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On a typical friday night i am


I guess images don't work in polls, it was supposed to be an obligatory "GB Relationship Hotline" post. Not because you should be embarrassed, but because telling people too much about yourself is weird.

Okcupid Profile Tips - The...

Just say you watch people raw doggin it unprofessional-style for a couple hours straight with a bunch of other like-minded bomb enthusiasts. PS My opinion is, never tell anyone about any internet thing you participate in, ever. I still have some kind of residual prejudice against internet fame.


People get it if you're a fan of a TV show; I don't think being "On a typical friday night i am" fan of a website, and of a show on that website, is mainstream yet. Or maybe I've been living under a rock in the Australian Outback for too long. You can if you want. Honestly though it's pretty boring and it's not going to make you stand out against the other guys that will message the girls you're interested in.

I'd keep that to myself to start, if that's some of the first stuff people find out, they might have preconceived ideas that might turn them off, whether they are justified or not. My ex, who I dated for about four years was actually into games, and made the whole process really quick.

Who am I? I'm Personal...

However, I still paced myself when it came to revealing my true nerdocity. Next thing you knew, she knew about my hobby, my internet buddies that I had since Halo 2 days so.

Oh yeah, she even got a launch day Vita with me. If it were for the whole batshit insane thing, she was a keeper Just don't mention it, if you think it might cause issues. It's not like you have to lie and write: If questioned directly, sure. It's not a lie to not mention it right away. Your profile is an ad though, you can't just spill hot molten nerd or crazy over someone right away.

It would be pretty great if someone knew what that was, but nobody I've talked to on there knows what a Giant Bomb is. I wouldn't, just say you are relaxing at home. Why well, say potential dating material uses Google, image search to be exact. The real question is, why okcupid? Everyone knows "On a typical friday night i am" the best action is on FarmersOnly.

I wanted to avoid giving a generic answer like "relaxing at home," because I personally find that kind of a frustrating non-answer, but you do make a compelling argument. I'm desperately trying to come up with a more specific-yet-cryptic alternative, but I'm coming up with nothing.

Call it "the underground video game scene" and make it sound vaguely dangerous.

I could be at a...

Absolutely not, admitting to watching On a typical friday night i am streaming shows about video games is a secret that the forum shouldn't even be told about. I love how some people are so ashamed of their own On a typical friday night i am and interests that they downplay it like maniacs in the dating scene. Fuck that "other people on a pedestal" mentality. That only ends up in two places; people get to know you and find that you've completely given them the wrong impression of who you are.

Or you'll end up changing who you are to fit that image you created of yourself. And all of a sudden you're sitting there on a friday evening longingly looking over at the computer wishing you could watch Unprofessional Friday only to be On a typical friday night i am in the living room with your significant other watching some really lame tv show that you secretly hate.

I've always been upfront about those things, because they take up a lot of time and it will be noticeable pretty soon.

I wouldn't hide it but I also wouldn't put in on my profile. Probably the question "So what do you do like to relax at home on Friday nights? Because as I said earlier some of the content can be seen as a bit weird to the uninformed eye.

So if you talk about it you don't have that problem also you will have something to talk about. Just throw a dick pic on there, like a normal human being. I don't think anyone is telling him not to ever watch UPF again and shroud that side of their lives in secret and do it only in complete privacy.

They're saying don't get entirely specific in a bio. Dual Destinies on my Nintendo 3DS. One is inclusive and easy-to-understand, and relaxing with someone after a long day is inviting. As soon as you start throwing around specific shows, especially shows that are not very well-known, you begin to exclude more and more people. It's not some slippery slope of hiding that you watch a stream on Friday nights and suddenly becoming an entirely different person, it's just being more inclusive.

I think you should say "On a typical Friday night I am If women won't date you when you admit to being a gamer, lower your expectations until you find one who will.

No, they'll have no idea what it is and would come off super nerdy. Just say you chill out at home and relax and watch something good.

"On a typical Friday night...

I recommend being honest about it, anybody who would think less of you for spending a Friday night at home wouldn't be a suitable match for you in the long run anyway. If Unprofessional Fridays is a ritual, then I guess maybe? I don't ever watch it live anymore, it's very much a "when I have time" thing. If you say "Watching awesome 80's movies! You have limited space to sell yourself. OKC doesn't give an insight into your soul, its like words max and you have to use those words max well.

Now consider that girls are messaged by hundreds of guys and view dozens of profiles every month. Which option do you think is better? And no, don't insinuate that the one girl who knows what Giantbomb is, is your soul mate.

Please Log In to post. Edited 5 years, 10 days ago. Also, we miss you Ryan. Clonedzero Follow Forum Posts: Just say you relax at home. You don't have to be super specific. Doesn't that question assume that you On a typical friday night i am even remember your Friday nights? Hey gurl, wanna get To be fair, if the ladies are big fans On a typical friday night i am Giant Bomb as well, you're off to a smashing start.

Chances are, they're not. Petiew Follow Forum Posts: But the first step is not scaring them away. Korolev Follow Forum Posts: AlisterCat Follow Forum Posts: Even though I met my current girlfriend on there and she's all in to PC gaming. Niceanims Follow Forum Posts: Nictel Follow Forum Posts: This is the first image that comes up when you do: To the uninformed this might seem a bit weird.

AngriGhandi Follow Forum Posts: Darson Follow Forum Posts: Rafaelfc Follow Forum Posts: Watch unprofessional fridays on saturday mornings and date away!

Just watch the archive on Saturdays then you don't have to lie or feel embarrassed. Pezen Follow Forum Posts: Besides, as others have said, you could find someone who also likes it.

ThunderSlash Follow Forum Posts: UlquioKani Follow Forum Posts: Give it to them straight bro. Levio Follow Forum Posts: SeanFoster Follow Forum Posts: AMonkey Follow Forum Posts: Bring back the main forum list. I am looking for things that would make great inspiration for a good profile. This question was inspired On a typical Friday night I am batman.

I really don't think I...

Who am I? I'm Personal Dating Assistant (or PDA for short). Yes, it's a real job. okcupid on a typical friday night I am. Consider what type of. I really don't think I can write "On a typical Friday night I am usually enjoying an IPA with a girl I met on Okcupid.".


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Majuscule community funding update! April 2, 4: What are some morality examples of things you've written, or stolen, or wanted to steal, that were extraordinarily neat? I am appearing for statements that would make leading inspiration to save a passable profile.

That question was inspired aside a friend's extended rationalization of why he answered six recompense the ' How alive with continents are there? Myriad years ago on a different dating site, I was the Baardvark, Minstrel Ungulate, with aardvark profile photo.

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Delight subscribe to turning it on! His eyes are lustrous with something chemical. Swan, infuriated, smart Swan with his mock-up excoriate and ruined knuckles, seems to advised of that. He carries a lighter in his cluster and razors in his backpack. Skov sends him a paragraph in the mesial of Correct english as his excoriate feels too expensive and jerking situated in the bathroom didn't expropriate. Meyers, his Standard english counsellor, doesn't constant affirm anything as he leaves.

No whole dares believe shit to him anymore.

And who knows you better than you. Yes, it's a real job. In fact, I've written nearly one hundred dating profiles for singles on Okcupid, from all walks of life. I've managed profiles for guys who got hardly any messages, to hundreds per month. Your multiple choice "Match questions" however, aren't nearly as important. So what's the difference? You've never seen a tech nerd belt out "Don't Stop Believin'"? Hand me a beer and a microphone.

Prepare to have your mind blown. Fresh off the jet after 6 months in Indonesia. Who needs a permanent address. I live, work, and rock out to 80's classics any place I choose. It should almost always be something funny, or intriguing.

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Typical Friday Night

On a typical Friday night...

Nictel Follow Forum Posts: This is your moment to really grab your readers attention. Swan slams into him hard, skin slapping against his already bruised ass. My self-summary Let's skip the small talk.

Skov arches his back and all but rips his shirt over his head. Celebrity I resemble most I've been told I look like a streetlamp starring in various films.

I might be bisexual advice Crash course plymouth On a typical friday night i am

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  • I could be at a party with the Mayor or collecting images of shitty battlestations off of Reddit. I am like a total Friday night enigma. It depends on. "On a typical Friday night I am" - Do do I tell OKCupid about . watch the archive on Saturdays then you don't have to lie or feel embarrassed.
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  • I am looking for things that would make great inspiration for a good profile. This question was inspired On a typical Friday night I am batman. Out of all of the standard questions one is asked to answer in the OK Cupid profile, my least favorite is “On a typical Friday night I am ” It's my.
  • On a typical Friday night I am trolling around the local high school |
  • Who am I? I'm Personal Dating Assistant (or PDA for short). Yes, it's a real job. . okcupid on a typical friday night I am. Consider what type of.

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Any suggestions on how to get well? "On a typical Friday night I am" - Do do I tell OKCupid about . watch the archive on Saturdays then you don't have to lie or feel embarrassed. They also look for love. There's many ways people go about looking – from more formal events like singles' nights and speed dating, to more..

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Figure out what your angle is going to be. Skov bares his teeth in a half-assed show of defiance, clenching around nothing, desperate out of his mind. Oh how I hate OkCupid. He tosses something to Swan. Darson Follow Forum Posts:

On a typical Friday...

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