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A Scanner Darkly Dick


And its very successful. This is as close to an overtly political novel as PKD ever wrote Radio Free Albemuthwritten directly after this, also springs to mind.

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The characters in A Scanner Darkly are fascinating. We start with Jerry Fabin, a drug-addled man who believes that aphids are crawling all over his house, on his skin, and in his lungs.

A Scanner Darkly [Philip K....

He buys can after can of bug spray, showers constantly, and spends his time collecting the make-believe aphids in various containers. Charles Freck is another stoner, and ultimately a character peripheral to the main events featured here although he does have one amazing cameo concerning a botched suicide attempt.

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But our main three characters, the inhabitants of a particular house in Southern California, are the schizophrenic Bob Arctor, the sinister Jim Barris and decrepit Ernie Luckman. Fascinating as these are, I have the feeling that they do somewhat bog the narrative down. The narrative gets moving again in rapid fashion in the final third. The ending is devastating. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You A Scanner Darkly Dick commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Guy Salvidge intermittently award-winning writer. Book ReviewsPhilip K. Comments 2 Trackbacks 3 Leave a comment Trackback. I like Scanner, too — a lot. A Scanner Darkly amatheos.

A Scanner Darkly by Philip K.

A Scanner Darkly was Philip...

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Dick came up with all the trippy concepts in his stor. A Scanner Darkly was Philip K Dick's fortieth novel, and it's one of his best-known works. It's paranoid, disturbing and dystopian, but it wasn't a.

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Philip K Dick explores the...

Dick's A Scanner Darkly.

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