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Nervous about having sex for the first time


So I worry about that.

Whether it's your first time...

To my face, while in bed. Only been able to do it missionary. Never from oral before. Males worry about them, too. Back when I was 17, I had heart palpitations after an incident. Parents were gone and siblings were in the backyard. Had a friend of the family watch a movie with me. She was 20, redhead, freckles, she and her little brothers came to visit family since her little brothers and my brother were buds.

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Whilst we watched the movie, she just slipped her hand into my pants. Of course I was already rock hard since I was glazing her with her half Nervous about having sex for the first time shirt and rocking boobs. I looked over and she just placed her head on my shoulder. She kept squeezing the shaft and then playing with my tip only to get me more excited to unzip. I told her I was going to get water but went to lock the backyard door.

Then I was going to sit down but picked her up and dove into my room. Looked around for best possible angle to bang and tossed her on my desk when I shoved everything off.

She was laughing at me scrambling and we started to suck face while she wrapped her legs around me.

“If it's the first time...

I then thought is sucking on her neck and earlobe which made her squirm and loosen her legs up while she dug her nails into my back. Quickly fixed myself unlocked the back first then sat at the sofa while she wobbled to the sofa.

Then both parents came in. I was sitting at the sofa and blacked out.

Being anxious during sex is...

Woke up at hospital. Guy said I had a rush to where I blacked out. Her and her family had to then leave back to Cali. Wanted her to be my first, too. But it scares the shit out of me every time. Every fiber of my being is adamantly against being a parent. I am always worried about it before, during, and after. I only have this overriding fear of tooting before the first time. Girlfriend broke up with me about a week into the month, but I was determined.

I now fear this will happen anytime I get with a Nervous about having sex for the first time person: Fuck, think sexy thoughts think sexy thoughts, fuck why do I feel under so much pressure?

Still though that first time is embarrassing so I worry about that. A girl threatened to do that to a friend of mine when she found out he was just trying to smash, and basically hooked him into a 3 week relationship till she got bored. Since things can get pretty slippery in places with poor ventilation during sex even a tiny bit of residue could ruin some sheets. It happened to a friend of mine in high school and it always weighed on my mind. I probably missed a lot of chances to get laid but I never wound up in jail and every girl I dated has said they always felt safe with me.

“If it's the first time...

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He wasn't just a guy...

I once got so drunk my first time having sex with a new partner (I was nervous) that I ended up completely falling out of bed and onto the floor. I make sure I'm fully ready before she sees it for the first time. “The fear is getting caught. I'm always worried about getting them pregnant.

Having sex for the first time is an important step for anyone to take; man or woman. You need to make sure that both you and your partner are ready but you also.

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