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Is he really into me or playing games

“It could be that he...

After all, surely it should be easy to notice if a guy has taken a serious fancy to your adorable self. Why are the signs so hard to decipher? Is he just pretending, to get you into bed? The good news is, actions speak louder than words. Is he really into me or playing games for more than a late night booty call. He wants to do something nice for you and with you. In fact, he might, even if you have. He wants to see beyond the attraction, to the woman beneath.

When a man opens up to you about his passions, his life goals and what makes him tick, it means he trusts you enough to do so. He wants you to experience what makes him happy, excited or downright angry.

When he does something that...

He simply wants to make you happy and, in doing so, he feels happy too. Buying concert tickets, a trip away or inviting you to an event later in the year, is his way of telling you he wants you to stick around.

“It could be that he...

He might love the way you walk with your arms swinging wide and free, or that you tilt your head when he talks, or how you ravenously devour your favourite pasta.

Arguments are a healthy part of any relationship, even at the very beginning. Everyone expresses themselves differently while dating and a whole spectrum of emotions come into play, including fear of rejection, insecurity and ego-related issues.

Here are 15 signs your...

Rather than over-analyse, give in to anxiety or possibly self-sabotage a potential relationship for fear of getting hurt, relax and let it flow. A new Thought Catalog series exploring our connection to each other, our food, and where it comes from.

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But if he plays mind games with you, does your relationship have a future?

Mind Games and Their Hacks

remain in unhealthy relationships and suffer, not wanting to admit that they are really To me, that raises a red flag that maybe he's seeing another girl or he just lost.

However you met, one thing is certain you're into him, and you know for Sometimes when you're into a shy guy, it can seem like he's just playing games So, what if this guy really, really likes you, wants to ask you out, and. Just resist playing into his game and keep him working for your attention.

12 Signs He Really Is...

2. He If you really want to see who he is, bring him out of his element. Force him to be.

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