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All of the information on the front page is neatly placed about, and easy to navigate through and find what you need. The gist of everything is provided for you, and you can easily get an idea of what to expect if you were to sign up.

The other nice thing it shows you, is just how many members are on at one time. This is a small, yet significant detail. Just looking on there for the first time, there are 5, female singles, and 6, male singles online. You have to expect that not everyone who is apart of the site is "Datehookup login sign up a" at one time, so this is only a partial sum of the actual entire population of the website.

Just from these numbers, it is most likely very large. This is only an estimated number though, from the current singles online. It could reflect on the whole population, which in that case, both genders have an even chance of finding their perfect match.

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Datehookup login sign up a, that site does remind me of myspace, but if you are looking for a solid dating site with tons of features, check out naughtyfind. I can not get my messages on this sitehave to go back to one message that I saved. Also not receiving match info, from this site. Have tried to contact this site but no response.

Do they think me in such good shape that I can jump through this many hoops? I am a member of Date hookup but cant sign on or log on to it.

I was on Datehookup. Now I can not get back on Datehookup. I cant get back on and directs me to other sites.

Member Login % FREE dating,...

Am Datehookup login sign up a of it,cant get on others either. Maybe I should report this to Kks attorney General as a false ad. Ive had them before help me. But like all other dating sites if you are a male its little bit complicated to find a mate, i waited for near 2 months to get my first match however if you can paint a good profile it may be easier. People are allowed to do and say anything on there.

Also, they are not allowing any more people to join. When you go to their site to join, it asks you several questions, and then the site signs you up for another one of their dating sites instead! That is just wrong, and probably illegal also. Something needs to be done about that site. I have been on this one site and was in a great relationshio for a year but coukdnt get her off of it. It was an exciting ride Datehookup login sign up a now im trying again.

I would never recommend date hook up to anyone loking for a long term relationship. Hell, I think it would even be insulting for casual dating too.

Datehookup is just like anyother dating site except it is free and has lots more forums, many age oriented. Unfortunately, the forums are run by people who just want to play online word and picture games or make snide, petty remarks to each other. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Naomi Bradley on December 24, Fred on January 9, 4: Shuronski on December 5, 9: Richard on November 25, 3: Abby on September 13, 2: Delma on June 22, Balli4 on May 22, 9: Don't want my name listed on January 11, 3: Frankjacobsen on September 2, 3: Ur rite it is inposable to get back on!

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Datehookup is a good site but hell to login Reply. Sign in. «Date Hookup» - % free online date hookup site for singles in United States and around the world. % FREE "Datehookup login sign up a," chat and personals on our Free DateHookup network. Register with us to find your perfect Free DateHookup match. Our system includes. Date hook up plentyoffish login sign in page dinner the countess was agreeable and talkative, which won her Madame d'Urfe's entire favour her.

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