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Can reach orgasm when jacking off


I'm a healthy year-old man, but am unable to orgasm through vaginal sex. I could probably get there eventually, but usually give up after minutes, though I'm capable of reaching orgasm while masturbating.

I know sex shouldn't be goal-orientated, but I feel I'm missing out. Self-pleasuring as a youngster is an important sexual step; a way of learning how your body works. However, sometimes a person's masturbating style is one that does not easily bridge to partner sex. For example, if a man gets used to a very rough style of masturbation, Can reach orgasm when jacking off vagina will provide the necessary level of friction.

Consider your self-pleasuring style — might you need to practise a different type of stroke or pressure Can reach orgasm when jacking off could be more conducive to a vaginal climax? Another obstacle to orgasming during intercourse can be lack of focus. Some people are easily distracted, and this interferes with the sexual response.

Consider if intrusive thoughts or feelings are getting in the way, and if so, try to focus solely on sensation and the giving and receiving of pleasure.

Taking Medication

An underlying fear of pregnancy, disease or loss of control can also be detrimental to satisfying intercourse. But since you enjoy your sex life, I'm not sure you are really "missing out".

I masturbate regularly, sometimes with...

The more you worry about it, the less likely you are to climax the way you wish. My bedroom shares a party wall with my neighbour's bedroom, and when I start having sex, they make off-putting noises in protest. What can I do? My boyfriend thinks we don't have enough sex but I think we do. How do we balance our competing wants and needs? Topics Sex Sexual healing.

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Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? My neighbour can hear me having sex. I am a year-old man who can't come — do you have any advice for me? I fail to orgasm four out "Can reach orgasm when jacking off" five times that I'm having sex and even when I do it takes up to 40 minutes.

How much sex should I be having? My girlfriend, 34, has never had an orgasm. I despise men after I've had sex with them.

While there are plenty of men who worry about not being able to um, rise to " Some men may struggle to orgasm thanks to their masturbation.

I could probably get there eventually, but usually give up after minutes, though I'm capable of reaching orgasm while masturbating. However, he is able to reach and orgasm and 'come' while masturbating and is also able to sustain the erection until he reaches orgasm.