD design window expansion and ultra-thin gate oxide protection in subnm technologies. Cavalieri d'OroCarlo SamoriM. On the selection of on-chip inductors for the optimal VCO design. A word-parallel digital associative engine with wide search range based on Manhattan distance. Multiple integration method for high signal-to-noise ratio readout integrated circuit [IR focal plane array applications].

LeibowitzBernhard E. BoserKristofer S. A element CMOS imaging receiver for free-space optical communication. Aurangzeb KhanK. JayapalOanh KimM. LiHelder MakP. RileyPeter TranH. Design and development of nanometer ICs for a multi-Gigabit switching network system. KozhayaLuay Bakir: An Cathy nguyen and jason chen hookup robust method for placing power gating switches in voltage islands.

Differential transmission line interconnect for high speed and low power global wiring. A soft-error hardened latch scheme for SoC in a 90 nm technology and beyond.

Analog IP migration using design knowledge extraction. Reviews and future prospects of low-voltage embedded RAMs. Design and implementation of an embedded KB level 2 cache subsystem.

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Amit AgarwalBipul C. PaulKaushik Roy: Process variation in nano-scale memories: Analysis of SRAM neutron-induced errors based on the consideration of both charge-collection and parasitic-bipolar failure modes. PopplewellMark CloutierCalvin Plett: Analysis and measurements of EM and substrate coupling effects in common RF integrated circuits. Scott HazenboomTerri S. FiezKartikeya Mayaram: Digital noise coupling mechanisms in a 2. Jan Hvolgaard MikkelsenOle K.

JensenTorben Larsen: Crosstalk coupling effects of Cathy nguyen and jason chen hookup co-planar spiral inductors. Noise in passive FET mixers: Saman AsgaranM.

Jamal DeenChih-Hung Chen: Jim KoeppeRamesh Harjani: Cupid Tinder Match # Guy on OKC, screen name igotaBiG14u: You look so damn goooood!! Wanna hookup? Read more 1 response. A mW class D design with direct battery hookup in a 90 nm process . transmission line interconnect for high speed and low power global wiring. .

Roland Draxler, NOAA/OAR/ARL, College Park,...

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