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How can i win him back


Let's be honest winning back your man will be a lot harder than winning over a new man. But if you want to keep fighting for him, then he must be worth it. If you want to win your man back, you have to reflect on what went wrong, work on improving yourself, and then make a move at the right time. If you want to know how to win your man back and avoid further heartbreak, just follow these steps.

Give yourself some space. If you're constantly around your former flame, you won't be able to step back and actually get some perspective on what went wrong. Though you don't have to ignore him, you shouldn't call him, go out of your way to talk to How can i win him back, or even Facebook him right after your relationship ends.

It's time to be alone for a while, even if that means not going to a party if you'll know he'll be there at first. Once you're away from the guy, you'll have a less biased perspective about how you really feel and what you loved so much about the relationship.

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If you're away from him, he'll start thinking about where you are. You'll already make him want you more just by pulling away. Think about what went wrong. Before you can try to make things right, you need to be honest about what went wrong in the relationship.

Take some time to do some soul-searching and ask yourself what ended the relationship. Where you too moody, too distant, or too flirtatious with others? Think about what you can do to change the dynamic. You should only try to win him back if you think you can make things different next time.

If you ultimately broke up because you were incompatible and just couldn't make things work, then it'll be harder to win your man back than if it was just because you didn't make enough time for him. Make a list of all the things that went wrong, and highlight the things you can control. Ask if you were just going through a difficult time How can i win him back your life or dealing with a major change.

You may be more ready for a relationship if you feel more stable and positive. Once you've figured out what you may have done wrong in the relationship, resist the urge to call the ex and show off your new found self-realization. Actions speak louder than words. Just be the new improved self, and word will spread. If the relationship ended because you were too clingy, work on not being so attached to him.

Play it cool and he'll see that you're a new person. If the relationship ended because you didn't give him enough attention, start making him feel special. Tell him he looks nice and that you're happy to see him.

If the relationship ended because you spent too much time flirting with other guys, don't let him see you with other guys too much or he'll be reminded of why things didn't work out. Look and How can i win him back your best. Get your nails and hair done. Take a nice "How can i win him back" bubble bath, and pick out a nice outfit.

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Once you look your best, you will begin to feel your best. You don't need to get a complete makeover if you want to How can i win him back. You just need to pay extra attention to grooming and How can i win him back, and the rest will follow. Maybe you were too busy or stressed out to care about your appearance before.

Get a fun hair cut. Nothing makes you feel like getting a fresh start like a fresh cut. Stop caring about what other people think. If you're so insecure that you spend all of your time thinking about how others perceive you, then you'll never be able to work on yourself enough to catch your former man's eye again.

It doesn't matter if people think you're funny, cute, or charming -- it's all about thinking positive things about yourself. If you don't care what other people think about you, then you'll exude confidence and your former guy will be impressed that you finally know how to do your own thing.

Don't worry about his friends. Maybe his friends didn't think you were right for your former man or just didn't get along with you. You should be nice and get in their good graces, but don't bend over backwards trying to charm them or you'll lose sight of your target. Stay busy doing the things you love. If you're busy with schoolwork, friends, and pursuing your interests, you will be able to grow as a person and to continue improving yourself instead of pining after your guy.

Plus, if he sees that you're obviously occupied instead of sitting around staring up at the sky, then he'll see that you have a lot to contribute and that you're person with an active and engaging life.

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Let your former guy see you doing the things you love, whether it's immersing yourself in your studies or going out for a nice run. Spend lots of time with your friends. They'll be able to keep you positive and will lend you a fresh perspective. Don't use a rebound relationship as a means of staying busy. This will only distract and confuse you even more. Develop and express your individuality.

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As you continue to pursue your interests and get some space away from the guy, you'll start getting a better sense of yourself as an individual, not just a hurt ex-girlfriend. Take this time to really be your true self and to let the world know who you are. Wear clothes that really make you stand out as an individual.

You don't have to wear anything garish to get attention -- just be brave and wear a "fun" outfit you were too timid to wear before. Express your individuality by being creative. Write a story, pick up an acting class, or sign a song at an open mic. Let your former man see you being comfortable with expressing your individuality. Assertiveness and self-confidence are naturally attractive to most people.

Showing your guy you're capable of being happy is appealing and brings a natural desire. If he sees that you're happy with who you are and what you do, he'll want you How can i win him back more. Here's how to develop confidence: Become a more positive thinker. If you learn to see the good in the world instead of the bad, you'll give off an irresistible positive energy, and your guy will want to be around you again.

Be happy with your appearance. Think of at least three things you love about yourself, and dress to show off your best assets. Make sure to How can i win him back regular exercise to stay mentally and physically strong.

Speak in a clear and effective manner instead of mumbling or talking softly. Command attention with your voice, and everyone will see that you're confident about what you have to say. It's fun to be in a party and dance a lot, but that's not always classy behavior. If you're at a party, the classy behavior is to socialize, but speak calmly, not monopolizing all the attention. You can still get a little crazy as long as you don't get sloppy and he'll like you even more for it.

No one wants a girl who is falling down drunk or fighting for all of the attention in the room. Being classy is a form of being mature. Every guy How can i win him back a girl who is mature and in control of her emotions instead of a hot mess in public. You have to look classy as well How can i win him back be classy.

You can show some cleavage, but don't wear anything so scandalous or tight that it looks like you're desperate or just trashy. If you look cute "How can i win him back" classy, your former flame will naturally notice you. Let him see you having a great time.

Have a big smile on your face and let him see you really enjoying yourself and bringing pleasure to the world and the people around you.

You shouldn't have to fake it. If you really want him to want you, then you should actually be having a great time, and be comfortable enough to be happy without him. Laugh -- a lot. Let him see you laughing and giggling with friends and really having the time of your life. Be fully engaged in whatever conversation you're having. Let him see you being animated, gesturing, and making great points. Let him see you engaging in fun activities. If he sees you laughing it up at trivia night, having a great time running with a girlfriend, or hitting up the dance floor, he'll want to spend more time with you.

Avoid desperate behavior like the plague. If you're desperate to get his attention, make him see how much fun you're having, or to look so hot that he falls over, then he'll be able to tell right away. Just work on being your best self and hope he catches you in the process. Don't overdo it, or you'll only make things worse. Don't try too hard to look like you're having fun when you're around him. Let it be natural. Don't try too hard to look good around him, either.

Dress appropriately for the occasion and don't wear much more makeup than usual or incredibly high heels just to catch his eye. Ok, this is unusual territory for me because I'm not such a fan of 'get your ex back' tactics or strategies. That said, there are some impressive.

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