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Suck and kick my balls


She is also a freelance writer who lives a softcore life with a spicy edge. She was at the bottom of her bank account, which is usually where that spicy edge comes into play.


Way more than me. Suck and kick my balls is the pleasure in that? But this wasn't for me to judge or understand. This was so I could afford to buy my father a decent wallet, my mother designer perfume and my dog some barbecue-flavor rawhide.

The attire was not the usual latex fetish wear. The director had us wear sophisticated cocktail dresses. The scene was an all-girl party. This was his vision. He was an auteur.

He even said he wanted us to move "in slow motion," which of course never happened. It was a catered affair where any man who wandered in or was brought in by one of the girls was severely trampled.

What’s the one thing you...

I guess he wanted us to look like "regular" women so that the fantasy would be more real. This could happen to you! There were some other women Suck and kick my balls to be "spectators. They got paid less. Some of them were real mistresses who didn't mind working on a Sunday.

Others were dancers, singers or performance artists also looking for fast cash. Besides Alicia and me, there was one other mistress, a real one. Her name was Delilah and she was a hottie. Long red hair that cascaded down her back and a killer Jessica Rabbit body packed into 5 feet and 3 inches of female with heels.

She was going to do the hardcore stuff. The cock and ball torture. That is the clinical name for it. Insiders call it CBT. After scanning her website where pictures of strangled genitalia appeared next to shoes being sucked, I realized that this whole thing might be more than I bargained for.

When Youre Sucking My Balls...

The director was a Frenchie named Gerard. He was a short, slight guy with a thick accent and beady eyes behind unfashionable glasses. I could only imagine his homelife. He was nasty when he was directing us. I was to start the scene by pulling a guy into the room by his hair and have him lick all the girls' shoes.

The guy was a fleshy, pale character with a mustache and glasses, and apparently he was blind in one eye because there was a spooky white film covering it. He had scars on his legs and arms. He told me while we were preparing to go on that this was his 28th video. He was mighty proud. I waited for Gerard to yell "action" before I even touched this guy's hair and pulled him in. He immediately started licking the girls' shoes. "Suck and kick my balls"

When Youre Sucking My Balls...

He was really ingesting the dust and dirt on the bottom of their shoes. Then Gerard wanted Alicia and me to pretend the guy was a rug and trample him. Before the camera started rolling, I asked the rug guy if he had ever been punctured by a heel before.

He said he hadn't.

Our breathless face-sucking got us...

That one time a girl slipped, fell and separated one of his ribs, but that was it. He told me to go for it. On camera, Alicia and I made small talk? I helped her up onto this guy's stomach and chest. Let me try it out first. She helped me onto his body and I walked on him while continuing the inane chatter.

I was nervous about putting my full weight on him, but he seemed to be just fine. Like a real rug. The rug guy closed his eyes and opened them again. The guy cried out in muffled pain. The scene went on and on like this.

So did several others. In fact, the only thing that varied was that after a while they made us take off his shirt. This was especially disgusting because we were forced to see the welts, bruises and heel marks we'd made. Then came Delilah's part. She brought in her own slave, stripped him and basically kicked his ass. Smacked him, kicked him, talked to him like a dog. Eventually, she made Suck and kick my balls take off his underwear and smacked his C and B around with some killer 6-inch stilettos.

I'm a straight guy who...

By this time, I had had enough of even watching the scene. I smoked a cigarette and looked out the window with another spectator who was nauseated.

How good it felt to have that kind of money to spend on other people. How good it felt Suck and kick my balls be "rich. Get your nose out of the window," Gerard said.

Time for the finale, the piece de resistance. Gerard was to act with us. He was going to wander in sweeping and we were to notice him, get pissed, take off his clothes, except for his underwear, and kick Suck and kick my balls really hard in the groin. Delilah really let him have it! The production assistants were grimacing as Teka zoomed in and out of Delilah's kicking.

Then came my turn. I tried to kick on the inside part of his legs instead of the actual package, and slowed down on contact.

He turned to me and said, "Your acting is terrible! You must kick harder! I can take severe pain! I repeated in my mind, Your acting is terreeeble! If this were football, I would have kicked a field goal.

Alicia, Delilah and I continued to kick and walk and stomp all over him and the other two guys until Teka ran out of film. At the end of the shoot, three crisp, virgin hundred dollar bills were placed in my hand.

My toes were in excruciating pain from my shoes, I was sweaty from all the kicking and I wound up having nightmares about the whole ordeal. Must say, I would not ever do it again. I didn't enjoy the experience or the aftermath.

After recovering from all that stripper stuff, I have to remember to resist opening up another dark part. I don't even want to tap into it, however tempting it may be. I can't imagine making a living as a dominatrix. I would be filled with revulsion in the civilian world just from seeing a man in his underwear. And I'm not ready Suck and kick my balls that. Published Apr 4, at 6: Make text smaller Make text larger.

A slang term used by females in conjunction with the words 'suck my' to emphasize when they really don't give a f**k about a particular subject. Voracious blonde babe with jiggly butt orders her mate to spread his legs and kicks his balls with all the strength she has. Dude suffers a lot but later get.

I'm a straight guy who loves having his balls sucked, but whenever I've had my balls sucked, Suck and kick my balls hurts and overrides any pleasure.

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Bootylicious blondie kicks guy in balls and sucks his cock

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How many first dates have lead to second dates? 'If you fucking say that to me one more time I'm gonna kick your fucking balls in,' If a guy says, 'You can't have this promotion or this job unless you suck my. Based on context, could either mean "testicles" or, eggs. However, people tend to Go suck a huevo. Get a huevos mug for your sister Rihanna. 2. HUEVOS..

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And just like us and our fun buttons, different men double entirely different things when it comes to their balls. Diverse strokes for different folks, you know?

It feels awkward to ask mid-sex: Do you squalid gentle stroking? So we rounded up some guys and asked them to bloody well squeak us what they actually hankering their partners to do with their balls.

Their answers are enlightening. Kissing, licking, sucking distinguished too. The slightest knock can bring a tear or multifold to your eye. Explore would be my advice. They unusually are very sensitive. And yes — the left one should hanger lower than the straighten out.

What’s the one thing you wish women knew about balls?

Suck and kick my balls

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