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Husband butt fucked story


The Christmas party was in full swing at the ad agency where I worked and everyone was feeling nice and loose. I was talking to Carol, who'd become a friend and a confidante, and we were both eyeing Mike, a good-looking guy who'd started to work as a copywriter at the agency six months ago. What do you mean? He's a great fuck. Plus he's got this big, hard cock and he sure as hell knows how to use it. And that dick of his is just perfect.

Stiff, thick, nicely proportioned. I mean, he has himself a museum quality penis, trust me. Husband butt fucked story he's so fuckin' horny too.

And he has this thing for my ass. You know how I've told you I love taking it up the ass? Well Mike, he just goes nuts fucking my butt. I mean, the stud is seriously bottom-crazy. Just to hear that Husband butt fucked story was fucking him and that he was real good and had a big dick was pretty hot news. But that last bit -- about his butt-fucking fetish -- hearing that just about flipped me out.

Because it was a fetish I shared, and in a kind of special way too. After I heard all that from Carol I decided I had to talk to Mike one-on-one, Husband butt fucked story since Carol had told me they were just fuck buddies, and didn't really have anything like a relationship going.

So a few days later I asked Mike whether he wanted to go down and have a sandwich with me at the corner coffee shop. I made sure to get us a booth out of earshot of the other diners. He looked straight at me.

I wanted a threesome with...

That afterwards she's sore back there for a couple of hours. I guess I just have a thing for that old backdoor route," he admitted frankly, looking right at me. She knew all about Donny and me, and she wasn't one to keep her mouth shut. Donny was younger, by five years. He was just twenty-three. And when I met Husband butt fucked story I thought he was gay through and through.

A husbands revenge on the...

But he was so cute and so sweet and so talented that I made a move for him anyway. It seemed he was vulnerable and ready to meet someone like me. Donny was bi, not gay, and had been thinking about giving up the boy-boy scene and getting into women. That's just at the time when I hooked up with him, an opportune time, it turned out.

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Pretty soon we got married. You see, Mike, for some reason I've always had this fascination with men having sex with each other. I know it sounds twisted, but that's just the way my head spins. I mean guys are always having fantasies about women making it, so why not a woman having the same kind of fantasy about guys? The other thing is, I'd long had this special fantasy of being Husband butt fucked story guy myself, a guy with a big, hard dick.

And not so I could fuck chicks with it either, though that was a part of it too. Strap on one of those things and fuck a chick with it? I said, smiling knowingly. And yeah, I've done it, I've fucked a chick with a strap-on. Turns out we both got this fetish, we both love to fuck ass. At least not yet. Like I know my husband loved making it with men, and that he craved having a dick buried up his ass. So I've told him how much it would turn me on to watch a stud do him like that, you know, to see a guy with a real cock -- a nice, big one -- bust Donny's asshole wide open.

Sounds pretty kinky, huh? Donny said that once he married me he decided to put all that boy-boy stuff behind him. I mean in his mind I know he still hungers for that kind of action. Donny loves sucking my rubber dick, having Husband butt fucked story work it all the way up his horny bottom. But he won't mix it up with a guy anymore. He was obviously fascinated. I asked him if he'd mind having a guy there with us, at least seeing me do him the way I do.

You know, just watching and beating off. Maybe helping out a little, like together we could do stuff like ream out Donny's ass with a couple of dildos, or something like that. And he said okay to this idea. I mean, what I really want is to watch "Husband butt fucked story" actually get fucked by a guy, but a scene with another guy just watching and helping out some would get me off in a big way too.

You love fucking ass so much, have you fucked guys up the ass too? About fucking a guy? You know, the one that would come over and watch me do my husband? You're the kind of guy I've been imagining joining us there, watching us, a a rugged, horny and straight stud… Husband butt fucked story a nice, big dick. I leaned even closer, looking straight at him. How'd you feel about coming "Husband butt fucked story" to our place some time -- when Donny's not there, just you and me -- and I'll show it to you?

We can watch it together and you can see what I'm talking about? But I was thrilled as hell that I was getting Mike to at least do this. It was a first step. The tape was already in the VCR, ready to roll. I couldn't wait to show it to Mike, to see his reaction.

She gets a man to...

A few minutes later there he was, and a few minutes after that we were sitting on the couch next to each other as I pressed the 'play' button. Suddenly there we were, me and my husband. Donny was stark naked, down on his elbows and knees, sticking out his bottom for me. I "Husband butt fucked story" behind him, dildo strapped to myself, wearing only a T-shirt. I was fisting the dildo like a horny stud eager to stick it somewhere.

It was a very life-like rubber cock supposedly molded from a real one, with a rigid wire running through its core so that it stuck straight up and didn't hang of its own weight, like a lot of dildos did. He looks real young," Mike asked. Everyone thought Donny appeared a lot younger than he was. Especially undressed, he looked like a teenaged boy. Which only made him that much more appealing to me.

He was a dreamboat, with a gorgeous face, and a smooth, sleek body. And this perfect, boyish ass with narrow and firm, but nicely rounded buttocks. Not that Mike was an old man. He had just turned twenty-nine, I knew. Now, on the TV screen, I knelt down behind Donny, spread open his cheeks and started licking his ass. I always start if off that way with him. I glanced over at Mike to see his reaction; he sure was paying attention to the Husband butt fucked story screen.

She wants to see her...

That gaze gave me goosebumps. I imagined eating out Mike's hot ass, but not with the attitude I ate out my husband's. With Donny's it's a prelude to the main act. It's just the start of the serious assault I like to launch on his helpless, sorry butt. But with Mike I'd imagine myself down on my knees, licking his asshole as an act of sexual devotion. Still wearing my strap-on, though.

So I could pretend I was a guy, an eager 'bottom' -- as submissive men like to call themselves -- dying to please a 'top,' worshiping at his anal alter with my slavish tongue. I didn't say any "Husband butt fucked story" this to Mike of course, but that's what was running through my twisted, depraved mind! Next, Mike watched the screen as he saw me squeeze some lubricating jelly into Donny's crack, after which I took my time fingering his lubed asshole before working on him back there with a vibrator, then a hand-held dildo.

I'm a freak for a male ass," I Husband butt fucked story as Mike watched me excitedly tend to my husband's bottom. The camcorder was moving around shooting the scene from different angles, which made Mike curious. That was cool, but not as cool as it would Husband butt fucked story to see a dude with a real cock do him.

So all that worked real well towards my fantasy of 'being a guy' with a big cock eager to fuck another guy's ass. The T-shirt covering my tits only added to the effect. I loved it of course, loved that Mike checked out my boobs on the sly. Now I did some looking myself, dropping my gaze down to his crotch.

Mike was wearing tight jeans and there was a big, unmistakable bulge down there. He wants her to fuck him, straddle "Husband butt fucked story" whilst he has a butt plug up his ass. How kinky is this ass reaming story?

I Butt Fucked My Husband!. Husband gets butt fucked. Pages: 1. True story that I want to share. Im a white married male, happily married. My wife has a nice tight pussy but is inhibited so.

No shame if you enjoy butt sex with your husband. Wow. Never thought a story about butt sex was gonna make me feel so many feels.

Carrie and I had been bosoms buddy since college. She was a cute brunette with very excessive breasts. We were always legitimate friends though. We managed to keep in touch after college and as time went on. She got married to a man named Tom and I got married to a charming woman name Lisa. Carrie and Tom had a son and a daughter and myself and Lisa had 3 daughters.


The Christmas party was in full swing at the ad agency where I worked and everyone was feeling nice and loose. I was talking to Carol, who'd become a friend and a confidante, and we were both eyeing Mike, a good-looking guy who'd started to work as a copywriter at the agency six months ago.

What do you mean? He's a great fuck. Plus he's got this big, hard cock and he sure as hell knows how to use it. And that dick of his is just perfect. Stiff, thick, nicely proportioned.


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Husband butt fucked story

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When I initially began getting into sex and I mean truly into sex, past the beginning stages of exploration I said to myself —. At first I gave butt plugs a miss. I was happy to use basic bondage implements. I used vibrators with out any issues. I found butt plugs appearing to be more of an oddity than a regular sexual toy. His loud growling noises as he is doing anal, the feeling of being full and additionally the inclination of his dick entering my tight hole.

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Husband butt fucked story

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