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Best wishes for friend going abroad


People travel abroad for different reasons. It could be a temporal visit or a more permanent situation. People travel for their studies, to find greener pastures, get a better health care, give birth and other things. As you journey overseas for a better life, I pray lines fall for you in pleasant places, farewell my friend. May this big move you are making turn out to be as exciting and as rewarding as you hope for, have a safe trip abroad and goodbye.

I pray your travels abroad for greener pastures yield very good results, take care of yourself and goodbye. Work hard and do your best at this new opportunity, may the Best wishes for friend going abroad Lord favour you always. Till we see again, have a safe trip. As you move overseas for a better life, I pray you have a smooth journey and most importantly settle in nicely.

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Goodbye, my dear friend. This is definitely not the end Best wishes for friend going abroad our friendship but you going overseas to make a better living, remain blessed and have a good trip. The moment you took this decision, I knew that there are better days ahead for you. Have the best of everything this new country has to offer. May this new country you are going to welcome you with open arms and help all your dreams come true, goodbye and all the best.

May this new country you are going to be to you as a land flowing with milk and honey, all the best to you. Let your trip abroad for greener pastures be nothing short of successful, amen. My best prayers and wishes are with you as you go abroad for a better life.

Have a safe trip. The news of your travel abroad to further your education is quite encouraging, make the best results Best wishes for friend going abroad, farewell. Wow, finally your dreams of studying overseas is a reality, have a safe trip and do your very best. Stay focused and be safe. A course of your choice in a university of your choice in this new country you have always raved about. You are one lucky chap to be able to study abroad. I believe in you, make me proud.

Safe trip and farewell. I know this is a dream come true for you; studying abroad, make sure you show the world what you have got, goodbye dear.

As you take this step to continue your education abroad, I pray for success in all your academic endeavours. You have always wanted this; to study abroad, now you have it. Make sure you give it your best shot. Goodbye till you come. You have worked so hard, you deserve to rest, have a beautiful vacation abroad.

Have an amazing vacation trip, buy me lots of gifts when you are coming back though, lol…. Well have fun for two and have an amazing vacation abroad. I know how excited you always are when you take vacation trips abroad, well on this trip, I wish you loads of exciting adventures. Be safe and see you soon.

Have all the fun you can on this vacation trip abroad because when you get home, I will give you plenty trouble. As you take this trip abroad to go give birth, I pray God sees you through the entire birth process and bring you and the baby safely back. Have a safe trip abroad. Just like yesterday, you told me about the pregnancy. I have watched you cry, laugh, get tired and find strength again, all that is ending soon.

As you travel abroad for your delivery, may God be with you. Life begins at each birth; I cannot wait to hear all about your safe delivery. I have no doubt in my heart that you will have a very safe delivery.

I remember all the times we talked Best wishes for friend going abroad childbirth, now you get to experience the real deal, have a safe delivery abroad.

The next time I will see you, it will be with the baby.

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Farewell as you travel abroad for the delivery of your baby. I will miss your beautiful baby bump but not so much, I want to see the baby soon. Wow, in a few weeks, you will become a mom. Have a safe delivery abroad. I wish I will be there to hold your hand during the birth process.

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Nonetheless, I wish you a very safe delivery abroad. I believe you are healed already, this is just a formal trip to keep your mind at rest. Have a safe trip abroad and see you soon.

As scary Best wishes for friend going abroad those test results are, I know you will get through this, farewell and have a safe trip abroad. I believe you will be just fine, no need to over think anything. Just rest and take all your medication. I wish you a speedy recovery as you go overseas for a better medical care. Farewell and safe trip. I will give you a hug when you get back, but for now, do have a safe trip abroad for your medical checkup. I will miss you but I need you to go and take very good care of yourself.

Goodbye and have a nice trip.

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I will take away your pain and hurt if I could, but I know you will be pretty well in no time. Be safe and goodbye. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will Best wishes for friend going abroad be published.

Safe journey messages and wishes to greet someone when they fly for a holiday tour, and dear ones when they starts for going abroad, historical or beautiful places, countryside, Wishing you all the best and safe journey as you travel. Looking for more ways to say 'Have a good trip'?

Want to send an email to Message for a friend going abroad: Have fun, miss me, and come. An Open Letter To My Friend Going Abroad I just wish I could be there with you. You will have the best time, and I couldn't be more excited for you.

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