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How to check date of birth in gmail


Didn't find the answer you were looking for? How to change date of birth in gmail account?

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Log into Gmail, where you can access your account information, in order to change it. Date of birth Gmail does not allow you to edit the date of birth you entered when you signed into the account. Even when you log into the personal information you will not see your birth date. It is also hidden so that others cannot see it. Click on your email How to check date of birth in gmail the right hand side of the browser you should see your email address. There is a little arrow that will bring down the drop down menu.

In this menu you can select 'My Account' to open up your personal settings including your profile. Edit personal information On the left hand side of the page, underneath your photo or the blank photo, there is a blue link that says 'edit personal info'. If you click on this link you will open up the profile page.

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The page will have your first and last name, any nickname, zip code, country or time zone. You can also add in an alternate email. Creating a profile You can create a profile based on the information you want displayed. This information can include your birthday or not. Even when you create a profile to show publicly you cannot change the birth date. This is because the birthday is used to determine that you are old enough to have an account.

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If you do make a mistake there is the possibility of sending a message to the Gmail team. With an email you can explain that you accidentally entered the wrong day or month.

They may be able to suggest a way for you to change the date. In general though, you are not able to change it as you wish unlike other profile information.

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You can't actually see your birth date within Gmail. You need to go to your Google account profile page. Here is a direct link to your contact info page: Go to your settings and change it Dates are pulled from your GMail contacts that have filled in their Give it a try, though, and let us know whose birthdays appear for you. I accidentally entered the wrong date of birth.

Tally K Let us know if that helps! Pankaj. My gmail account was set up before my AdWords account setup. The birth date you enter in Gmail is the birth date on your Google account. your birth date accurately in How to check date of birth in gmail Google account, you can quickly check the date.

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