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Why we fall in love

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Print or Download this book. Written by Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith Indeed, it is so important to us that much of our great literature, our most-liked films and our enduring works of art express our universal preoccupation with it; not to mention almost every pop song ever written. As the philosopher John Fiske wrote: Our moral instincts are not just concerned with avoiding the ill-treatment of others, they are also concerned with ensuring the wellbeing of others.

Duddington,p. Cole,Book IVp. The actual burden of having to live in the insecure, guilt ridden state of not being able to answer this great question of questions is the burden of the so-called human condition. The fabulous, overwhelmingly exciting news, however, is that science has now progressed to a point where we can finally explain, and by so doing understand and heal, our present non-ideal, corrupted, psychotic and neurotic, human-condition-afflicted lives! Very briefly, ever since the emergence of human consciousness some two million years ago, humanity has been involved in an unavoidable battle between our Page of PDF Version gene-based instincts and this newly acquired nerve-based intellect.

Our instinctive self, which is orientated to behaving cooperatively and lovingly, was intolerant of our intellect having to deviate from this cooperative path in order to Why we fall in love out in search of knowledge.

Put simply, the gene-based learning system can orientate a species to Why we fall in love, but is incapable of insight into the nature of change. As a result, the only way the intellect could keep experimenting and searching for knowledge was to defy the instincts. So with the human condition now understood and defended, we can at last explain why we were not bad to challenge our instincts, with the result being that the upset that stemmed from our previous inability to explain our behaviour will gradually subside, thus liberating humanity from the horror of its condition and transforming the world.

For the full explanation of the human condition watch an Introductory Video here or read the freely available online book Freedom Expanded Book 1: If we return to the lyrics of the songs we can see this great journey to find the reconciling, dignifying, rehabilitating, healing, human-race-liberating understanding of our corrupted human condition acknowledged: Our existence will, once again, be characterised by universal love and benevolence.

That is the utter magnificence of the understanding of the human condition that is now available! Not only does the reality of the outside world inevitably intrude Why we fall in love our dream, but the reality within ourselves eventually manifests itself as well. And of course, a relationship that may have begun under this illusion could still go on to develop into a deeply loving and respectful partnership over time. As the former president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, Professor Harry Prosen, has said of the thrilling breakthrough and potential that this explanation represents: As just demonstrated, with understanding of the human condition found ALL the great issues finally become explainable.

Human condition — What is science? For a "Why we fall in love" of these explanations to keep or give to others, print The Book of Real Answers to Everything!

A study conducted by the...

Print or Download Why we fall in love book Download this book to print or read offline Please choose your preferred paper size: Why do we Fall in Love? Over time, the tendency to find a love connection evolved from relationships built on need to those of enjoyment.

"Today, falling in love is socially defined. If we. Although we may fall in love many times, only a tiny minority put more than one person in that category at any one time. But what binds the two.

How is love—as irrational and erratic as it can be—an evolutionary advantage? How did we evolve to fall in love? When we're trying to answer.

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