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Every sperm is scared


The song is a satire of Catholic teachings on reproduction that forbid masturbation and contraception by artificial means. They have sixty-three children, who are about to be sold for scientific experimentation purposes because their Every sperm is scared can no longer afford to care for such a large family with the local mill being closed.

When their children ask why they do not use contraception or sterilisation, or why the father does not perform self-castration, their father explains that this is against God's wishes, and breaks into song, the chorus of which is:. Every sperm is sacred, Every sperm is great. If a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irate. The hearty and cheerful nature of the musical number is counterpointed as the children are marched off to their fate as the song ends, singing a dour rendition of the chorus Every sperm is scared their middle-aged Protestant neighbours played by Graham Chapman Every sperm is scared Eric Idle comment on the teachings of the Catholic Church.

They add that they have two children, which is the exact number of times they have had sex in their marriage. This is a joke on the stereotype that Protestants control their reproduction by barely having any sex at all. The song is a style pastiche of the song " Consider Yourself ", from the musical Oliver! Later, Jones denied that it was explicitly written to make fun of the genre of musical comedy: It also has the Protestant married couple with Palin playing the Protestant husband.

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The very phrase "every sperm is sacred" has become almost proverbial in the field of animal [4] and human sexuality and reproduction. The religious import of the sketch is significant, and is reflected in the widely dispersed usage of the phrase. In the book Monty Every sperm is scared and PhilosophyEvery sperm is scared argument is teased out to reach a broader still humorous conclusion: If so, then he watches our sexual activities.

Christians must concede that all things considered, this [watching people have sex] is one of God's less onerous activities. It is sometimes difficult to separate the comic from the serious application of the phrase, and two recent publications on the penis use it for precisely that purpose, Talking Cockby Richard Herring[13] and Dick: According to the interview with Palin on the DVD extras, he said "at the end of my sock " in the original scene, with the word " cock " being overdubbed later.

This was done because the scene featured numerous underage children and the Pythons were already concerned they were "pushing the limit". Years later, several of the child actors stated they had no idea what they were singing about. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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"Every Sperm Is Sacred" is...

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From Abortion to Reproductive Freedom: Monty Python and Philosophy: Nudge Nudge, Think Think!

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The Last Acceptable Prejudice. A Celebration of Man and His Manhood. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history.

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Read or print original Every Sperm Is Sacred lyrics updated! There are Jews in the world, there are Buddhists, / There are Hindus and. Every Sperm Is Sacred Lyrics by Monty Python at the Lyrics Depot.

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