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Is flirt a real dating site


Not bad at all. Certainly not a scam site as some suggest, just takes time to get going with real chicks but then thats the same with all the top online sex search sites hookuphangout. I'm giving it 3 stars because it could be better, especially in Idaho. But its certainly worth checking out if you've already tried hookup hangout. Cost is low too so no real risk like with other adult dating websites and apps.

No one is real, from the ones I wrote. When they realize you are getting scammed, they send you people that are in the same city or close to it and it turns out they know nothing about the city at all.

Fraud shysters and scam artists. They should be shut down for that BS. Is flirt a real dating site tried out flirt.

I became a paid member right off the start.

I signed up to

One thing I noticed is they charged me for services I did not agree or neglected to read about in their ToS. Suddenly I was subscribed to 2 more sites and an additional service. I noticed the extra charges on my bill. I called up my bank and had them removed.

But there was more to their scam. For the first month I was able to chat with women and even hooked up with one. However, after the first month I noticed very distinctive patterns in answers to questions I was asking. Many of the women were either not answering my questions and would respond with some other irrelevant answer or they would give very simmilar responses to each other. Issues: 3 Things

Then I started experimenting and deliberately started asking questions a human should be able to answer favorite color, where they grew up, favorite animal, etc.

Again the responses had nothing to do with the questions I was asking. I started chatting on the public board and many other guys were experiencing the same things. We we're all talking to bots. I also noticed when I had previously sent messages during the first month I got read receipt notices.

That stopped and could not confirm if any women at all were receiving my chats. I experimented again and texted almost every woman in my area almost Now I knew something was up. I had a female Is flirt a real dating site sign up and tried sending her messages. She didn't get any of them. When I called their customer service they initially said it was an issue they had with my account and were trying to fix it. When I phoned again the Car tried to blame the way I worded my profile or that I had not uploaded enough pictures for women to take interest, which had nothing to do with my initial compaint about confirming why I wasn't getting read receipts.

I set up a phone recording app on my cell Is flirt a real dating site called Flirt again, this time I insisted to speak to a manager. He did in fact talk to me and started feeding me the same bs about my profile not being adequate. I told him I had a female friend who was not getting my messages and that I suspected them throttling my ability to contact women and that the overwhelming majority are boys.

He kept reading from his script. I finally said I wanted a full refund. He initially refused until I said I had recorded the conversation and would turn the recording over to the police fraud division and news media. I got my refund for every cent. It's nothing but a scam. Do not use this site. It's a rip off and you'll waste your time. They lure you in for a month then screw you like you want to screw the women bots on there.

Filled with scammers trying to make you buy prepaid cards and fake social media memberships. I am so angry with how difficult Flirt made it to cancel my repeat billing subscription!

I had to go through having to call an number, give my user id, then argue and continually repeat to this customer service rep who kept ignoring my request to cancel by offering me new features and new extensions and new this and new that over and over and over despite the fact that I told her emphatically over and over and over to cancel my subscription.

She totally ignored what I said each time and read me another free offer to get me to stay. Tried Flirt a while ago and received a bunch of messages. Turns out Is flirt a real dating site of them were Is flirt a real dating site even real. I am not sure anything has changed. IMO the site is ok if you are using your common sense but be aware that some messages and profiles are not real.

I'd say it is a good alternative to Yamvoo or Tinder if you are looking for something more casual. Ive bn using Flirt 4 ages. Cnt complain, had gd times n had quite periods 2. Prefer HookupHangout but quiet like usin dem 2getha 2 boost my chances cheaper dan takin sum1 out 2 dinner n lets u cut 2 the gd stuff lol. This site is best You try to ask them specific questions and you get random answers back.

One payments - this Is flirt a real dating site a scam too. I called up after the before the 3 days were up and they heavily push another site but said they would extend my free 3 day trial out a week.

I ended up getting charged after 3 days. I called back to get my charge back and they give you a major run-around - say they want to push your account to another website for you to try for a week, blah, blah and that you have to call back to cancel.

I ended up yelling at the guy that I didn't wany any of their accounts and to close them all down. I told him fine i'll have it charged back through Is flirt a real dating site bank and that did it - he said he would refund my money and he did.

Anyone having trouble with them - threaten to charge back the money and they give-in. It was quite obvious when I first started chatting with any of the women on the site that most of them were bots.

The ones that weren't bots were women trying to get your credit card information. Most of the profiles on there are fake. It's hilarious how every one of them that were offline at the time I sent a wink all of a sudden were online liking my profile or adding me to their favorites.

Luckily they are processing internationally and I was able to block out those transactions through my bank. They didn't even get the 3 day trial money from me. If anyone is interested in filing a class action law suit against flirt. Terrible fake site with nothing but fake porn star bots on it. Been trying to delete my account for three days but support won't answer my emails.

Should you believe the people...

Stay away if you can. Talking about getting laid huh, yeah they took my hard earned money. This site isn't bad at all. My buddies keep telling me to switch to hookuphangout where they seem to get plenty of action but why should I?

I think im close on flirt now, I can feel it. I am a woman who likes other women. I usually stay away from stuff like this but I was bored and couldn't sleep and curiosity got the best of me. I signed up as a woman seeking a woman and they changed my profile to a 'male' who likes women.

This is after I'd paid the 3 day trial! When I complained, they changed my profile to a woman who likes men?????? It's really not hard to get it right and you cannot change your status to say you like other women or that you aren't straight.

I mean whilst I was on there, a few girls contacted me as a 'man' who were clearly fake cam girls as this was 2 in the morning and they were asking if I wanted a chat when I didn't even have a profile on yet. Site is average for me. Not the worse out there but not what I was looking for.

I prefer serious sites like Mingle2day and sort Is flirt a real dating site regret that I deleted my profile a while ago, LOL. I think maybe there are a few real people but good luck finding them. Even when you cancel your account, they keep billing. Even when you speak to an almost english speaking agent, they keep billing you. I have to cancel my Credit Card to be shed of this scam.

Even the ones that looked legit were NOT! Oh and the people reviewing this site and giving it more than 2 stars "Is flirt a real dating site" just paid reviewers.

I have been a member for a couple of months. Not sure it is worth the subscription, will not renew. Ahve been using Flirt for a while now and quite like it. If you stay in the UK its ideal to go with HookupHangout and Flirt as a double combo for finding sexy hotties nearby. Cheap n cheerful yo! Thats my motto hahaha lol. Should you believe the people that say is a scam? Or those that say it's legit? We tested out the site. Here are our results and final.

People come to our online dating website for the same reason as you: to find someone for flirting and dating on the web, or to mingle with in real Is flirt a real dating site. That is why. Interested in seeing real facts and figures about how much a dating website delivers? See how compares to the greats.

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But, to be fair, it could have had an amazing algorithm that matched us to perfect women and gotten us fifty dates. We could only find five hundred women anywhere nearby with a lot of flexibility, and neither they nor we matched what the other was looking for. Crap website for dating. Try one of these online dating sites that got better ratings.

When we finally found five hundred women remotely near us, their ages ranged from eighteen to sixty. That alone put us off the site; sixty is way out of our preferred range, and eighteen is too young. But we needed the five hundred so we could test response and date setup rates, so we went with it.

Out of the five hundred, we got twelve answers. All real women, granted, so Flirt.

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There's just nothing to do here, and trying is just a waste of time. When it comes to dating services, there are really only a skimpy portion that are worth your time, with the rest either being too much effort someone is concerned a small amount of win or no success at all.

What are other people adage about Flirt? Most of the reviews painted one of two pictures: These are two fairly conflicting opinions, so our group set off to determine which one is the most for detail. Unfortunately, our experiences were more in line with the latter opinion than the former.

Is she the reason? Should you believe the people that say is a scam? Or those that say it's legit? We tested out the site. Here are our results and final. Have you heard what 30 customers have said about Flirt? are fake profiles, dishonest women and gold diggers but also real women who are up for a date..

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About ME: I'm a shy kind of geeky person who finds it hard to get out and meet men. Sometimes i forget to put on my panties and sit in the front row. All mine :)

Is flirt a real dating site

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