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Girl meets girl a hookup survival guide


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Surviving and thriving in college...

Want to start a local lair? Seddit Simple Questions Thread. Having your shit together is the most attractive quality to have in college. So I'm guessing everyone saw the top post yesterday on how to hook up with girls and college by that apparent idiot named "Raizo".

That entire post was the biggest load of bullshit I've ever seen on this sub, Girl meets girl a hookup survival guide the topic of sex and college is one that frequently comes up and for the upcoming freshers there's a lot of misleading information in order to take advantage. So in the spirit of this sub, I'm going to try and give as much as accurate and honest advice I can. Do not go to college because you want to get laid, or you want to "find yourself" or it's what all your friends are doing.

You will and deserve to fail. The main point to take away here is that the people who say college is the best time of your life did it wrong. You should not go to a liberal arts college and study some bullshit degree like the author of that post said, because:. You are fucking yourself up for later in life. That's probably why Raizo's still studying at By far, the most attractive characteristic to have in college is stability. Having a goal, plan or at least some sort idea of what the hell you going to do Girl meets girl a hookup survival guide uni is going to set you miles apart from the vast majority guys around you.

Both girls and guys will gravitate to that ambition and as long as you don't consistently go on about yourself and how amazing you are, they'll appreciate the one friend or boyfriend who actually has their shit together. But let's get down to business. This entire framework will based on Mark Manson's approach and Frank Yang's girls in one year art projectso none of the stuff here's my own, I'm completely ripping off these two guys.

Girls at college are going to be the most superficial and judgemental people you've ever met. This is because they have to be. They're going to be approached around 5 to 7 times a day no joke and because it's college, the majority of guys hitting on them will be idiots.

In fact, there'll be so many idiots that unfortunately some of them will succeed. This why the majority of shitposts on how to get laid in college overarching advice is to be an idiot. Do Not be an Idiot. Remember why you're there, remember that college is only a stepping stone and you've actually got to have a life, job, house and responsibilities after this. So don't take liberties with your money and health chasing tail. You will regret this. Because girls need to be judgemental in order to sift through the shits to the slightly-less-shits, you need to break through this barrier.

The ultimate and universal way to do this is to workout. Do not cheap out on this. There will never be an easier time to start working than in college, and if you haven't got the balls to the gym and pick up a barbell, you won't have the balls to even talk to girls. If you're working out enough and good looking, girls will come up to you. Makes life much easier.

You will be the dumbest you have ever been at college. People go into college thinking they're some hot shit, then fail epically. The combination of freedom and fundamental lack of responsibility. Yes, they're responsible for themselves, but most aren't thinking about their future or what jobs they need or anything remotely important.

Read your course-books, pdfs, don't buy that shit then read everything else. It's going to give you something to talk about once a girl thinks you've worked out enough to deem relatively worth talking to. Secondly, it's going to give you an edge in getting top grades. You're not learning anything. Sure you might be excluded when the social conversation turns to Game of Girl meets girl a hookup survival guide or something, but it's not worth wasting your time.

If your friends keep talking about it around you, just say you've read the books and if they don't shut up you'll start giving out spoilers.

College is the most socially exclusive time of your life. It was ridiculous the number of girls coming up to me and knowing my name because we had a high number of mutual friends on Facebook. Everyone's consistently judging everyone.

Having said all that, when "Raizo" says that it's impossible to break into social group after the first month or so into a semester, this is more bullshit. People change social circles all the time college. That's half the fun to be honest, meeting new people, having new experiences. Best way to beat this?: Aside from working out, joining the right clubs. This is by far the toughest to navigate, so give me a little leeway on this one.

Now in the post, Raizo says to join fraternities. They didn't have a Greek life at my uni, but judging him on everything else he said in the post, this also probably bullshit. Why would you join a society full of guys to meet girls? By far the quickest way to hook up with Girl meets girl a hookup survival guide many girls as you can is to know as many girls as you can.

Plus fraternities don't sound great for your grades, but every college's social structure is different so I'll let you decide yourself.

The best guide I can provide is going to have to be from my own experience so here goes. I joined 4 societies. One academic Guy to girl ratio The key to social standing at uni is knowing as many people as possible.

The more people you know, the more you're seen to be known and the more people will want to know you. Law of Social Momentum.

of the Friend Zone: A...

By far, the two easiest societies to get laid in at most colleges are the biggest competitive athletics society American Football, Rugby, Lacrosse, table tennis; whichever one is brought up is conversation most often and the Christian Society.

If you're the star player on the biggest team, you're not going to need this subreddit. You're going to have a great time, but your life will effectively be:.

Tinder Strategy; Why The Common...

I've quite couple of friends who weren't able to balance it, so I'm not overly envious of the challenge. Religious beliefs aside, the reason why the Christian Society is my preferred choice is because the majority of girls who join the club have never been given the amount of freedom and contact to boys as they have in college, and to be honest most of the guys are dweebs Girl meets girl a hookup survival guide there's not much real competition.

Slight warning though, religious and political societies do tend to have the most drama, so after getting with about a fifth of the girls there, be ready for some blowback. The number of religious teens that believe that the poophole-loophole is real, simultaneously hilarious and tragic.

The goal of joining any society is social standing. If it's a Girl meets girl a hookup survival guide society and it's continuously being brought up the guys in their are dirtbags or whatever; more likely than not, that's the society where most hookups are happening.

It's a thin line though. If a society's something like Poker or Warhammer, and it's seen negatively, it's best to avoid it.

Don't join a society because you share a belief, or you enjoy the activity. Join a society that has a reasonable number of girls, know the girls, know their friends, and you'll be away. Advantage of a society is that the committee or leaders have an incentive for inclusiveness. They need everyone to have a good time so they'll want to keep coming.

If you're shy this is the best to break down these barriers Not everyone gets laid at college. You're never going to read this on those "Just be an idiot" shitposts online, but this is me being honest.

It's actually quite strange the number of people who go all Ted Mosby and think just because you didn't find the one in those 3 to 4 years, that you're somehow broken or you're going to spend the rest of your life alone.

If you worked out, stayed healthy, got good grades instead of chasing tail, you're going to be fine. Best way to get beat this?: Remember that it's easier to get laid as Girl meets girl a hookup survival guide adult than as a college student.

Now this is going to sound controversial to those who remember college as the best years of their life, but if you figured your shit out earlier, you won't have to worry. Having a decent career and a healthy lifestyle in you mid-to late twenties is far more attractive then burning out early and spending your life fantasising about what could have been. Single women after college in particular, fall into this trap via a "fear of the body clock".

To be frank, most guys I know who did well in school but failed socially, reached women within the first two years in work, so I wouldn't worry. Past performance is not an indicator of the future. Always live in a dorm on campus. I was fortunate never to have a room-mate, but given the choice of sharing a bunk or social exclusion living out in the digs, I'd take the bunk. Just don't wear a suit everywhere. It's not impressive and yeah you'll get noticed but no one likes that guy.

Attend all your lectures. Good for grades, but the more you're there, the more you're noticed, and the more girls will recognise you on nights out. Sleep is vital to both working out and grades. You're aren't going to succeed at anything if you're pull all nighters, then heading out. Somedays you Girl meets girl a hookup survival guide to choose. I hate how it's labeled as a “dating” or “hookup” app, as I am actually Every girl, and most guys that I know, has a name, or a list of names, that.

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