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Weird funny gifs


Next, for back to school check out the best stationery ever! When you psyche yourself up for that first day back. When you and your bestie roll up in fresh new uniforms. When you find out your new teacher is on FIRE. When you get paired with the perfect desk pal.

But then realise that you've forgotten how to even use a pencil Weird funny gifs write. When your marks come back perfect but all you can think about it lunch. When you and your squad hit up the canteen for that first lunchtime rush.

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When you see your friends who got assigned a different teacher. When you get called on and you forget your name, where you are, and what year it is.

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When it's time to take school photos but you just Weird funny gifs quite nail your pose. We've all had a class where the teachers asks a question and nobody says a word. And when you finally make it home, you realise you've got to do it all again tomorrow Next, for back to school check out the best stationery ever!

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What Teachers Find Funny. How Teachers Get to School. Signs Your Teacher is an Alien! What Teachers Do at the Weekend?

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The Most Relaxing Images Ever! 51 GIFs That Will Make You Want To Burn The Internet Down. Tell me why.

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. / Via Share On. Weird Animated Gif ~. onkols. Recent Entries · Friends · Profile · Archive · Tags · Memories · sartribartfast; May 23rd,am.

The strange, weird and most bizarre GIFs on the Internet.

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This usually web a fun and interesting destination to expand your mind and brain.

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