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Salt lick barbeque georgetown


I really miss being able to get tempura and kimchi with my ribs. Roberts still has her parking spot. The Salt Lick is a 5 star tradition, but I'm not sure its barbecue rates 4 stars. Every time we're in Austin, we pack up the cooler and head to Driftwood for the family style and fabulous peach cobbler. Love Salt lick barbeque georgetown carmelized bark on the brisket.

May it never change! We thought the food there was really good but for us the Turkey the real surprise. So tender, juicy and flavorful. I'd absolutely get it again and this is coming from a guy that doesn't care for Turkey in general. Was it worth the wait? But we probably wouldn't wait more than an Salt lick barbeque georgetown next time. The worst part for us was the band they had playing in the picnic table area.

I don't think I could handle eating in a place where the owner was caught lying about what happens in the kitchen. I agree with so many of your ratings but when it comes to Salt Lick we deviate sharply.

Some of the worst BBQ I have ever had; so tough and so little flavor. I'm still a little skeptical of "breaking the case" on this one No health inspector, no former employee, no "slightly" more reputable food critic, NO ONE else has seen the kitchen of one of the most famous BBQ establishments in all of Texas? I know it's "just the internet," but there's still a responsibility for the truth - especially when there's only one side presented without a shred of tangible evidence.

I'm not saying who's right and who's wrong, but it seems a little fishy to me Hello Anonymous aren't they always? Being such an obscure subject, I doubt there's much interest from journalists or most food critics about the exact type of smoker being used at any Texas BBQ joint.

Admittedly, there are few people that it matters to, but the owner knew that the folks who would read his interview are part of that small crowd that does care. The Health Department would also have no reason to care as long as the equipment is clean and functions properly.

We are delighted to share...

The idea that they cook all of their meat only on those small pits out front is simply impossible given the demand. I didn't pull back any curtain, I just asked a guy who runs those pits in the kitchen what they use. He didn't hesitate in his answer that they were gas-fired stainless steel "Salt lick barbeque georgetown," and he had no reason to mislead me. It wouldn't take a journalist or investigator to crack the mystery of hundreds of pounds of meat not being smoked for 20 hours on a small, indoor, open pit.

Reviews on Salt Lick in...

Anon, Check the contents of this very website if you don't think the author has credibility in the bbq world. He's done more reviews, been to more places, spent more time and money, and been written up and been ripped off by more other journalists in their own reports on bbq, than anyone else I know of in the bbq world.

He's got a good bit of credibility here. Your anonymous conspiracy theory does not. I think you nailed the part about the atmosphere being a big sell for Salt Lick, sadly I think that is the only thing going for it. The Oasis on Lake Travis also has amazing atmosphere, but Salt lick barbeque georgetown Salt Lick the food doesn't measure up.

I wish I could have tried either of these places 20 years ago when apparently they not only were the best around, but some of the best Salt lick barbeque georgetown in Texas. Sadly they are both now over rated and sorry excuses for food.

Living in Austin and being a BBQ lover, I too often get in arguments over the merits of places like Salt Lick, and to a minor extent Rudys which for the record, as a chain I think is fine The only argument I ever hear is that the crowd speaks for itself.

But hopefully pop music and Twilight movies and books have taught us that popularity does not always equal perfection. With Franklins, JMueller, and Donns in city limits no one needs to drive 30 minutes.

Been to Salt Lick BBQ?...

Even Vic's does a better job Salt lick barbeque georgetown the same gas smokers "Salt lick barbeque georgetown" Austin. Now I'm hungry and thinking about good smoked fresh brisket. Anyone want to save a spot for me at Franklins Wednesday? We appreciate fans like you very much, and love hearing feedback from our guests, as this is how we are able to continuously improve our establishment.

Yes — we do have both Southern Pride and Old Hickory smokers in our kitchen. However, please note that these are NOT electric and run on gas. We use the gas as a secondary heat source, it's the wood that actually cooks the meat. I misspoke in the Texas Monthly article, but what I was trying to say was we no longer use electric-fired smokers, as it severely dries out the meat, and was trying to let people know if they are doing it at home they are better off just using wood.

We also are proud to admit that we do refrigerate our meat for 24 hours, which is a technique my father began playing with right before his passing.

Travelers who viewed Salt Lick...

The cold sets the smoke and spices. We finish the cooking process on the open pit that our customer's see; when we put the meat on the open pit the meat isn't done yet. This process caramelizes the sauce and makes juices ooze out of the meat and basting sauce runs off the surface falling on the coals, flaring and creating a unique smoke that rises back up and give our meats their last flavor profile. I have been Salt lick barbeque georgetown this technique for years at the Central Market class, but try to be extra cautious when explaining this because if consumers are not careful, the refrigerated air will dry out the meat.

But by all means, keep up the feedback and the great ideas — we are always open to considering Salt lick barbeque georgetown things that Salt lick barbeque georgetown may have not thought of that our customers may want. Scott, thanks for the clarifications. I was pleasantly surprised by the both the food and the fun just the screened in barn in my old days. Keep up the good work!

The Salt Lick is one of those places that becomes hard for people to judge. Your typical foodie read Salt lick barbeque georgetown "food snob" gets the most pleasure out of pointing out obscure places only they have the keen insight, adventurous spirit, and open mindedness to appreciate. A place like the Salt Lick is known by everyone.

And nobody turns to food experts that point you to the obvious popular places. Another class of diner really resents when their little hole-in-the-wall becomes popular and everyone and their dog is allowed to go to a place they used to have to themselves.

I've seen people talk down a restaurant because of the kinds of cars that pulled up. And there are those that believe good food can only be sold in small batches. To them, the successful scale of the Salt Lick means that it has become an industrial process and is not longer the small artisanal concern they favor. I haven't yet made it "Salt lick barbeque georgetown" all of the famed Texas BBQ's yet, but I've had some good meals at several of them.

I admit to not having been there in a year or so, but I intend to make the trip out to Driftwood next time I'm in that area, and I suggest you do to. Wow nice food, it looks amazing in my perspective, i never eat a food that looked like that, i wish i could be there sometime so i can taste it for myself: COM "The best blog about Texas bar-b-q there is!

Worth Galleries Barbeque, Ft. Tuesday, December 6, The Salt Lick. I've often thought that the Salt Lick is a joint that "Salt lick barbeque georgetown" very respectable smoked meat, and is vastly overrated at the same time. The wait for a table on this sprawling campus of barbecue can exceed and hour, but no worries as you can enjoy drinks and live music al fresco on one of the many picnic tables provided.

A visit here isn't just about barbecue. It's about atmosphere, catching up with friends, and taking the Salt Lick vibe while enjoying a few cold ones or some of the wine produced by Salt Lick Cellars from the on-site vineyard.

Always good marketers the folks at Salt Lick found a way to make middle-of-the-road red and white wines made from Zinfandel and Viognier grapes respectively become their best sellers simply by calling them "BBQ Red" and "BBQ White". I fell for it, but I fell harder for the Sangiovese which was much more pleasing and drinkable on its own.

With the Sangiovese as an option all of these options can only be purchased on site at the Salt Lick I don't see a reason to purchase the others if only for kicks based on the name. The real reason for this trip was for the beef ribs which are now featured on the daily menu after being available on Sundays for years. When I took my first bite I was amazed at how much meat were on each bone. The tender meat was laced with well rendered fat. The ribs were nicely smoked with a good layer of flavor from the direct heat blast they received on the Salt lick barbeque georgetown pits on display out front.

The meat is basted with their thin, sweet sauce while cooking so it helps to form a nice crust. The meat is also coated with the sauce just before serving - "Salt lick barbeque georgetown" practice that I'm usually not fond of, but it's different at Salt Lick. Of all the BBQ joints that I've eaten at, this is the most successful combination of meat and sauce that I've had.

It's a thin oil based sauce that seeps into the hot meat almost becoming one with it. A mere afterthought topping, it is not. Of Salt lick barbeque georgetown sides, the sesame flavored slaw was the only notably good one. Pintos were simple and underseasoned and the potato salad was just chunks of underdone potatoes bound together by a some mashed potatoes and bit of vinegar. When the bill came I had to run out to the ATM after being reminded of their cash-only policy. It amazes me that a joint won't take credit cards Maybe they're just making too much from diners who have to pay that ATM surcharge.

After the meal I wanted to investigate a claim made by Scott Roberts, owner of the Salt Lick, in an interview with Texas Monthly a Salt lick barbeque georgetown over a month ago. These pits are certainly beautiful and provide a great spectacle at the entrances. Sauce is mopped onto mounds of meat while the fat drips and sizzles on the fire below.

The resulting live oak smoke creates a fragrant dining area and whets the appetite, but what's back in those huge kitchens not open for public view? I hung back at the stacks of live oak waiting for someone to come grab a few sticks. Before long an amicable pit man came out and I asked about the pits in the kitchen. Without a hint of shame he said there were six gas-fired presumably Southern Pride or Ole Hickory smokers where they smoke the meat overnight. The meat is then refrigerated and basically reheated for about three hours on the direct heat pits on display.

Salt Lick BBQ: Salt Lick vs Rudy's - See traveler reviews, candid photos"Salt lick barbeque georgetown" great deals for Round Rock, TX, at TripAdvisor. DRIFTWOOD: The Salt Lick Bar-B-Que FM Driftwood, TX Open Daily Update.

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Travelers who viewed Salt Lick...

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SONG FOR YOU FAR AWAY We want you to enjoy the same warm atmosphere and delicious barbecue they savored around the campfire.

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The atmosphere was very laid back with several seating options. Of all the BBQ joints that I've eaten at, this is the most successful combination of meat and sauce that I've had.

About Us Help Center. It amazes me that a joint won't take credit cards But realized we could get a quick Senior discount meal as we headed north. Even as a purist, I'll have to admit that the flavor of all their meat is elevated by the sauce.

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What do you think of this? Things to do near Salt Lick BBQ on TripAdvisor: See reviews and miles from Salt Lick BBQ S Austin Ave, Georgetown, TX DRIFTWOOD: The Salt Lick Bar-B-Que FM Driftwood, TX Open Daily Update..

Salt Lick vs...

So tender, juicy and flavorful. I think you nailed the part about the atmosphere being a big sell for Salt Lick, sadly I think that is the only thing going for it. Now I'm hungry and thinking about good smoked fresh brisket. But we probably wouldn't wait more than an hour next time. Write a Review Reviews 2,

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The Salt Lick BBQ in Texas

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