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Best topless beaches in spain


So, I'm going to Spain for my first time this summer for work. I'm gonna stay at Barcelone and Valencia from next Monday until September lucky me and of course I'm gonna spent some serious time at the beach.

For what I could understand from friends, it seems that there are no big problems with nudity in spain, but I prefer some advice from someone who live there. How is really perceived topless and in general going to the "Best topless beaches in spain" with blush skimpy swimwear? Should I be worried about being seen by colleagues? Consider that I should work in an open minded environment as far as I know As a matter of fact, there is no national or regional law whatsoever prohibiting even full-blown nudity anywhere.

Some towns have local by-laws setting fines for full nudity in some beaches or partial nudity elsewherebut as long as you don't go around naked in the streets of Barcelona or in a church Could even lead to harassment charges, as a matter of fact. This is one question most Spaniards will have difficulty comprehending. Unless your breasts are of some professional interest to your colleagues, what you do with them is pretty much your own business.

Again, even the slightest mention of the matter could land them into much more trouble than you. First, yours definitely won't be the only exposed breasts around, second, Best topless beaches in spain harassment charges are no laughing matter in Spain.

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Men may hit on you, but not necessarily any more than if you wore a top. As I understood it, she's worried about being seen by colleagues in case topless is not a normal thing and it might affect her Best topless beaches in spain because she could be considered 'indecent'.

OP, do not worry at all about this. There is no moral police here, and nobody will think less of you if you go topless because everybody and their grandmothers do it. And I mean it literally: What could happen is if a straight male or gay female colleague Best topless beaches in spain you half-naked they might see you in a more sexual way, even if they do not utter a word of it, but that's something that can't be helped.

Well, I don't care much about being seen in a sexual manner by somebody, it happens also with winter coats on. Not a problem, humans are attracted by other humans.

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Is more how I could perceived in the professional environment and if I could pointed as as you say. Well, about the body type, I'm concerned since I'm not "perfect", but my worries are similar to the ones I would have wearing a bikini. Just wanted to know if judgement is different with and without the people. Seems not, by the way!

I suppose that Spanish people have a lot of defects as every other population, but your "liberal" vision of human and in particular of the female body is great. As it should be anywhere IMHO. I have never thought about full nudity. But now I think I should at last give a try, since it seems that nobody would yell "you filthy exhibitionist" behind me. It is usually not allowed in regular beaches, and while we do have nudist ones locals are not always happy about them.

In fact, throughout the years there's been protests in some places, and a number of them Best topless beaches in spain been closed or reverted to "Best topless beaches in spain" general use. To this day, nudism is still not seen as something completely normal in Spain. Topless is fine, because nobody minds breasts who would? But when genitalia are involved, specially men's, things are different. I guess we are only liberal to a point.

So if you want to try full nudity I'd say good for you and go ahead, but make sure you do it in a place where it is completely accepted. And even though I really don't think anybody will call you names, be prepared for the possibility of a Peeping Tom on the beach limit.

Seems more difficult than it was at the beginning. Are there any nudist-dedicated beaches in the area aforementioned? Of course I don't want to bother anyone with my behaviour, I'll stick with what is usually done there! Another question, if I may: Where I live are less accepted than topless??? I'm not planning about wearing one, but I'm curious about what are the limits in that sense.

And, again, I don't want to bother anyone with my "oh yeah, bare skin! It will not worth the pain! And probably once I get there I would be too self-conscious! I'm Canadian and have been to beaches all over Spain - thong swimsuits are crazy popular and lots of women of all ages go topless with no one seeming to notice or stare.

It's technically legal back home but I've never even thought of doing it, now I'm so used to not wearing a top it will be Best topless beaches in spain to wear one. I'm Italian and here topless is legal and in some areas also quite common, but quite always seen as indecent. So I can feel you at least partially. I have always wanted to go topless but since I'll be categorized as a whore or an exhibitionist, I've always avoided.

So, I'm going to Spain...

I can't wait to go to Spain and free my friends! I'm also a bit anxious, but I suppose is normal for the first time. Well, "Best topless beaches in spain" wouldn't have thought so from watching Italian TV The funny thing is that many Spaniards who grew up in the s still thank an Italian for their first glimpse of nipple on TV.

Oversexualized and not-so-much-dressed girls are ok on TV at But topless near kids at the beach is nopenopenope. There's certainly no problem in Valencia regarding what you wear or what you look like. Malvarossa is Valencia's most popular beach and topless there is no problem. Just south of Valencia there is a section of beach in El Saler which is nudist Because in that case, it would worth the nudity. BTW, are this beaches accessible via public transport? Still deciding if taking a car or not.

I'm not a regular at the beach, in fact I only know it's there because I stumbled across it one day. It's more like a section of the beach which runs from south of the river in Valencia for many kilometres towards Cullera. There's a bus that runs from Valencia to El Saler through Pinedo but I've no idea how freuent that is. I haven't been in any, though, so I can't really recommend one in particular I'm not against it or anything, I just don't like beaches much.

Regarding thongs, it's an Best topless beaches in spain question. I guess as long as they don't enter Wicked Weasel territory most people will not think twice about it. Best topless beaches in spain you can see, some of them don't really leave much to the imagination. What you linked is standard swimwear, briefs and Brazilian cut, so it's ok! Not enough brave for that for the front side "Best topless beaches in spain" than the back side.

I would feel more comfortable nude: As I said, I'm not a big fan of beaches, and I haven't gone to any so far this year, so I'm not sure how revealing bikinis are at the moment, but I reckon nobody will say anything if, pardon my candor, your ass shows a bit more than the usual.

Specially if it's a nice one. We all like a nice ass. Well, I'm a bit self conscious about my bum, but after a tough year of workout maybe he deserves some free skin too. Someone gifted me a little-too-much-revealing swimwear And the majority of women put on their top before walking around at the beach, but even then, it's pretty normal to not do it.

Your question is really from a very anglo POV as it's just not an issue here. It'd be like asking if it's okay for a guy to take his shirt off. And the answer is pretty much the same, no issue even if not everyone does it. And don't walk into town like that. So basically can I apply the rule "where is ok to be topless for men is ok for women too"? So definitely not my intention, lol! In Menorca, all beaches are naturist friendly.

As an Englishman, I admit there was a moment of hesitation for me with that but in the end, I decided to go along with it. I've even been told that the police go undercover - and nude - on the beaches there! Near BCN, many - but not all - beaches have a corner or like a more remote part which is for nude sunbathing. There are also dedicated beaches for it. Since is so common and well accepted police?

I could give a try. Oh well, maybe I should wear that at home and avoid this show Best topless beaches in spain in public. Haters gonna hate, lookers gonna look, general population just doesn't care. Lookers gonna look anyway. I experienced very creepy looks even with simple dresses.

I learnt to don't care. I only have anecdotal evidence, but when I was in Malagueta last year we saw several older women with their tops pulled down, tanning.

I don't know if you'd be received differently or harassed, but mostly no one seemed to care. If you are someone who loves to have an all over tan, then it's time to bare all and seek out the best nudist beaches Spain has to offer. Find our 10 top (Less) nude beaches in Spain that you need to visit on your holiday. in Spain, it is nearly always acceptable to tan topless on the beach?

If you're looking for one of the best sunsets you'll ever witness, then. Whatever the reason, topless (not to mention full-on nude) beaches in Europe are plentiful. Playa de Ses Illetes, Formentera, Spain | David Arts/Shutterstock.

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