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Bin laden buried at sea pictures


The death of Osama bin Laden gave rise to various conspiracy theorieshoaxesand rumors. Doubts about bin Laden's death were fueled by the U.

Details Of Osama Bin Laden's...

On May 1,an image purporting to show a dead bin Laden was broadcast on Pakistani television. Although the story was picked up by much of the British press, as well the Associated Pressit was swiftly removed from websites after it was exposed as a fake on Twitter.

On May 4, the Obama administration announced it would not release any "Bin laden buried at sea pictures" of "Bin laden buried at sea pictures" Laden's dead body. On May 6, it was reported that an al-Qaeda website acknowledged bin Laden's death. On May 21,journalist Seymour Hersh published a report [14] claiming that Pakistan had kept bin Laden under house arrest sincethat the U. The primary source of skepticism about the U.

Although the Abbottabad raid has been described in great detail by U. Department of Defense, et al that the DoD did not need to release any evidence to the public.

For example, the bodies of Uday Hussein and Qusay Husseinsons of Saddam Husseinwere held for 11 days before being released for burial. Senior Pakistani officials disseminated the theory that no firefight ever took place, and that whoever the U.

Hamid Gulthe former head of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence ISIstated in an interview with CNN that he believed bin Laden had died many years ago, and that the official death story given out by the American media was a hoax. They were keeping this story on the ice and they were looking for an appropriate moment and it couldn't be a better moment because President Obama had to fight off his first salvo in his next Bin laden buried at sea pictures election as he runs for the presidential and for the White House and I think it is a very appropriate time to come out, bring this out of the closet.

Yet another scenario was reported in an article in the Urdu newspaper Ausafwhich quoted military sources as saying, "Bin Laden has been killed somewhere else.

But since the US intends to extend the Afghan war into Pakistan, and accuse Pakistan, and obtain a permit for its military's entry into the country, it has devised the [assassination] scenario.

Bashir Qureshi, who lives close to the compound where bin Laden was shot and whose windows were blown out in the raid, was dismissive. We've never seen any Arabs around here, he was not here. A number of Iranians said they believed that bin Laden was working with the U. Ismail Kosari, an Iranian MP, said that bin Laden "was just a puppet controlled by the Zionist regime in order to present a violent image of Islam after the September 11 attacks ", and that his death "reflects the passing of a temporary US pawn, and symbolizes the end of one era and the beginning of another in American policy in the region".

He stated, "The West has been very pleased with bin Laden's operations in recent years. Now the West was forced to kill him in order to prevent a possible leak of information he had, information more precious than gold.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said "I have exact information that bin Laden was held by the American military for sometime Berkan Yashar, a Turkish politician, stated that bin Laden died of natural causes on June 26, and was buried. The Americans, he claims, dug out bin Laden's body and displayed it, falsely telling the world that he was killed in an assault.

On May 21,Pulitzer prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh published a 10, word report later a book -- The Killing of Osama bin Laden challenging most aspects of the official account of Osama's death. This claim had been previously reported by R. Hillhouse and was confirmed afterwards by NBC news. While there was little or no disapproval by the Pakistan public over Bin Laden's long residency in Pakistan, the US attack on the compound of bin Laden was so unpopular that just the failure of the military to detect and go after the US helicopters ignited outrage among the media, the public and the civilian government.

Andrew Anthony in The Guardian called Hersh's theories "forceful but unconvincing". Rashid, Anthony, and Dorfman were also skeptical of another theory expounded in Hersh's book—that the Ghouta chemical Bin laden buried at sea pictures that killed hundreds of Syrian civilians where instigated not by the Syrian government, but by rebels aided by Turkey working as agents provocateursblaming the Syrian government in hopes of forcing the Obama administration to enter the war against the government.

Facebook groups formed discussing a rumor, in what has been dubbed the "death hoax". Even if it is possible to get DNA done so quickly, and the regime did have bin Laden DNA lying around a lab somewhere — where is the empirical proof? On Russia Todayradio host Alex Jones claimed that bin Laden had been dead for nearly ten years, and that his body had been kept in liquid nitrogen so that it can be used as a propaganda tool at a future politically expedient time.

Inhe claimed that an anonymous White House source had told him that bin Laden "is frozen, literally frozen and that he would be rolled out in the future at some date".

A former US special forces...

Tarpley said he believed bin Laden had been dead for a long time. He also claimed that the public was deceived by a staged announcement. Andrew Napolitanothe host of the Fox Business program Freedom Watchsaid bin Laden's death could not be verified and insinuated that Obama was using the death of bin Laden to save his "lousy presidency. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Reactions Bin laden buried at sea pictures the death of Osama bin Laden.

Bin Laden's burial at sea fuels 'death hoax' rumor". Conspiracy theories thrive on lack of proof". Blackout during raid on bin Laden compound". I won't release bin Laden death photos.

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Photos of American military personnel...

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New York Review of Books. Retrieved 5 October Retrieved 6 October Retrieved May 10, Check date values in: NDP deputy leader Mulcair doubts U. Childhood, education, and personal life Militant activity Beliefs and ideology Search Khartoum compound Abbottabad compound Death reactions code name controversy conspiracy theories.

Zero Dark Thirty Interviews. Bin laden buried at sea pictures of conspiracy theories. Attitude polarization Cognitive dissonance Communal reinforcement Confirmation bias Locus of control Mass hysteria Paranoia Psychological projection.

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About bin Laden's burial at sea executed within 24 hours of his death as prescribed by Muslim law, the president STEVE KROFT: Did you see the pictures?.

About bin Laden's burial at...

Photos of American military personnel burying Osama bin Laden at sea will remain classified, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday. The U.S.

A veteran American investigative journalist...

A veteran American investigative journalist has said slain al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was not given a burial at sea but his body parts.

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