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Guy laliberte house

Cirque du Soleil co-founder Guy...

According to listing information for the bulky two-story mock-Mediterranean mansion that pushes the edges of the. The colossal combined spaces shriek and vibrate with a cacophony of color that looks like a damn Crayola box was exploded by a decorative terrorist. Some of the walls are sunflower yellow, others the color of Cabernet Sauvignonat least one pumpkin orange color and still more a muddy shade of taupe.

Many of the moldings around the windows and doors are punished with the "Guy laliberte house" eye-popping hot pink paint slathered on the floating curved staircase that dramatically ascends to a bridge that spans the great room and connects the second floor bedroom wings. Altogether, bless its poor little Guy laliberte house heart, it feels to Your Mama like looking dead in the glassy eyes of a deliriously happy seizure, if there could be such a thing.

The kitchen, which looks to Your Mama like a very ordinary tract house kitchen hopped on steroids, has a walk-in pantry, breakfast nook and walls punched up with a particularly deep and disturbing teal color.

SELLER: Guy Laliberté LOCATION: Las...

The mansion contains two master suites, according to listing information, including one with with fireplace, wood floors, dressing room and private balcony. Although a rather restrained palette prevails in this master bedroom, the dizzying array of disharmonious and warring patterns on rugs and bed linens take soul-crushing and Guy laliberte house visual control of the room.

Cirque du Soleil co-founder Guy...

Thankfully questionable paint choices and zebra pattern Guy laliberte house rugs disappear quickly with the owner and a can of paint. A set of double doors swing open into the attached terliting and bathing suite where a gigantic jetted tub with brass hardware was set into an over-sized marble plinth tucked into a big bay window lined with depressing glass block filled punctuations.

The too-green-for-the-desert grounds include a backyard ringed by trees and thick foliage where a fountain tumbles into a large heated swimming Guy laliberte house and a covered outdoor dining terrace has a fully equipped outdoor kitchen area complete with range and wall mounted microwave oven.

Property records reveal that the same Quebecois holding company that prop records show as the taxpaying owner of the above-discussed house in Las Vegas also owns a hillside abode tucked up in the Post Office area of Beverly Hills, CA.

Founder of entertainment powerhouse, Cirque...

Naturally the native Montrealian maintains a home base near his home town. A peep and poke through the Guy laliberte house confusing property records indicates that the same corporate entity, also with the same mailing address as Cirque du Soliel headquarters in Montreal, that purchased the Kamuela compound also owns at least two other far less lavish nearby properties.

Watching a Cirque du Soleil show is a bit like partaking of an illegal substance then carelessly entering and wandering wide-eyed through a death-defying and fantastical world of freaky body benders, mystical creatures on stilts and fearless aerialists […].

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Guy Laliberté's House (Google Maps)....

Guy laliberte house Cirque du Soleil co-founder Guy Laliberte is getting into the cannabis business- his Groupe Lune Rouge has announced the purchase of Guy Laliberté's house (Google Maps). Guy Laliberté who founded Cirque du Soleil lives here. SELLER: Guy Laliberté LOCATION: Las Vegas, NV SIZE: 7, square feet, 5 bedrooms, bathrooms.

Guy Laliberté's house (Google Maps)....


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