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Sexting symbols list


I have found this article copied and pasted on other sites around the net that have not taken the proper precautions in delivering awareness. I compiled this list from various reliable sources with an informative disclaimer that adults also use these codes when speaking with other adults, all consenting. While this article serves to educate the public on texting codes and symbols for their own benefit, especially parents seeking to protect their children from predators and dangerous peers, using it out of context Sexting symbols list the reputation of child abuse awareness volunteers.

While I would appreciate credit for this article should you choose to use it, the most important thing is that it is not used as a scare tactic by fanatics who see a boogie man behind every corner. For a more comprehensive look, please see WebopediaNetlingoAdvanced Codes listText messaging and E-mail shorthandand Business text messaging shorthand.

Please keep in mind that the circumstances and parties involved MUST be considered when determining the meaning of these and other symbols and phrases. These are just the dangerous side of terms and phrases that pertain to warning signs of a child or teen speaking with a predator Sexting symbols list even a peer out to do them harm. None of this, of course, would apply to consenting adults or two high school friends having a normal teenage conversation about the movies or the mall.

Anyone who makes them feel they Sexting symbols list to report in should be left alone and exposed to parents or teachers immediately. This is a very unhealthy, controlling relationship. Kids should always know the risks involved in downloading something from another person, particularly someone they only know online.

These can contain viruses, Trojans, worms, or even unsolicited pornography. Any of this activity can be brought the attention of law enforcement, particularly if anyone sends your child or teen a nude photograph — wanted or not, which can be considered a felony depending upon the circumstances and evidence, plea bargaining etc… when it is from an adult to a minor.

See Sexting for more of my thoughts on teen — to — teen behavior. Teens should understand that no one has the right to inquire such things, and if they do, they are to be ignored immediately and reported to a parent, teacher, and ultimately the police, whether the sender is known or not.

Such questions are geared toward having a sexual relationship, and should be viewed as a serious threat. It is highly inappropriate for an adult to inquire that of a minor who they do not know, and if this is an online personality, there is no way the teen knows if this is an adult or an adult pretending to be a teen. I Am A Stranger! They can never get them back and they never know who is doing the asking or for what purpose. Use your judgment when you see you child engaged in a RPG, but remember that games which allow interaction with other gamers are just as dangerous if not more than chatting with strangers.

Gamers become close friends online, and this is a way for a predator to Sexting symbols list a tight bond with the target. What happens on text always has the potential of happening in real life, Sexting symbols list if the person is known to the teen. If the person is a predator, this could lead up to abduction "Sexting symbols list" rape.

Sexting/Texting/Instant Messaging Codes

Code can be and is often used in sentences, as well: To some, this list and the translations may seem reaching or even as the old adage goes: This, simply, is not the case here. These codes and their meanings are quite popular and no secret at all. I, myself, have used some of these codes in adult conversations.

Those of us who use them know quite well what we mean when we say them, and we know minors have no business using them and no adult has any right using them with a minor. Ever wonder what RSVP actually stands for? Well, here ya go! Comment by Sues July 24, Sexting symbols list. I want to thank the person who was on my site at the time I was checking my stats. I for one will be using this list in the future, as a print out. Again thanks for all the time and effort that you put into all your blogs, trust it doesn't go un notice.

Comment by Anonymous January 12, Reply. Because not all role playing is of a Sexting symbols list nature and if anything the vast majority of it is actually fairly harmless, I can link you to numerous sites that do role plays which have no connection to sex or anything of a dubious nature. Comment by Shannon Wolfram September 12, Reply.

Firstly, thank you for correcting the spelling. Killed two birds with one stone. I gathered this information from law enforcement Sexting symbols list, the FBI, and the links I credited at the beginning of the post.

These sources were posting as a precautionary informational to parents seeking specific guidance with sexting and texting codes. I made note that not all items were sinister, and that it had to be taken in context with the rest of the received message. Adults even today have a hard time grasping that reality, as you show here. There is no good reason for an adult to play a sexually-charged RPG with a minor. Some are sex scenes within an otherwise action-packed game.

Some are as simple as signs of affection, which "Sexting symbols list" between the characters the possible predator and the child. Many online contacts between a predator and their victim never even include sexual activity. Such inclusion has the potential of A. Common sense plays a rather extensive role in keeping children safe.

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You know, now, that I have experience with these. Anyone who does knows exactly what I am talking about, regardless of your attempt to Sexting symbols list it down. Some or all of them could have been adult predators displaying trust so I who they think is a child will return the trust and divulge the same information. As a result, I succeeded in having them change their security features and unencumbered freedom of the children to access each other and each others accounts.

I was met with shock over the situation, concern Sexting symbols list the brazen friendliness of the young members towards Sexting symbols list, and sincere gratitude over alerting them to the dangerous situation in which they were putting their young members. I had one Sexting symbols list denied the threat existed, even after they saw how easy it was for me, an adult, to gather such information.

Comment by avictim February 25, Reply. It is not a site for desperate women who are victims of their own stupidity! I will NOT permit some idiot with a vendetta a voice for her slanderous activities.

I hope this man recognizes your post and Sexting symbols list me for your information gathered by my tracking software. The most disgusting thing you did here is try to twist your experience into some issue for child sexual abuse. You now expect to be able to come to sites about protecting CHILDREN from pedophiles and post this comment with the attempted insinuation he is such a predator. No one forced you to send vulgar photos of yourself to a stranger. No one forced you to believe every word a strange man on the "Sexting symbols list" told you.

No one forced you to fall in love with a complete stranger you have never met, never seen photos of, and refused to share any proof of his word or even existence. For all you know, it could be a woman keeping desperate home wreckers like you busy, or a bunch of kids in a high school getting their kick out of your gullible idiocy.

I would be much more sympathetic if you left me a personal comment explaining your situation, acknowledging that you made a stupid mistake, and just wanted a shoulder to cry on. We all make mistakes, some of them whoppers and some of them break our hearts. To turn your situation that YOU caused into an issue for those of us fighting against child RAPE makes you a pathetic, disgusting individual not worth my time or compassion.

The reason I am even bothering posting your comment here is to expose your stupidity. If anything, it warns young girls under 18 about the dangers of posting their information online. For that reason alone I will post it, but I refuse to allow the names you posted to be made public because for all I know, you could be a scorned woman attacking an innocent man for not wanting you. And if that is the case, you show your true wickedness by posting the names of his child family members!

Sexting symbols list post this garbage on a website dedicated to foolish desperate women who were taken in by their own stupidity. You are not welcome here. Feel free to return in the next week for something you can share. I need to first tell you that I am not an employee of any branch of law enforcement, nor am I qualified to give out legal advice.

I am a volunteer who has worked side by side with LE. That being said, I AM a parent and a concerned citizen and have every right to advise you on those terms. If you still have access to chat messages and anything Sexting symbols list all passed between them, take screen shots of them all.

A Child Abuse Awareness Blog

Do you know how to do that? Anything that was passed between them via chat can sometimes be saved to a file. Gathering the information in one nice neat pile as soon as possible and as it happens when possible will help when action is finally able to be taken if it is needed.

Make sure any law enforcement officer you speak with gives you a case. In my experience, if you ask, they must open a file for you and add "Sexting symbols list" it anytime you call them with another bit of information. This Sexting symbols list, there is an official jacket in the event this person tries to contact your child or your family.

It adds up and shows a pattern they cannot deny in court. As for safety concerns, I completely understand your fear. Do you still have access to the account? Did you or your daughter send this person a final message? This is what I would do: I would send the Sexting symbols list a message and inform them that the police have been made aware of their activity. I would tell them the police have screen shots and copies of everything, and that there is a report on file.

Tell the person you have saved everything and are prepared to turn over the device and access to your account for the police to find them should they continue to try and contact your child or anyone in your family.

Even inside the same state if necessary. Tell them in no uncertain terms that they are never to contact your child again. Then leave it at that. Remove them from any account she has. If they try to be re-added, send that into the police for the file, as well. I compiled this list from various reliable sources with an informative searches of my site for “Sexting codes” and “what do text symbols mean?.

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