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Beautiful songs list


Nothing soothes the soul better than music, right? With everything life throws at us, sometimes it helps to simply unplug from the daily grind and plug in your earbuds.

Someone on the social media community Reddit asked a simple question: More than 16, people Beautiful songs list to the question.

They're not the most beautiful...

The discussion thread got so long, people began having a hard time keeping up. A savvy group member, Ericaohh, decided to collect all of the suggestions and put it on Beautiful songs list mega Spotify playlist for easy reference.

How awesome is that? Selections range from some of the finest classical pieces ever written to artists you might be surprised to find on a list of the most beautiful songs ever. With more than songs, there are artists and genres to appeal to just about anyone.

I made a Spotify playlist from the reddit discussion about the most beautiful songs from Music. And here are the top 10 most beautiful songs from the list, as voted on by nearly 20, social media users. Commenters loved the feeling and passion from the artist in this song. This song is the perfect antidote to a world that often feels dark and depressing.

In this video, the crowds in Central Park who came out for one of the most famous concerts of all time were thrilled to hear the duo perform one of their best-known works:. This song hit number one on many international music charts and has been remade many times since.

This orchestral work was performed for the first time on Nov. The piece is often used in memorial services Beautiful songs list funerals due to its somber and reflective tones. It should be no "Beautiful songs list" that Mozart made the list.

His works are among the most famous in the world, even centuries after his death. The psychedelic rock guitarist on a list of most beautiful music? Many Reddit users agreed that this song should rank near the top.

of the most popular songs...

However, an instrumental cover version of the song by Stevie Ray Vaughan a master guitar player, too outshines the original version. What do you think?

9. “What a Wonderful World”...

Face it, Debussy knew how to write some beautiful music! This piece generated hundreds of comments on its own, Beautiful songs list made it the most popular song included on the Spotify playlist.

Stories You May Like. Get more stories like this in your inbox! Sign-up to get a daily batch of tips, tricks, and smiles to make life a little easier. 33 Beautiful, Emotional Songs to Be Sad, Reflective, Depressed, and Melancholy To She looks like she could use the songs on this list.

10. “Heroes—1999 Remastered Version” By...

1 song of the year on the annual recaps of those two lists. .

The title speaks for itself,...

by Per Gessle when he was asked to update it for the "Pretty Woman" soundtrack. They're not the most beautiful songs, or the most musically important. .

Why Would I Want to...

Of all the songs the scientists tested, R.E.M.'s ode to empathy led the list of songs that.

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