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Dating with a purpose devotional


Welcome to Christian Forums, a forum to discuss Christianity in a friendly surrounding. Your voice is missing! You will need to register to be able to join in fellowship with Christians all over the world.

We hope to see you as a part of our community soon and God Bless! Should dating couples really do devotions together Discussion in ' Courting Couples ' started by Lizzi4ChristJun 1, Jun 1, 1. My boyfriend and I don't do devotions together. We talked about it and decided not to do them. Each of our relationship with God is the most important thing.

Before our relationhip with each other, we need to keep that relationship with God first and foremost. By doing devotions together, a couple becomes closer. I don't think I've seen a couple who have done them and haven't although, there most likely have been some. Is it wise to become close like that to a person who you don't know if you'll be married to? At first, I Dating with a purpose devotional like the thought of that. I downright hated it.

But as I though about it, I think it makes sense. When I get married, I want to have that spiritual closeness Dating with a purpose devotional my husband and only with him. I don't want to have shared that with any other guy, no matter how much I cared about him or even if I loved him. Even though we don't do devotions together, we do talk about spiritual things and talk about beliefs and doctrine and sometimes pray together.

I'm talking about actual devotions. What do you think? We teamed up with Faith Counseling. Can they help you today? Jun 1, 2. So many Christian couples thing in order to keep God first in their relationships they need to have devotional times and prayer times together but this just isn't true at all. Like you said, if you are keeping God first in your personal relationships then you will be keeping God first in your relationship as a couple.

Many ministers say that prayer between a couple is more intimate than sex and being married I can tell you this is true, it is the most intimate thing you can do together. This can be dangerous in a dating relationship because the prayer and devotional time can turn quickly into an excuse to be alone together and grow in intimacy and that intimacy can quickly result in sexual immorality.

Jun 1, 3. Lizzi, before I give my view, let me say that I'm unsure whether you mean dating couple specific devotions or general devotions like Morning and Evening Spurgeon Personally I would not see a problem with it as long as it took the place of your personal devotion time.

I wholeheartedly agree that to foster the most godly relationship with your SO, your personal times need to happen.

But there is, I believe, a good purpose in occasionally talking about youe beliefs, doctrine and the like, but having it more formalised with a devotional guide. Perhaps if you're doing the same devotional series it can be good to talk about issues that you thought about and the God moved you to act upon once a week. Then you can know things that you can be praying about for them, and be able to offer your own perspectives, hence working together to enrich your understanding of God's word, and where your partner is in their walk with God.

But I don't see the closeness that results from these times as anything different from any other "together" activity - IMHO, regardless of what you're doing, courting is gonna bring you and your SO closer together. Also, I don't see any harm in a short prayer time each time that you go out or spend time together, be it at the beginning of a time when you're committing the next few hours to God, or at the end of it to thank God for the time you were able to spend together.

But in the end, to keep God at the centre of the relationship does require a personal commitment to spending time in the Lord's Dating with a purpose devotional. However I don't see harm in Dating with a purpose devotional this with activities that are centered around getting to understand God's word better, should it be going to church together, talking about issues relating to your SO's spiritual growth and maturity, or praying together for a short period.

And I think that if both people were strong enough in their maturity, they would be self-disciplined enough to not let any sort of intimate longings or temptations grab hold. Just my 2 cents though. Jun 2, 4. Jun 2, 5.

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To Dating with a purpose devotional perfectly honest, my boyfriend and i don't do devos together because we're long distance and we just don't come up with the best discussions off of some fill-out worksheet type of devo. Jun 2, 6. Jun 2, 7. Personally i think that the time i spend together with my SO doing devotions and praying is great, and very very beneficial for our relationship.

We have never felt like the time we spend together talking about or praying to God has brought us closer together physically, and i can't really see how it can as long as you truly have God first in your relationship. If you do, then you know that any lustful thoughts, or anything along those lines is bad, and you won't place yourself in those situations again.

And God will give you the strength that you require anyway. Besides, if you are doing devotions together, and your true purpose is for a Godly relationship, then i think that it would be very hard to use this time for physical intimacy. Sure you get closer to them in a Spiritual sense, but as long as you are able to Dating with a purpose devotional your heart, and do everything to honour God, then i personally think that a devotion with your SO is great.

But in no circumstance should you Dating with a purpose devotional this time you spend together replace your quite time with God, because you still need to read the bible and pray by yourself.

Jun 2, 8. Maybe I wasn't clear. This isn't about physical closeness. It's about spiritual closeness. With only a dating partner, yes, it could be beneficial. But is it really wise to get spiritually close with someone that you don't know that you're going to marry? Jun 2, 9. Jun 2, Then he suffered the heartache from it. I'm not all about saving stuff.

I've hugged my boyfriend. But when it comes to spiritual closeness, that I think is important. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

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