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Metal strip diverting rain from over door


Nothing is more annoying than having to walk through a waterfall coming off your roof to reach the front door every time it rains. Center the diverter over the area to be covered using a plumb bob or a string with a weight attached. Using a pry bar or putty knife, loosen the second row of shingles up from the edge of the roof where the diverter will be located.

Slant the diverter so that one side is slightly lower than the other to allow for drainage. Carefully lift up the shingle tabs to keep from breaking them, and nail the diverter in place Metal strip diverting rain from over door roofing nails. Position the nails so they will be covered by the shingles and are a few inches up from the bottom edge of the overlapping shingles. Dab roofing cement on the nail heads, under each shingle tab, and in any gaps between the shingles to keep water from getting underneath the diverter.

Press the shingles down to seal them back in place. Be sure and clean behind the rain diverter from time to time to keep leaves and other debris from building up. You can follow comments to this article by subscribing to the RSS news feed with your favorite feed reader.

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rain diverter over door Rain...

How can I slow the water down? Can you paint the aluminum to blend in with the shingles? I have a direct line of site from my window to the roofing area.

I have gutters but I also have huge amounts of water in my basement at the end that is under the back porch part of my basement. I do not have a sump pump. A diverter sounds good but it would not solve the run off going into the basement via the walk. I can reseal the wall again which connects with the outside walk but I decided to Metal strip diverting rain from over door put a gutter along that area to divert the water to the garden. A diverter might help but I have to do something about the overflow entering the basement at the wall.

Do rain diverters really work and would you use gutters with them. I am putting up an awning. Will I have to stop my gutter on both sides and just put a diverter on the shingle area above the door? I would love to gutter around but it would seem the rain would stay in the gutter that is at its low point over the doorway. I would appreciate any suggestions. We live in a condo with a clay tile roof and we have a wooden pergola with a patio sliding door underneath and the patio is cement.

Where could we put a rain diverter? Metal strip diverting rain from over door above the patio door or on top of the wooden pergola? The siding is stucco. We have a wooden floor and the slider has a doggie door in it and with sudden fast rain in Southern California—in the Metal strip diverting rain from over door the rain water has gotten on the wooden floor.

Sometimes we leave a towel up against it to absorb the water. How well does this hold up in the winter? We live in New Hampshire. In a heavy rain the spouting from a part of the Upper Roof drains to another piece of spouting which lies on the garage roofand empties in to the garage spouting.

There is a splash guard at the end of the spouting coming down to the garage spouting. The rain pours over the splash guard, and down to the foundation! I feel an elbow directed from the spouting coming off the garage roof where the splash guard is directed out horizontally into the final garage spouting would solve my problem of over flow at the splash guard. It will not clog will outlast your roof and is almost invisible. Can be found on 3 GIG website on Google.

I have a Gambrel type roof with architectural shingles. Would the diverter Metal strip diverting rain from over door It has been a few years since i installed a rain diverter. I needed a re-fresher to jog my memory. This was simple and to the point. If you did do that, use the same kind of metal as the roof is made of. I have a house on stile and the rain come off my roof and hit my stair make my stair like a water fall cause water to go under my house on the slab then to my shop.

So my question is dose this come in a L shapeand what i mean about a L shape i need it to start were the stair start and end along the side of the stairsand this would be if though you where look strait down on my roofand do you thank this is what i would need? A roofer has attached sheet metal baffles to the front of the eavestroughbut the force of the water soon knocked these off. I have rain water that comes off to fast from the roof and runs right over the gutters.

I am thinking a rain diverter would help help with this problem as it would let the water disperse into the rain gutter. How far back from the edge of the roof would I need to put the rain diverter? My situation is that I have one of those patio cover kits with the frame and the canopy. Problem is it just fits the area where I have it, and the water comes off the canopy and right down my kitchen wall. It has come in the window sometimes, and last October my deck fell off my house along that wall where the boards had rotted from moisture I think.

Got fired last June and trying to figure out best way to fix that, plus fix the original problem that caused the issue in the first place.

Also, have heard YellaWood is supposed to be treated to stand up the best against moisture, so was goint to replace with that. I had even thought about getting PVC pipe and cutting it long-ways to attach it to the bottom of the canopy, and drill holes in it to catch the water, and connect it with an elbow to a pipe going down to a rain diverter on the ground to direct it toward the yard.

I have water running down the outside of my foundation and causing a leak in my basement. The water is running from the 2 ends of my slider door which makes me think it may be a siding issue. Any suggestions about how to fix or figure out what is causing it too leak. I am just sheet rocking my basement and have never noticed this leak before. I have had leaks in other areas so I have been watching.

The door has been installed for about 18 years with never a problem that I have noticed before. This question was asked by Lucy and I could not find the answer. Also, where can you purchase something like this? I have a flat roof and the sides are cedar shingles.

Danny Lipford installing a rain...

Can I attach the flashing to the cedar shingles where Metal strip diverting rain from over door water drips down? When it rains, I have to walk through a waterfall to get out of the house. Can I install a roof rain diverter on a tile roof as the tiles are flat?

We do not get much rain in Nevada and I do not want to install gutters on the house. We just took down our gutters because during the winter the snow and ice built up and froze on the roof when it finally melted it took the gutters with it. Someone told me about somthing like this to divert the rain from dripping over the front door, we have a metal roof so there is no way of slidding it under any shingles, could we just screw it to the metal roof instead.

Any help would greatly be appreciated very much. Previous owners built a ramp to the side of my front porch — right where the valley rain pours onto the ramp and splatters on the side of the house. Boards starting to rot from over-exposure Metal strip diverting rain from over door moisture.

I am thinking of installing a rain diverter in the bottom of the valley to disperse the spout from the valley so it will drip over "Metal strip diverting rain from over door" edge instead of pouring in a big funnel onto the ramp. Any suggestions on how to install on in the bottom of a valley? It will have to be a right angle diverter.

I have water running off the side of my roof, as evidenced by the mud splashed up on the side of my house, and a water channel in my flower bed below. I need to prevent this problem as I do not want a wet basement. Can I install the rain diverter on the side of a roof, and if I do, how do I get the water back into the gutter?

Is there some other method of keeping the water on the roof, and not falling down the side of my house? Have you ever looked at the Barnetts Valley Controller, made for an inside corner, ot eliminates the need for a diverter.

It lets the debris slide off and pulls the water into the gutter. Great instructions for installing a rain diverter, which like others commenting here,are not easy to find in building supply stores. I went to a roofing company, drew them a little picture of the area I was trying to divert rain from and they fabricated one that matches the bronze windows and door facings in my home.

The ones in stores were only aluminum, were ugly, and would have needed paint. Roofing company had several color selections. I wonder if you could use say 4 10 footers properly placed to divert the water to any given corner of the house and have a catch basin to take the water? All one we need to do is make sure the pitch was right for say a 40 foot run no? No more long runs of guttering needed. Can you install a rain diverter on a metal roof using the same metal as the roof?

Our gutter guy says no problem but my boss and roofer are saying that this is never done. The roof is not tar or gravel, but a rolled out material that was heated. You also might want to install gutter guards "Metal strip diverting rain from over door" your gutters. I put the inexpensive plastic ones on mine.

A narrow version (13/16") is...

They were easy to install and have worked great so far 1 year. Does a rain diverter work well in Florida? My gutters keep filling up with tree debris. And even when clean — a hard rain will drive the water down the roof and over the gutter. Need to divert the water over a doorway but don't want to ruin the "looks " of the doorway?

A narrow version (13/16") is...

Then our copper rain diverter is the perfect solution! Often used when. to install a sheet metal rain diverter over a doorway on your roof to divert rainwater away from the How to change a weather strip on the bottom of your door.

Set of vinyl decals to look like garage door windows. Find out how to install a sheet metal rain diverter over a doorway on your roof . metal rain diverter over a doorway on your roof to divert rainwater away from . Cut to very wide strips.

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