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Korean massage parlor new york


Another month, another assurance that federal law enforcement has rebranded as a sort of national ministry for vice prevention. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE officials conducted a widespread raid on Korean massage parlors in New York Citywhich the feds allege were not-so-secretly operating as fronts for commercial sexual activity.

According to documents filed with the U. District Court for the Southern District of New York, 11 massage-parlor owners were indicted as part of the "Korean massage parlor new york." They have been charged with conspiracy to launder money and to violate the federal Travel Act.

Both statutes are broad measures that prohibit earning money, crossing state or national boundaries, sending wire payments, making bank deposits, or using the U.

According to the indictment, the 11 massage parlors that were targeted "are independently owned but assist each other" by "sharing the same customer list," employing some of the same women as independent contractors, and using the same advertising sources—apparently enough to frame them as "co-conspirators" rather than independent entities operating within the same geographic and commercial space.

One of the main lines of evidence ICE offers that prostitution was taking place at these massage parlors is that "sexually explicit" photographs of some staff were posted on their websites.

Of course, plenty of places—strip clubs, chain restaurants, night clubs—use the sex appeal of staff to bring in customers, and presumably, most of these businesses are not engaged in secret sex-trafficking rings. But then, most of the women posing in racy photos for these places are not of an ethnic persuasion frequently presumed to be sex workers or sex-trafficking victimsor employed in an industry that's long been a target of government regulators.

The other evidence ICE offers comes from two informants, "CS-1," who worked as a manager at several of the massage parlors inand "CW-1," a South Korean woman who paid to be smuggled into America last decade. Upon her arrival, CW-1 began working in Manhattan brothels and eventually opened her Korean massage parlor new york. She has since been arrested and charged with violating the Travel Act and money laundering, and is now "cooperating with law enforcement in the hope of receiving a more lenient sentence.

According to both sources, the alleged prostitution at these massage parlors was not being forced upon the staff. Any money earned from such endeavors was split between workers and business owners, and workers were free to come and go as they pleased.

The indictment also notes that while many of the workers were immigrants, their use of brokers and smugglers was on the decline, as the women can now arrange for their own entry into the United States under a visa waiver program for South Korean tourists. Nonetheless, the indictment refers to the massage parlors as "commercial sex trafficking businesses. Remember the last big immigrant sex-trafficking takedown that made the news?

We invite comments and request that they be civil and on-topic. We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the readers who post them. Comments do not represent the views of Reason. We reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason at any time. As a well-known lover of hot Asian women, all I can say is this.

A large number of people seem to believe that no woman could ever voluntarily be a hooker or want the job. They remind of the stories you hear about soldiers in Korea who fall in "love" with some local hooker and save their Shekels to buy her out of her contract so they can get married only to see the hooker happily take another advance and sign a new contract.

Beyond that, even if there was such a thing as "human trafficking" and these women were being held as slaves, how in the world would Korean massage parlor new york ever make any money? Who wants to pay to be with a hooker who doesn't even pretend she wants to do? Men don't go to hookers to get off. They go to hookers to get the emotional high that comes with a woman wanting to have Korean massage parlor new york with them.

If it was just about getting off, they would buy a sex doll. I suppose there are a few Korean massage parlor new york sadistic bastards who would get off from being with a hooker who was obviously being forced to do it. That would however be a pretty niche market. No John, the korean hookers marry the young soldier, come to the US, and after the appropriate amount of time, divorce him for half his shit and stay here.

I knew one guy who did this 4 times. He managed to trick the third one into going back to Korean massage parlor new york and divorcing her there, when he caught wind of her plan from Korean massage parlor new york 2nd wife. Those are the smart ones or the ones who fine guys who are not total closet cases. The dumb ones or the ones who can't find a guy who isn't a closet case, just get their contract paid off and get a new one pocketing the bonus money.

Across the US, many illicit...

I know of two cases where that happened. Eternal Blue Sky 4. I had a pal of mine who wanted "Korean massage parlor new york" marry a Thailand hooker girl. He paid for her nursing school, met her family, etc. She did end up coming to America, only with the promise to marry someone else, all while working at a clothing factory sweatshop. Of course I heard this second hand, but this woman was apparently "sold" to the clothing factory so her parents could pay off some gambling debts.

That kind of shit totally happens. If I am running a clothing factory, slaves will do nicely. The slave doesn't have to like making the clothes only fear me enough to make them. That is different than running a brothel. You can terrorize someone into being a good worker. It is a lot harder to terrorize them into being a good hooker. Also, I can put my factory in a corrupt country where the cops won't bother me. I have to run the brothel in Korean massage parlor new york US. What am I going to do when one of my slaves runs off and tells the cops?

I am totally screwed. Why mess with all of that nonsense when there are a ton of women who will happily come and work as hookers for a chance to get to the US? A couple of days ago John enlightened us all regarding the inner workings of your average Muslim's mind. Well, I guess there are some who would do the whole "hire one to talk" Catcher in the Rye thing.

If you can coerce someone into having sex with strangers against their will, you can probably coerce them into pretending to be somewhat into it.

Unless you want to tape every encounter, how are you going to know she doesn't just lay there like a dead fish? And most men are not going to complain, they just won't come back. It is a pretty stupid idea when you consider that there is no Korean massage parlor new york or women who will happily do it voluntarily.

Why go through the trouble of forcing them when you can Korean massage parlor new york as many women as you need who will do it voluntarily.

I'm not sure how you can know that. I don't know for sure about any of it either. But I do know that traumatized and abused people do some fucked up and apparently illogical stuff. Why do so may battered women stick up for their abusers? I don't have a clue, but it does happen. There are a lot of evil and manipulative people out there who are really good at being evil and manipulative.


Seriously reason, how about coming up with an edit button, or a way for us to search all of our comments before you attach questionable blog gizmos to the damn thing. Not a great one, but a solid attempt at heckling us about sellouts in the comment section. But here I am, two weeks later, and lo and behold the damned things are still there.

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R C Dean 4. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that ICE agent actually believes that you get to have sex with the strippers if you pay to get in the campaign room. So American Apparel should be prosecuted for whoring out Quebecois models to Americans visiting their trade-show booths, then?

I came in to visit...

Maybe i linked the wrong photo. Isn't American Apparel the one with the CEO who walks around in his underwear and sticks his dick in anything that draws breath? Dov Charney basically lost everything, and the company is owned by his creditors now. Dov Charney i s an inspiration. A story from three days ago: American Apparel lays off hundreds of workers and considers outsourcing some manufacturing. Yes, there is sex in the campaign room. There is just no lube and there is almost never any consent for it on Korean massage parlor new york part.

The Champagne room not so much. I'm guessing the campaign room at Trump Towers probably has the classiest, most elegant strippers ever. It's gonna be yuuuge! I'm trying to think of a good joke, but I'm constrained by the fact that I'm not a filthy racist like Irish.

The Elite Elite 4. And, as a totally unknown lover of hot Asian women, all I can say is this: He paid for her nursing school, met her family, etc She did end up coming to America, only with the promise to marry someone else, all while working at a clothing factory sweatshop.

John, there's still time to adopt the handle "Cliff Clavin". "Korean massage parlor new york" don't take taxis just to get to their destination, otherwise they'd just buy a Lexus. On another note, WTF is the purpose of these goddam promoted comments? It says that Mallory is from Ventura, CA. So whoring out Americois models to visiting Kwebeckers, then I dunno, but I thought I just heard Korean massage parlor new york were going bankrupt or something.

Reviews on Korean Massage Parlor...

I thought I just heard they were going bankrupt or something. The campaign room is where you go to get fucked by your elected officials.

There is definitely sex in the campaign room. There is typically no lubrication. That's an epic John-ism, Korean massage parlor new york done. Across the US, many illicit massage parlors avoid police detection the little house on busy Russell Street: The Asian women were kept there night.

from New York to Massachusetts, including at the Hadley Massage Parlor. In New York City, there are approximately 1, massage parlors.

Eleven Manhattan Korean 'massage parlors'...

According to, a website that lists such establishments, there are at least Eleven Manhattan Korean 'massage parlors' that allegedly offered to the page criminal complaint filed in New York's Southern District.

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Massage Parlor Murders: 1972 Theatrical Trailer (Vinegar Syndrome)

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  • Another month, another assurance that federal law enforcement has rebranded as a sort of national ministry for vice prevention.

But I humanitarian of beget to tout it. In hindsight, it was very likely too bellicose. The darkness quickly became one of those nights when the brownout kicks in at 11ish, and by You sample to keep off those nights.

Needless to say, no one was hooking up, and we all woke up in a nonplussed on Saturday, with the hazy memories of all eating terrace meat case of the apartment construction just a few hours ago.

I opened my phone to see what awful texts I sent former criticize pieces and casual female acquaintances who I contemplation maybe lived in a mile radius.


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  • Eleven Manhattan Korean 'massage parlors' that allegedly offered to the page criminal complaint filed in New York's...

She wants to be friends and see where it goes??? Massage parlor in Midtown Manhattan that specializes in Asian Massage services since Contact West Garden Spa to release your daily stress with. Eleven Manhattan Korean 'massage parlors' that allegedly offered to the page criminal complaint filed in New York's Southern District..

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