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Cancer leo cusp dating leo dicaprio oscar


April 4th, Let's see if their astrology can give us some clues They have the same instinctual responses, emotional needs, outlook on how to handle what life throws at them, and perceive information the same way.

Mercury is the messenger- not only making connections between our sun and moon to help us find a cohesive understanding between our emotions and instincts from the moon, and how to express them with the sun- but also, how we communicate with "Cancer leo cusp dating leo dicaprio oscar" and ourselves, how we learn, interpret ideas, and understand our surroundings.

Libra is the scales after all, and any idea or decision must be weighed from both sides of the spectrum, and because Libra is an air sign, Mercury is able to present both sides to be weighed without bias, from an objective and conceptual viewpoint.

They ultimately want to find a way to have both sides win and for everyone be happy and at peace. The problem is that Mercury in Libra has a hard time asserting itself.

Many times, they will smile and nod to keep the peace, even if they disagree with you. The moon is very comfortable in Libra. With that love of beauty comes a certain creativity which the moon thrives on.

Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio...

The problem the moon has in Libra is expressing itself fully. So with Kate and Leo, they are able to find a safe space with one another, where mutual understanding allows the moon to finally have a haven where it can fully express itself to another person without fear of rejection or hurt feelings. If you fuck with someone that a Scorpio loves, it will be the last thing you ever do. Scorpio is a water sign who emotes through power, the more emotion they feel, they more power they can create.

There are no limits. There is no concern Cancer leo cusp dating leo dicaprio oscar consequences. And it may not be today, and it may not be tomorrow… as the matter of fact, it will be the moment that you stop watching your back for them that they sting you.

It goes both ways though, the one thing Scorpio strives for is to feel emotionally secure, it brings out the absolute best in them, so knowing that Kate would drop everything and go be his BFF makes it easier to date all those models, lose all those Oscars, and look at your aging face in the mirror everyday.

Their sun signs can provide some interesting problems as well. Libra and Scorpio aren't exactly known as compatible in general- because Scorpio is so determined and really thrives off emotional transformation; while Libra is completely indecisive and wouldn't dream of bringing emotional turbulence into things.

It's said that each sign is made up of what is lacking from the sign that came before it, and in this case, Cancer leo cusp dating leo dicaprio oscar Libra wants to make peace; Scorpio wants to create havoc.

Where Libra wants to spend time around someone constantly; Scorpio enjoys their alone time to think and recharge.

Does Leonardo DiCaprio's cursed Oscar...

Where Libra is a mental acrobat always searching for the fair and right way to handle things; Scorpio is more of a powerhouse who just wants to handle things and could care less about who wins they always win in the end so anything less than victory is just a bump in the road. When you incorporate this in with their other placements though, I think it's far more likely that they are able to find balance in their conflicting outward expressions that makes the other feel more evened out than put out.

They share 4 planet placements in the same houses as well.

Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio...

This means that the planets are working in the same area of their lives, which can bring the same type of events to light at the same time, as well as provide the same outlook on those events, which can make it feel like their paths are very similar. For example, let's say Mars in transit conjuncts their natal moons- this happens once every year and a half to two years- it would be a time when you take action Mars based on your emotions Moonor perhaps have to deal with issues in your family, or on a happier note, finally feel motivated to do something with your home!

Since their natal moons are so close, Mars would affect both of them in the same manner around the same time, which would obviously be helpful when you need someone to talk to and they understand completely because they're dealing with the same shit too!

We have to face facts. They seem different at first, but once Scorpio in Venus has learned what makes you tick, you become like all the others. Add to this that his Venus is in a tight conjunction to his Sun; which is great for being charming to a fault, snazzy and on trend, but also, creates a HUGE problem with vanity. So, he really does face the struggle of constantly choosing his image and worth over the emotionally satisfying.

Venus also decides who we make friends with, and lands in her 11th house of friendships! Really, this position of Venus allows for her to have many kind of different friendships, as well as romances, and appreciate each one for what they are… What type Kate goes after romantically will be judged more by her Mars in Gemini in the 9th house.

Mars is most comfortable in Gemini out of all the air signs, but still cannot focus that quick, curious, restless Gemini energy. She needs someone who can keep up. And as far as sex Cancer leo cusp dating leo dicaprio oscar well, you should just start making bets on whose Mars would get bored first. It would sorta be a game of wits to be honest.

I personally think, and maybe they do too, that the reason they never got together was plain and simple: Here you have a perfect friendship. I stumbled across these blogs in one of my random internet searches; they're basically about what astrology predicts for the future of the world based on planetary movements and drawing from what has happened during those same placements in the past. Definitely worth a read! The most detailed and accurate global predictions for the decade ever.

Astrological Dialectic of the Future I made this tumblr because in every post, people will ask questions, and instead of repeating the same thing over and over when I answer them, you will get a link from right here. My past posts for anyone who needs refreshers, missed them, whatever: Brit, Xtina, Cancer leo cusp dating leo dicaprio oscar Virgo Matriarchs!

Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio...

Thanks for the support, interest, and love everyone. So make sure to track it!!! Oh, and ponpirihere is the tag you requested. Reply Parent Thread Link. How reliable is astrology though?

I guess it depends how deep you get into it, and also, to a certain degree, how self-aware you are It's bogus, but still fun to read about. I'm not super into horoscopes or anything, but I can't deny the character traits that match up with my astrological sign. Like do you believe that it's just a coincidence that this is a common occurrence for so many?

This isn't me coming after you or anything, just curious about why you believe it to be so bogus? Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. OOP me, didn't see the cut with the sources until now. I don't really use apps. My favorite website is probably Cafe Astrology, but to be honest, I'll just google things I'm looking for and get lost in search results for dayyyysss I'm an old fashioned book learner at heart, so most of my knowledge has come from books and stuff.

One of the good things about astrology is that the practice of it is soooooo old, that any info you got from books in the 70's or 80's is still applicable to how we practice today Haha, I can always use new ways to fill up my kindle. These posts always make me think of my coworker that judges everyone based on their sign.

Added bonus if you're a relationship because she'll ask for your partner's sign followed by why it won't work. She's not the brightest, but it's still rude. Like she asked one girl for her and her bfs signs and then was like " Oh how is that working out for you?

I can finally add the astrology tag to my old posts, lol. Also fuck yeah to both of them being Libra ascendents! I like my Libra rising: As long as they're rocking in chairs next to each other in the old folk's home, I'll be happy.

Models and husbands will come and go, but this friendship is forever. They all already call you Cancer leo cusp dating leo dicaprio oscar Leo,' do you really want them to add "creepy?

I am kinda confused about life rn so I wish I can get help on what should I do with such personality: I am an aries with virgo moon and leo rising. Also sorry for not commenting, I've been enjoying a whole lot of your older posts. You are so great! Cancer leo cusp dating leo dicaprio oscar shit, our charts are almost identical.

The only difference is my moon is in Libra and my rising sign is Cancer. Were you born in ? Happy recent birthday to you then fellow arian!! Moon Libra is cool though! Moon virgo creates neurotic girl like me haha.

That Virgo moon doesn't jive well with the Aries sun and Leo rising- Virgo is practically the opposite of Leo.

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So how other people see you and how you see yourself is very different. Aries and Leo are brash, passionate, like attention, full of fire. Virgo is a calm, neat creature that sort of opposes that. It's a weird, conflicting sort of thing. Log in No account? Related to: Leo Zodiac Meaning Memes, Lion Zodiac Memes, Leo the Lion Zodiac Fire, Aries, and Astrology: The Kings and Queens of drama Scorpio, Cancer.

Feeling conflicted about belong in your sign because you're on the cusp?. and Migraine: ypes Of Headaches* Migraine Hypertension Stress Dating a. Remember that one time Leonardo DiCaprio brought a girlfriend as his date to the To this day, Gisele is the only girlfriend Leo has Cancer leo cusp dating leo dicaprio oscar brought as an award. on Leonardo DiCaprio's Progressions Chart Which Finally Brought Him Oscar Date and place of Leonarto DiCaprio Progressed Chart: 02/28/ at Los MC sign moved from Cancer to Leo long time ago but in recent short period is on Trine is formed with triple conjunction on cusp of 2nd (Mars, Neptune, North.

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