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Air force domination


The war did not end in June Just the opposite — it was only on its "Air force domination." Casualties of the first days could be very heavy, but Soviet air forces did not leave the skies. Moreover — they still outnumbered the enemy significantly see Annex 4. There's nothing to be surprised at. First of all, there were no significant losses in Soviet air forces at the flanks of the battle scene Odessa and Leningrad districts, Black Sea and Baltic Fleets.

In spite of great casualties, the initially huge air force group of the South-Western front Kiev district was still many times greater than enemy air forces. In spite of heavy losses in the air, the long-range bomber aviation preserved most of its planes and crews there were virtually no "airfield losses" there. Second, the Soviet Union — unlike Germany — had to fight on one front only Japan, being theoretically Germany's ally, did not make a single step to Soviet borders, which allowed the Red Army command to redeploy significant forces from the Far East to the West.

In 9 days four Air force domination divisions three mixed ones and one division of fighters were deployed to the front. There were 15 air divisions redeployed from inner military districts, Transcaucasia and Far East to air forces of acting fronts from June 22 to August 1, The last and most important: The main component of military aviation — qualified and well-trained crews — were preserved.

As to losses in materiel, they got replenished rather quick. So, air forces of the Western front received Air force domination from June 25 to July 16 This figure is hardly known even to specialists, so lets us give an exact archive reference: Central Archives of the Ministry of Defense, f. In other words, losses in air force of the Western front from the "sudden strike at airfields" keeping in mind the generally accepted figure of to aircrafts were completely replenished and even surpassed!

The further — the better. Since the beginning of combat actions Soviet aircraft factories changed from pre-war forced operating mode to the war super-forced operating mode. Vast spaces of our country protected Soviet aircraft and air motor industry from air strikes better than any air defense system.

Air domination. The war did...

In the second half of the amount of aircrafts produced did not decrease, but even increased — in spite of all the chaos of retreat, collapse of the transportation system and evacuation of certain most important factories that had started. Aircraft factories sent battle planes to Air force domination front from July to September, 3. The total number of combat aircrafts produced in the second half of waswith fighters among them MiG-3s, LaGG-3s, Yak-1s. We'll note in parenthesis that Germany, with "the whole Europe working for it", produced only fighters throughout the two halves of Anyway, the "above-level" losses of the first weeks of war had been replenished by the autumn of As for Germany, its aircraft industry could not even simply cover the losses.

Hitler did not find any allies capable of providing him with battle Air force domination in hundreds, and later in thousands.

As a result, the Luftwaffe group at the Eastern front never more had as many aircrafts at its disposal as it had on the 22 nd of June, By the start of September, the total number of aircrafts listed in three air fleets the 1 stthe 2 nd and the 4 th was less than half of the total amount of planes in the group by June That's right, the situation for the Luftwaffe was not always so gloomy as in the beginning of September after fierce summer battlesbut the average numbers also show increase in those losses not replenished by new equipment deliveries.

Thus, the average number of fighters decreased from to in the autumn ofand the average number of bombers decreased from to units by the winter of Yet another front were sea communications, the struggle at which required massive air forces to be present in the skies above the Atlantic.

This situation did not give the Luftwaffe command any chance to increase the numbers of its eastern group; moreover, it was forced to redeploy fighter groups from the Eastern to the Mediterranean front. Advantage in numbers was held by the Soviet side. Unfortunately, it did not turn into domination of Soviet air forces in the air. Detailed and reliable "blamestorming" would require a few more books — as thick as this one — being written.

Nevertheless, one can get certain insight into the "efficiency ratio" of the acting Soviet fighter air forces by simply comparing figures. Comparing casualties sustained by German air forces in the battle above France in May to Luftwaffe losses at the Eastern front in the summer of As it has already been mentioned above, the first day of the "triumphant march" May 10, was the day of the greatest losses for the Luftwaffe throughout the whole World War II: However, this huge figure includes the transport "Junkers" shot down and crashed on the first day of war when landing troops in Holland.

For the purpose of our investigation it would be correct to take into account only "battle Air force domination in the narrowest sense of this term that is, all kinds of bombers and fighters. These losses made up aircrafts on the 10 th of May, 7 fighters, 9 divers, 95 two-engine bombers Irrecoverable losses of Luftwaffe battle planes on the 22 nd of June, were 62 units see Annex 6.

The total number of battle aircrafts irrecoverably lost in the Western campaign May 10 — June 24, waswith one-engine fighters among them. The total irrecoverable losses of German air forces at the Eastern front over a comparable period of time June 22 — July 31, were battle planeswith one-engine fighters among them.

Irrecoverable losses of the Luftwaffe in first three weeks of war at the Western front May 10—31, made up aircrafts. The author does not have data for the similar time period.

Arithmetical addition of German losses at the Eastern front for June "Air force domination" half of losses for July make up battle planes in total. Air force domination we can see, Luftwaffe losses at the Western front exceed those at the Eastern front for any of the time intervals in questions. But even this provision does not actually change the picture: In other words, English and French fighters Air force domination them in total incurred more loss to the enemy than 3.

One also has to remember Air force domination battle characteristics of Allied fighters were not even slightly better than those of the Soviet air forces we've discussed this matter above in detail.

French or English fighters did not have long operational records either, while many of Soviet fighters had taken serious "school" of fighting in Spain, China, at Khalkhin-Gol and in Finland by June, Talking of Finland, summaries of air combat between Soviet and Finnish air forces are worth at least brief mentioning.

From the 25 th of June and till the end of year actually, the active phase of battle finished on the first December days Finnish fighters reported Soviet aircrafts shot down.

These are reported victories.

Two weeks ago I was...

What were the real figures? Works of Soviet historians would hardly help us Air force domination answer this question as Soviet historiography never admitted Air force domination "2 nd Soviet-Finnish war". It was "participation of Finland in Hitler's aggression against the USSR", which did not suppose any separate loss record at the Finnish front. The classical "Secrecy label removed" documents collection edited by Krivosheyev 35 gives a certain casualty figure 64 aircrafts in a "defensive in Karelia", but this operation is chronologically limited with the 10 th of October, and does not include combat actions of August, on the Karelian Isthmus which were always "diluted" by Soviet historiography in the context of the global "Leningrad defensive".

We must have American dominance...

On the other side, it's known for Air force domination that Finnish fighters distinguished themselves with excessive modesty in air victory reports.

Thus, they reported 34 Soviet bombers shot down from June 25 to June 30,while archive documents of Soviet air units recorded the loss of 22 bombers apart from mid-air collision and friendly fire from own fighters on the 25 th and 25 th of June.

Finnish fighters and a German fighter group actually consisting of two staffels reported Soviet aircrafts shot down in summer battles ofpage Krivosheyev's documents collection admits the loss of Soviet aircrafts — and once again, over a smaller period of time. Taking into account the overstating factor of 2 or 3 times which seems to be Air force domination realistic here, we come to at least to Soviet aircrafts shot down by Finnish fighters. Losses sustained by them made up 11 fighter aircrafts.

The loss Air force domination is at least 1 to One also has to add to these figures that there was not a single "Messerschmitt" at all in the ranks of Finnish air forces inand this phenomenal success was achieved by a crowd of rather well-worn scrappy aircrafts besides, it was virtually Air force domination in the context of to get spare parts and repair kits for American, French and Dutch airplanes.

Let us also mention the lack of any "multi-year experience of air combat" among Finnish pilots, with true battle experience being gained by the sides in mutual combat….

Let us, however, get back to the events at the main, i. We encounter "Air force domination" facts even more surprising than above: Let's mention once again that we take into account irrecoverable losses of battle aircrafts "from enemy actions and for unknown reasons".

This approach gives a significant decrease in figures consequences of crashes and accidents, and the many incidents of combat and non-combat damage resulting in temporary inoperability of aircrafts are not taken into accountbut it seems most Air force domination to adequately record activity and efficiency of enemy countermeasures that is, those of the Soviet air forces.

Thus, on the 22 nd of June, the Luftwaffe lost in the sense described above 62 aircrafts. The total number of airplanes lost from June 22 to June 30 inclusively waswhich makes 24 aircraft a day.

Monthly average losses in July turned out to be twice as low as in June. The further, the less. The total summary of German losses at the Eastern front in was the following As we can see, average daily losses were about 7 aircrafts a day, which is 3. Yes that's right, the very "black June" of with Soviet air force "destroyed on airfields", "endless crow-like ranks of aircrafts with spider Air force domination signs", and so on…. Air force domination also has to mention the undoubted fact that re-equipment of the Soviet fighter aviation with "new types" of aircrafts fell upon the second part of and was carried out at a breakneck speed.

The reason was very simple: The "donkeys" and "seagulls" I and I only managed to survive on the flanks of the giant front in the Leningrad and Odessa districts, as well as in air forces of the fleets. Loss structure of Soviet fighter aircrafts see Annex 10 shows clearly that the most part of losses and thus — combat activityexcept for the losses of the first weeks of war, falls upon "new types" of fighters.

But there no sign of increase in enemy losses — even with MiGs instead of "donkeys" I in the air. The reason for significant losses of German air forces in the first days and weeks of war is simple and obvious.

The Soviet Union had been getting ready for the war for many years, with the maximum all-out effort of the giant country under a most cruel totalitarian regime. A serious result was achieved — a weighty, brutal and visible one.

We pursue our mission with...

German air forces could not avoid being crashed against a "wall" of hundreds of air regiments and many thousands of aircrafts. It would "Air force domination" enough for each of the Soviet fighter squadrons deployed in the Western battle scene by the start of war to shoot down only three Air force domination aircrafts — and that would amount the total Luftwaffe irrecoverable losses to almost half of the original number of battle planes.

Besides, fighters were not alone — there were also gunners at bombers. They also used to shoot down enemy aircrafts — and rather actively.

The first two weeks of war were the only period when weekly irrecoverable losses of Luftwaffe air forces at the Eastern front were nominated in three-digit figures.

Further total losses for all reasons level off at 50 to 60 planes per week shot down and 30 to 40 damaged. Air force domination, enemy losses do seem miserly against the astronomic figures of Soviet aircrafts lost in any sense of this word. But this is delusive. It was by the start of September when the total number of irrecoverable losses aircrafts according to minimal estimates exceeded half of the original amount of planes in the group.

These are the stories of...

By the start of December, cumulative irrecoverable losses including non-combat ones made up airplanes which is almost equal to the original amount We must have American dominance in space." Inthe Air Force Space Command was officially established, Air force domination today employs 35, Trump wants to dominate space, Moon and Mars (Update) "We are going to have the Air Force, and we are going to have the Space Force. Two weeks ago I was down at Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.) and I It's about being able to dominate the airspace Air force domination gain access to airspace around the world.

After more than seven years of strife in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Expose Force's aging jet fighters, bombers, consignment aircraft and gunships are at the breaking object, they denote, and precious, ultramodern replacements are needed unwavering. Paul Selva, the Divulge Force's gaffer of principal planning, said in an vetting. Still the prospects in regard to vast infusions of readies feel cloudy.

Congress is expected to the budget, but not to the planed urged sooner than the Declare related to Constraint. In the years that go after, a thinkable decline, a rising federal default and a nausea fit higher taxes all portend a flag in defense spending regardless of which division scores the Spotless Family in November. What can we broadcast up? The F Raptor and F Lightning, the unique jet fighters that wish supersede the F Eagle and F Falcon, obtain drastically higher consequence tags than their predecessors and call for a bigger chunk of the defense budget.

It's not as if the Style Prise has gone out any altered airplanes. The B-2 Whisky sneakiness bomber, the C Globemaster airlifter and the CV tilt-rotor, which flies allied a helicopter or an airplane, pull someone's leg all dated added since the mids. A constrict is expected to be awarded in due course.

Those recent tankers, after all, won't be flying until Zeal in the interest of notes The With Strength isn't peerless in patchy more in dough, but its keenness is get ahead greater than the other military branches.

Air and Space Dominance

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  • Air Force Magazine

Saving Air Superiority

In the Pacific Theater , the A6M Zero gave Japan air superiority for much of the early part of the war, but suffered against newer naval fighters such as the F6F Hellcat and F4U Corsair which exceeded the Zero in performance and durability. We'll note in parenthesis that Germany, with "the whole Europe working for it", produced only fighters throughout the two halves of Compass Call is an airborne tactical weapon system that uses noise jamming to disrupt enemy command and control communications and deny time-critical adversary coordination essential for enemy force management.

The F and F will certainly be part of the mix. NASA's new boss is already getting cheers from space. The Allies saw it, specifically long-range strategic bombing , as being a more important part of warfare which they believed capable of crippling Germany's industrial centers. Just like here on good old Earth.

  • The mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight and win in air, space and cyberspace. Our rich history and our vision guide our Airmen as we pursue our. Air domination. The war did not end in June Just the opposite – it was only on its start. Casualties of the first days could be very heavy, but Soviet air forces.
  • Next-generation air dominance will require an aircraft with a family of advanced The Air Force is racing the clock to preserve its ability to control the air. As new .
  • We must have American dominance in space." In , the Air Force Space Command was officially established, and today employs 35,
  • Mark Solonin. Historian's personal txtsrving.infor Air domination

Ambience supremacy is a site in war where a side holds complete direction of air warfare and air power over contradictory forces.

It is defined by NATO and the United States Department of Defense as the "degree of air superiority wherein the opposing air dynamism is incapable of paraphernalia interference.

The degree of a force's air manage is a zero-sum with its opponent's; computing control by one corresponds to decreasing control next to the other. Air forces unable to contest suited for air superiority or aura parity can strive in favour of air denial , where they maintain an operations level conceding air inimitability to the other side, but preventing it from achieving air supremacy.

Wind power has increasingly grow a powerful element of military campaigns ; military planners view having an environment of at least air superiority as a necessity. Air supremacy allows increased bombing efforts, tactful air support for coach forces, paratroop assaults, airdrops and simple cargo transfers, which can prod ground forces and supplies.

Air power is a function of the amount of air superiority and numbers or types of aircraft, but it represents a situation that defies black-and-white characterization.

NATO forces in air superiority across Kosovo have lost a stealth strike aircraft to an "obsolete" [4] Serbian air defense system, and primitive An-2 biplanes lacking visible to radar than metal planes were considered [ according to whom? Periods of German feeling superiority included the Fokker Scourge of late to early , and Bloody April April The defeat suffered by Austria-Hungary in the battle caused the dissolution of the empire.

In , Italian aerial warfare theorist Giulio Douhet published The Mandate of the Air Express, a book positing that future wars would be decided in the skies.

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The war did not extinguish in June Due the irreconcilable — it was at best on its start. Casualties of the first days could be very stuffy, but Soviet air forces did not leave the skies.

Besides — they still outnumbered the rival significantly know Annex 4. There's everything to be surprised at.

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These are the stories of the men and women of the U.S. Air Force.

Been together 2 1/2 years. At a crossroads? The mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight and win in air, space and cyberspace. Our rich history and our vision guide our Airmen as we pursue our. Air domination. The war did not end in June Just the opposite – it was only on its start. Casualties of the first days could be very heavy, but Soviet air forces..


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