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Come on skinny love just last the year


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"Skinny Love" is a song...

Justin Vernon wrote and recorded the album in his father's isolated log cabin in north Wisconsin, where he Come on skinny love just last the year Pour Come on skinny love just last the year little salt we were never here My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my Staring at the sink of blood and crushed veneer I tell my love to wreck it all Cut out all the ropes and let me fall My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my Right in the moment this order's tall And I told you to be patient And I told you to be fine And I told you to be balanced And I told you to be kind And in the morning I'll be with you But it will be a different kind And I'll be holding all the tickets And you'll be owning all the fines Come on skinny love, what happened here?

Suckle on the hope in light brassieres My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my Sullen load is full, so slow on the split And I told you to be patient And I told you to be fine And I told you to be balanced And I told you to be kind And now all your love is wasted And then who the hell was I? And I'm breaking at the britches And at the end of all your lines Who will love you?

Who will fall far behind? Lyrics powered by LyricFind. Skinny Love song meanings. Add your thoughts Comments. General Comment It's about love gone sour.

As for the title "Skinny Love" it could be an affectionate term he gave his petite girlfriend, or maby the fact that their love is wasting away- shrinking to skinny.

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The latter is probably more likely, due to the reference in the first line "Come on, skinny love just last the year". Probably metaphorically speaking, he wants this doomed relationship to heal, to even "Just last the year. I dunno if that ties into the salt reference, maby indirectly. She couldn't meet with his expectations, either that or she treated him poorly, probably both. He then states that its unlikely she'll find anyone worthwhile, no one will be able to love her for all the stuff she puts her partners through.

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There was an error. I like your way of thinking I tend to agree with the metaphorical interpretation about the love wasting away but it could be literal as in a pet name or stature. Could be a reference to addiction as well. I do sense though he gave her fair warning as to how difficult it might be to sustain their love for the myriad of reasons a relationship might fall apart.

Especially one with a talented busy musician. Distance, groupies, or even his own complicated personality. I sense he tried to reasssure her that he cared and loved her She may have fallen off the train and was heartbroken as well and he is truly disapointed and heartbroken as well but doing a good job of masking it She couldn't be reassured and lost faith in what they had and moved on.

I think he accepted all the flaws Come on skinny love just last the year had but knew that he had a "tall order" ahead of him by accepting her love.

She may have been complicated on some level or he could be referring back to himself I sense that she was fragile and he thought of her as his baby bird She may have powered up and now he is standing in an endless line to get back to her I think its a reference to the bittersweet nature of what they had or could have had if she had been patient.

They never even got to the place he ideally wanted them to be. I love music so much do to it's subjectivity. I do tend to apply my own situations and thoughts to the poetry. I think this is why I love Bon Iver. There is a quality in his voice and in the musical arrangement that makes me want to weep and rejoice at the same time. I want to dance around a bon fire drunk on wine, crying and laughing and getting all that saddness out It's tribal and ethereal and most majestic!!!

Flagged vamul1 on January 08, It's only after you read posts from shortandsweetem and further analysis from vamul1 that it seems so simple. I agree tho with vamul1 and maheeganyaknow: I had originally interpreted the "pour a little salt" line as burning or pain, almost as if the characters would never intentionally worsen the state of the relationship or stir the waters between them.

Flag prueslove on July 22, I agree with most of that is said. But as for the salt lyric, i see it as when people pour salt on the ground so that nothing grows there anymore or remember anything. Which is followed by "we were never here" So perhaps he's basically trying to forget some part of this relationship. Flag TayMay07 on November 22, Salt poured on land also prevents things from growing Come on skinny love just last the year. Flag SmallFoxes on April 14, Flag Browness on July 10, I think it is such a wonderful song, my interpretation of the salt lyric is- punish me poor a little salt and then we are even and we can move on we where never hereI think he is saying here i am, I am wounded by the veener?

Can we just move on. I think it may be when relationships get so caught up about who is right and who is wrong who holds the balance ect. Flag Claire on March 29, This would tie in with the first chorus of "I told you to be patient And her "Holding all the fines" could refer to guilt and uncertainty after the event. The next line " This would explain the second chorus telling her "Now all your love is wasted" and asking "Who the hell was I?

Like I said, just my own interpretation and probably way off the mark. With regard to the salt thing, I read it as when you pour salt on ice, it melts it. The bad patch where they were cold to one another was probably the ice, and "pour a little salt, we were never here" is him wanting to melt it and make it disappear. Flag shinpads on May 18, Wonderfully interpreted, absolutely wonderfully. Bon Iver was only recently revealed to me and this song, appearing to be one of his bigger hits, if not the biggest, is incredible.

I've listened to Come on skinny love just last the year quite a few times and have yet to tire of each element therein. Nevertheless, this song is not the point, but your thorough dissection.

Well done, Sir or perhaps Madam, very well done. Unquestionably, I could never have done so well myself. I am thoroughly "Come on skinny love just last the year" Flag PeterKubla on June 12, I agree "skinny love" refers to the relationship itself, that it's thin, tenuous, superficial, etc.

Come on, skinny love, just...

The last line is about a "wound" to the relationship that reveals just how superficial it was because only a "veneer," a thin external layer, had to be shattered to let flow the "blood", life, substance of the relationship. And it was a wound so small that a little salt could fix it.

All of this captures the idea that insubstantial relationships can be damaged by trivial problems, disagreements, etc. And just "Come on skinny love just last the year" add another layer to the salt metaphor--in the good ole days, salt was an important preservative, so in addition to healing the wound, it would also help to preserve the relationship to atleast "last the year.

Yeah i was gonna say the same thing as shinpads. Flag wolfram22 on November 23, She got in her car, and left crying as she drove home.


Her heart was broken, for it was not her intentions to screw up This morning she woke up, setting out to keep making things right As 'corny' as it sounds; when our eyes locked I was lost for words, when I became lost in his words it was love; devine intimacy". She has it in her heart to make it right, and will do nothing but keep trying. She realizes she cannot drink, unless it is with him Flag Jadorelamusique10 on February 21, I agree with TayMay07 and found a wikipedia article that talked about how it was a ritual to pour salt on the ground of conquered cities to curse the land.

I also thought the salt could refer to the phrase "with a grain of salt" and how there was doubt about the relationship lasting even from the beginning. I Come on skinny love just last the year your perspective and I would not have thought the song was like tat thanks. Flag Come on skinny love just last the year on April 03, I love how the most rated comment on this song is a misconception of what love is.

Flag leavesintheriver on July 01, And in this case, old, sore, lost love. If the latter, did you ever set out to write this record before? They were all written at the same time. I was unable to deal with my personal shit within the constraints or boundaries of my other musical projects or personal environment.

Skinny Love Lyrics: Come on,...

Is that the case? Bon Iver - Skinny Love (Letras Come on skinny love just last the year canción para escuchar) - Come on skinny love just last the year / Pour a little salt we were never here / My, my, my, my, my, my. Afinação: 1/4 tom abaixo Intro: Am C Am C A C Dm Am C Am C Come on skinny love just last the year Am C Pour a little salt we were never here Am C My, my. Skinny Love Lyrics: Come on skinny love just last the year / Pour a little salt, we were never here / My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my / Staring at the sink of blood.

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