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Think Off Orgasm


Want to know the anti-dote for overdosing on television politics?

1. Go somewhere comfortable

How about internet-infused-with-bad-news depression? The best cure for a migraine? And what should you do to heal a rift between you and your partner?

You guessed it…sexual release through a good, old fashioned Big-O. The hormones and chemicals released in your brain when you orgasm change your mood; they actually change your mind. Chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin, the feel good hormones, will greatly affect your state of consciousness.

When you change your mind through orgasming, you also relieve symptoms of pain, depression, anxiety and fear. Chemicals like oxytocin and dopamine make you want to turn off the news and cuddle with your partner. They decrease aggression and increase feelings of attachment.

You have probably noticed this yourself. An orgasm is the most pleasurable experience that the human body can experience. Because of this positive pleasure Think Off Orgasm, anything that we do to reach an orgasm we usually want to do again. Orgasm creates a neural pathway in our brain, like a deer Think Off Orgasm in the woods. We want to repeat the behaviors that led to that pleasure explosion, over and over, as often as we can, following that path to what feels good.

This can explain why, for some of us, we can get hung up on behaviors, actions, or even people "Think Off Orgasm" may not consciously choose to interact with anywhere but in bed. If they lead to a pleasure reward, we may go down that path repeatedly looking for the big O.

Barbara Carrellas demonstrates how to...

We only need to control our thoughts. Gina Ogden, author of Women Who Love Sexresearched women who could orgasm on their imagination alone, and found that 64 percent could do it without any outside help. Ogden then worked with Dr. Barry Komisaruk, a biologist at Rutgers, who specialized in orgasm research. In both of these orgasmic Think Off Orgasm, fantasy stimulation as well as direct clitoral stimulation, the women subjects had the same physical responses.

They had an increase in blood pressure, faster heart rates and a higher pain threshold.

Mindgasm Find out how you...

She piloted a study where she mapped the responses in the female body and in the areas of the brain that respond to touch during orgasm.

The participants also used purely imagined stimuli, or fantasy, and the researchers watched to see how the brain reacted to each type of orgasmic response. The participants are also asked to have an orgasm through self-stimulation and one with their partner. I asked her how she managed to pull off such a Think Off Orgasm. I have to be alone, and I like to take a hot bath Think Off Orgasm.

How to do it:

I put on music and sexy clothes. Then I lie on my back and bend my knees. I tilt my pelvis back and forth and breath all the way down into Think Off Orgasm genitals, and while I am breathing deep, I imagine a sexual encounter that I have had in the past, and I let it rip! That usually does it for me. I can feel everything get engorged and then it just goes. It gets easier with practice. I never could masturbate as a young person, I had lots of sisters, we shared a room, Think Off Orgasm my parents were very strict.

So I guess I just used fantasy and developed this, well, this skill. And it certainly is a skill, I thought. I asked her if she used it often and what motivated her. For those women who are not as lucky as my friend, and cannot bring themselves to orgasm by thinking about it or by simply breathing, some experts say orgasm is not necessarily the key to happiness.

Some say that being in an intimate relationship might actually be the key to bliss. In fact, she says, you can have good sex without having any orgasms at all.

In her study she found that. For those who may still be searching for what might feel like an elusive orgasmic experience, or for those trying to imagine it, focusing on intimacy and Think Off Orgasm might be the next best thing.

The mind is a powerful...

But try to avoid being intimate and connected on the couch together in front of the television - it just might ruin both of your moods. For more info on Think Off Orgasm to have better sex, or to find out more about how to think about it, go to www. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

Elections HQ Senate 35 seats. Want to know what heals you from mid-summer, August induced humidity doldrums? Slightly shy now, she goes on to say. This post "Think Off Orgasm" published on the now-closed HuffPost Contributor platform. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site.

"Thinking off" is the way...

If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us Think Off Orgasm email. The Pleasure of Controlling Your Thoughts. Go to mobile site. I discovered I could "think" my way to orgasm when I was in my early 20s,' she says. And, according to Jill, it wasn't just a one off either.

How to use only your mind to orgasm, from "sexpert" and former sacred Carrellas has the rare ability to “think-off,” meaning she can climax. The mind is a powerful thing - used correctly you can think yourself to an orgasm. Most people going in for some solo loving reach straight for.


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Orgasm By Thinking Off?

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  • Want to know the anti-dote for overdosing on television politics?
  • Barbara Carrellas demonstrates how to have a breath and energy orgasm. Videographer: Karen McCrocklin.
  • "Thinking off" is the way to have an orgasm with only using your brain. It sounds completely bonkers, I know. Honestly, I was pretty skeptical.
  • Barbara Carrellas claims to be able to think herself to orgasm — and teaches me her tricks.

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‘Thinking off’ is the way to create orgasms anywhere on your body using your mind

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Is it normal for my SO to act like this? How to use only your mind to orgasm, from "sexpert" and former sacred Carrellas has the rare ability to “think-off,” meaning she can climax. Mindgasm Find out how you can think yourself to orgasm -- sans give the biggest, most fulfilling orgasm of your life by just “thinking off."..



1. Go somewhere comfortable

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