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Chevrolet spark check engine

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The center gauge cluster of any modern automobile is filled with a number icons that can tell you if there something wrong or about to go wrong with your vehicle. One of the most common to be activated and, also, is among the most ambiguous is the check engine light.

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There are several reason why a check engine light has come on, some of them are pretty easy and fairly inexpensive repairs and others can signal something is really amiss. Either way when the check engine light comes on, it is very advisable to make an appointment with the Cavender Chevrolet Service Department.

Our Chevrolet spark check engine of experts have the knowledge and tools to diagnose and repair all of the reasons for the check Chevrolet spark check engine light coming on.

In fact, it can actually be pretty to figure out. Most modern Chevy cars, trucks and SUVs sold by Cavender Chevrolet have a small port under the dashboard where a computer can be attached.

This simple diagnostic tool can almost instantly and accurately tell a Cavender Chevrolet service technician where to look for the problem. Just like the old logic lesson: When you hear hooves hitting the ground, think horse; not zebra, the simplest answer is probably most likely to be correct. When it comes to the check engine light, many experts agree the most common cause is the oxygen O2 sensor needs to replaced. When the sensor goes bad, it can lead to a severe drop in fuel-economy.

A faulty O2 sensor can lead to damage to the spark plugs and catalytic converter. A very close Chevrolet spark check engine reason the check engine light will come on is actually even simpler than the previous one, you may just have a loose gas cap. For as simple of an action as it is to tighten the cap after refilling your vehicle there are number of things that can cause issues. Chief among these problems is getting the threads crossed on the gas cap and the receiver to the gas tank.

The consequence being that you will be wasting fuel and money.

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Federal law requires that every vehicle he installed with a catalytic converter. If this component becomes damaged or worn out, not only will the check engine light come on, but you vehicle will be polluting the atmosphere and you will likely see a drop in overall performance and fuel-economy. Also, your engine could begin to run hotter, leading a new set of issues. Finally, the last of the issues more likely to cause your check engine light to come Chevrolet spark check engine be the spark plugs or plug wires need to be replaced.

The spark plugs in your engine is what cause the small, controlled explosions that drive the internal combustion process and thus your vehicle. Your check engine will come on and neglecting to have the issue investigated by a Cavender Chevrolet service technician can lead to fouled spark plugs which can lead to affected performance in terms of engine power and fuel-economy.

Additionally, bad spark plugs can damage previously causes of an active check Chevrolet spark check engine light, such as a damaged O2 sensor or catalytic converter.

Home Service Menu Why is my check engine light on? Why is my Check Engine Light on? Inventory Finance Service Contact Us. The most common reasons for the Check Engine Light to be on are These issues will also activate the check engine light. Responsive Dealer Website by. An easy-to-use tool to troubleshoot why your Check Engine Chevrolet spark check engine is on, Fix Your spark plugs ignite the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber of your.

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Why Check Engine Lights? Learn what are the basic points of failure are for the check engine lights. Details of all Engine And Engine Cooling/Check Engine Light On problems of Chevrolet Spark.

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