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Suck the head squeeze the tip


Some general knowledge of N. You can listen-in live Thursdays at 1: View my complete profile. You know how it goes. And suddenly I had a theme for a weekend post. I saw several of his early movies back then, too, but not this one. I caught it on TV late one night when I was older. Of course, it became my top Elvis movie, as it is set in New Orleans and was at least partially filmed there.

Elvis actually does a passable acting job, although imagining him as a singing Creole tough guy with a heart of gold, of course is a stretch. Though the movie featured the singer's finest acting, it also echoed Hollywood's whitewashed "birth of jazz" travesties. Blacks were only seen in tiny, uncredited parts, including [Dave] Bartholomew's Imperial artist, Blanche Thomas, who appeared with Presley in the opening French Quarter scene as a seafood peddler lip-syncing the song "Crawfish".

The film's producers also inserted ersatz New Orleans jazz into songs that ripped off rock 'n' roll recorded a few blocks away [at Cosimo's studio] - "Hard Headed Woman" was a blatant re-working of "Long Tall Sally" with a lame Dixieland break.

Thanks to George LaTour for bringing this quote to my attention. Elvis does some campy, contrived songs and over-sings other trifles in King Creole - no news there, if you've ever seen one of his movies.

And what to say about that background singer? I think she got her some crawfish boil juice down her shorts, cher. During the annual Elvis Week festivities which actually commemorate his death in Memphis, that occur around this time of year, the dog days of summer, I would play a few cuts from the King Creole soundtrack CD on my radio show, as sort of a backhanded acknowledgement of the event.

People come from all over the world to reverently pass through Graceland, see Elvis impersonator contests, buy corporate memorabilia, and attend the Candlelight Vigil, standing in line for hours for the privilege of passing by his tomb at night with a lit taper.

The locals pretty much just hunker down and try to avoid the traffic down in that part of town; but, hey, nobody messes with the Elvis franchise and the bucks it rakes in for the city. My personal idolatry preferences Suck the head squeeze the tip elsewhere, as I think you can see; but, if you are into the King of TCB, no problem. When I put it on, I realized how bizarrely well they go together.

So, here ya go. Some get the wrong idea about the words. You pull the head off, suck out the spicy juice from the boil ingredients, then squeeze the mudbug meat out of the tip tail to savor. While "Suck The Head" has been in their repertoire for 28 years, Suck the head squeeze the tip I recall, it actually pre-dates the founding of the band, being originally done by the Rhapsodizers.

That earlier group contained, among others, songwriter, keyboardist and vocalist Ed Volker, lead guitarist Camile Baudoinand drummer Frank Suck the head squeeze the tip. Those three later joined in with guitarist Dave Malone and bassist Reggie Scanlan to form the Radiators, after an impressive first night of jamming together, which they've been doing ever since. At the time, I though they were a lot like Little Feat; but, looking back, I can say that they were the kind of New Orleans bar band that Little Feat always wanted to be.

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And I say that as a Little Feat fan. The Rads are just more down and dirty, I guess you could say. A truly road tested club band for almost three decades now, not counting all their prior experience, they are best encountered live; and their best recordings capture them in the act. The band also tolerates, if not encourages, amateur taping of their shows.

So, I suppose there are many to be had for trade, if you are so inclined. Percussionist Glenn Sears, who is heard on this album, is no longer with the band. Jon over at the Nevilletracks discography tells me that the entire album is available for download at iTunes. Thanks for the heads up, Jon. They released it on their own Laughing Eye label with distribution probably limited to gig sales. Their version lends a more actual Louisiana connection to the tune; so, I hope it gives you a bit more perspective on the song.

And, remember, folks, only buy Louisiana crawfish! Band members cut their teeth backing up legends like Fess, Booker and Earl King. And their wide repertiore draws heavily on many HOTG artists. Your live CD recommendation is a fine one, too. Especially on live stuff, the tracks are often just too long for me to post here, due to bandwidth costs.

But I will try to get some more up by these guys, as I am a long-time fan. I interviewed Ed and Frank on my show in Memphis and got to introduce then at another show in Memphis years back. I want to say how eager I am to see this blog when I sign on. Great research and always an interesting read. Can't count how much music you've turned me on to - thanks for it all, and keep it coming!

Nice Blog, Unless that was you Suck the head squeeze the tip I urge you to take part in the discussions at this community. It is very popular, especially with the New Orleanians of all stripes. It also a great place to poll the community with a quick questions and get Suck the head squeeze the tip of feedback. And post information about upcoming venues that I am sure "Suck the head squeeze the tip" lor of people will be interested in.

The community is New Orleans or: Teaching only civics in school and not smart growth and new urbanism concepts is like teaching our kids to count to ten without teaching them arithmetic, algebra and calculus and then expecting them to make it in this world. Help us get those concepts out there! Create an account on live journal and help build a community, an educated community.

Music video by The Radiators...

Or someplace else Southdiwns? Thanks for putting Boco more into perspective for us, Anon. My wife knew her and heard her numerous time back then; but she didn't quite give me that "beyond gorgeous" angle, when she told me about those shows. Sounds like Ms Boco tore it down often. Hope she reads this!

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Glad you dig the blog. August 10, Mudbug Love Songs. Share.

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Share. Features of this Song. electric rock instrumentation. r & b influences.

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funk influences. a subtle use of vocal harmony. mild rhythmic syncopation. Suck the Head, Squeeze the Tip. By The Radiators. • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. Suck the Head, Squeeze the Tip. Featured on Wild & Free. Track, Artist, Title, Composer, Producer, Rating.

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A, The Radiators [New Orleans], Suck Da Heads and Squeeze Da Tips! (Part 1), Ed Volker.

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