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Who is klaus from vampire diaries dating


The relationship between the original hybridNiklaus Mikaelson and the vampireCaroline Forbes first began on antagonistic terms. They first interacted in Our Townwhen Tyler accidentally bit Caroline after being ordered to do so by Klaus, who was trying to get back at Stefan through his love for Elena.

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Although Tyler refused to intentionally bite Caroline, he still ended up nipping her on accident as a result of his sire bond to Klaus. Afterwards, Klaus went to Caroline's house and asked her motherLizto invite him into their home so he could heal her.

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When Klaus visited Caroline's bedroom, he showed a soft, empathetic side to his usually hostile and aggressive character. Klaus discovered that it was actually her birthday, and though Caroline assumed he would leave her to die, Klaus, showing genuine compassion, insisted that he wouldn't, especially considering the fact that it was her special day.

Klaus gave her a choice and told her he didn't have to heal her if she didn't want to continue living. After Caroline Who is klaus from vampire diaries dating that she did not want to die, he healed her using his blood and wished her a happy birthday.

He then left her a diamond bracelet in a box on her nightstand as a birthday gift. From there on, Klaus displays a genuine affection for Caroline, and his attraction and feelings for her continued to grow as the series went on.

Klaus wanted to show her the world and believes that one day, she'll let him do so. He also stated that he intends to be her last love, no matter how long it takes, and moved to New Orleans to settle down with his soon-to-be-born daughter and his surviving siblings.

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After returning to Mystic Falls to see the supposed death of KatherineKlaus was seen walking in the woods with Caroline, where he asked her to be honest about her feelings for him, promising that afterward, he would walk away and never return.

Caroline, finally accepting that they have a connection, admitted as much to Klaus, which led them to have sex for the first and, so far, only time.

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When it was over, Klaus promised to never come back, but let his offer for her to come find him in the future if she was ready just in case. When Caroline went on the run from Rayna Cruz with her twin daughters, Josie and Lizzieshe decided to go to New Orleansboth because she believed Klaus could help keep her safe and because of the St.

James Infirmarya bar protected against magic. When Josie asked her where they were going, Caroline explained that they were going to New Orleans Who is klaus from vampire diaries dating visit Mommy's friend. This worried her greatly. About a decade after that, she told Klaus that the reason that she went to look for him straight away, was because she knew deep down that he was never the villain in her story.

They are referred to as " Klaroline " by fans. Caroline and Klaus had no interactions with each other in Season Two at all, although Caroline first heard about Klaus from Elena in the episode: Klaus, however, intended to use Caroline as the vampire in the sacrifice to break the Who is klaus from vampire diaries dating Curse at Katherine 's suggestion.

Caroline was supporting him, as he was her boyfriend at the time, and he was appears to be dying from the transition. Klaus then walked into the room, and fed Tyler Elena's blood - that's when he and Caroline saw each other for the first time. In Our Townduring Caroline's birthday, Tyler accidentally bites her long after Klaus' request for him to do so, which he had previously refused to do.

Immediately after the incident, Tyler tells Klaus. Klaus arrives at the Forbes' home to help Caroline, requesting Liz 's support in exchange for her inviting him in to cure her daughter. Liz lets him in and Klaus enters Caroline's room, after which she questions whether or not he'd come to kill her.

He asks her if she thinks that low of him to kill her on her birthday, to which she responds "Yes. He comments that he loves birthdays, and Caroline rebuffs his comment, rhetorically asking him if he was a billion years old or so.

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He tells her that she'd have to adjust her perception of time due to the fact that she is now a vampire, and to celebrate that she is no longer bound by trivial human conventions. He explains to her that with her immortality as a vampire she is free, but Caroline disagrees, stating that she is dying instead. Klaus then tells her that he could let her die if she "Who is klaus from vampire diaries dating" believed that her existence "had no meaning", admitting that he had thought about it himself several times.

He then explains to her that the rest of the world is awaiting her, filled with great cities, art, music, and "genuine beauty", convincing her to want to stay alive. Klaus then gives her his blood.

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The next day, Caroline wakes up to find that the werewolf bite has healed after Klaus had given her some of his blood. She also found a box on the side table, with a piece of paper saying "From Klaus", as she opens the box it contains a bracelet that Klaus has left for her.

In Dangerous LiaisonsKlaus sends Caroline a dress and invites her to the ball which his mother had arranged. Initially she refuses to go. When she sees Rebekah inviting Mattshe changes her mind. Unsuccessfully, she tries to find a dress in her wardrobe that she likes more than the one Klaus gave her.

She relents and wears both the dress and the bracelet he gave to her for her birthday. When Caroline arrives at the ball, Klaus notices her immediately. However, his greeting is rebuffed as she soon rushes to find a drink instead. Klaus partners her during the waltz, during which she spends a lot of time staring over at Matt and Rebekah whilst giving an excuse of being unprepared as the reason she had worn his gown. Klaus counters by asking Caroline why she is wearing his bracelet as well.

Before she can reply, he compliments her dancing abilities and she declares that she is Miss Mystic Falls and Klaus confirms that he knows as much. Later, Klaus approaches Caroline outside whilst she is watching a horse and they discuss their respective relationships with their late fathers. Klaus relays a story of how one of his horses was once killed as his father tried to kill him. Again, Caroline reminds him that she is a good person and likes people and people like her, unlike him.

She then turns and walks away. He also shows her his collection of art, revealing that he is also an amateur artist and that her bracelet had once belonged to "a princess almost as beautiful as her.

Caroline is then surprised to learn that the beautiful drawings before her are actually that of Klaus' own. He then offers to take her to see the beauty of the world, offering to take her to Rome, Paris, and Tokyo, which makes them smile. Caroline asks what is like to get whatever he wants at a snap of his fingers and comes to the conclusion that this is why he creates hybrids.

The smile on Klaus' face falls and his voice deepens with threatening undertones telling her to stop making assumptions and to leave. Ignoring his words she continues to voice her realization that the reason he Who is klaus from vampire diaries dating this is because his father never loved him and so he believes that no one else would. She tells him the reason he doesn't connect with people is because he doesn't try.

Caroline walks away in anger. Klaus' angered face falls in shock of her brutal honesty towards him. He almost follows her but stops himself. When Caroline returns home, she finds out that he has left her another gift on her bed. Caroline discovers that he has drawn a portrait of her with a horse, and thanked her for being so honest with him. Who is klaus from vampire diaries dating looking at the drawing that Klaus drew for her, she has this confused and touched look on her face.

In All My ChildrenDamon concocted a plan to try and get Elena out of harms way by trying to find a loophole; If one were to stab an original, all four would fall excluding Klaus.

In order to do so, he needed a distraction so that Alaric could puncture Kol without Klaus knowing. This so happened to be Caroline. As Caroline walked into The Grill, Kol made a pun toward her, calling her a "tasty little thing", leaving Klaus to act protective over her and reply, " Say another word, and I'll tear out your liver.

After Caroline rejected his advances when asked if she would like to have a drink Who is klaus from vampire diaries dating them, acting upset, Klaus commented "Isn't she stunning? Klaus gulps his drink down, then follows Caroline as she walks outside, almost getting hit by a car. He calls out to her and she responds, "Are you serious? She replies that she just wants him to leave her alone, as he still insists for her to "take a chance, talk to me, get to know me. She asks him, "What do you want to talk about?

Your hopes, your dreams, everything you want in life. Klaus later feels a puncture in his heart, and goes into a rage, asking her what she did.

She responds that she didn't do anything, he grabs her, asking her again. Her response is still, "I didn't do anything. Klaus lets her go, and knows what has happened: At the Who is klaus from vampire diaries dating of the episode, Klaus burns the sketches he drew of Caroline, trying to burn his feelings for her, as well.

When questioned on it by a recently returned Tyler, Caroline was Who is klaus from vampire diaries dating to produce an answer as to why she still has it in her possession. At first she rejects him but says yes after Tyler agrees to it.

While they danced, Klaus tells her he's leaving the next day. Caroline responses with anything but relief. He says he would invite her to go with him but he knows she's not ready yet. He tells her that he'll show her "what the world has to offer" if she shows up on his doorstep one day.

Caroline just scoffs, hurting Klaus' feelings. Before Klaus leaves the dance, he promises Caroline that she'll soon be bored with her "small-town boy" and her "small-town life" and that it won't be enough for her. Caroline watches Klaus leave, Who is klaus from vampire diaries dating an unquestioned look on her face.

Caroline nods and thanks him. He looks at her, touched, for a moment and then runs away. Caroline turns around for a second, looking at where he went, before finally running home.

Caroline later was seen at Elena's house pouring drinks into shot glasses for a "victory party," as she called it in celebration of a "Klaus-free life. In The DepartedCaroline goes to find Tyler, crying because Klaus is assumed dead and Tyler will die as well, being sired to him. Unknown to Caroline, Tyler is being possessed by Klaus so, while Caroline is crying to Tyler and saying her goodbyes, it is really Klaus. He tells her "You're strong, and you have a beautiful future ahead of you.

Klaus then pretends to be dying, and tells Caroline to leave. She refuses, but Klaus finally gets her to leave by starting to transform into a wolf. Caroline is shocked and disturbed to discover that Klaus is in Tyler's body.

Did you know that these "Vampire Diaries" stars have dated in real life? moments with Michael Trevino's Tyler and Joseph Morgan's Klaus. Elena Salvatore (née Gilbert) is a fictional character and protagonist in the novel series The Vampire Diaries. In The Vampire Diaries, set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, she is. Before The Vampire Diaries, Elena dated Matt Donovan ( Zach Roerig), who was unable to move past his feelings for her initially after their.

The relationship between the original hybrid, Niklaus Mikaelson and the vampire, Caroline Forbes first began on antagonistic terms. They first interacted in Our.

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